I’m longing to be his episode 7

Mirabel’s POV
“I am going to see my husband to be face today” I said in sacarsm. It was 8:00 am in the morning. I woke up late due to the stress about this marriage thing.
I walked down stairs to the sitting room, I saw mum and Rita cleaning and arranging the room as if its a God coming here.
“Good morning mum, Rita” I greeted them while ru-bbing my sleepy eyes.
“morning” they both replied.
“sis, your hubby would be coming here today” she said while jumping like a 5 yr old kid
“mcteew, nothing special” I said feeling so tired at the thought of husband.
Mum and Rita had prepared the Dinner. They had set up the table with different cuisines like salad, pizza, the American fried rice and many stuffs including fruits. They had gotten me a new dress, A black knee length go-wn that showed my chubby curves. I’m fat on daily basis. I hope that hubby of mine would like me??
It’s 3:30pm, I took my bath, put on my black go-wn, I had to do some light make up. I just stared at myself in the mirror with no words coming out fron my mouth.
4:00pm @ Davidson’s resident
I was told not to go cone out until I was told to.
Well, I was in my room looking throu-gh my window. I saw 2 big Tundra Jeeps packed at our frontage.
I was tensed, so I’m getting married to a rich guy, i thought. I hadn’t seen the faces of people inside the car, the glas-ses were tinted.
I could hear exchange of greetings. There is a p@rticular voice am hearing that looks familiar.”Sis, Come your hubby to be is here” She said smiling
“Mum said your guests wants to see you” She said while laughing at me.
“so soon?? ” I asked with wi-de eyes
Rita stayed behind at our room while I went downstairs to the sitting room.
What I saw shocked me, then and there I knew my life was ruined.
I’m marrying Mr. Handsome Rude?? The world biggest pla-yboy.
“Aren’t you gonna greet your Aunt and Uncle? ” mum asked with the what is wrong with you look, that really brou-ght me out of my thought.
I walked to His parents “Good Evening Uncle and Aunt” I said while bowing my head in form of respect
“awwn, my sweet girl, you have grown so big, how are you?” His mum asked while hvgging me
“thanks aunt am fine” i replied
“my daughter, you have grown to a more beautiful young lady” His dad complimented with wi-de grine
“thanks uncle” I replied
“Mirabel? Aren’t you going to greet your hubby to be?” my mum asked
“uhm, Good evening” i said with shaky voice
“yea” he replied shooting dead glares at me. I was scared to look de-ep into his dark orbs that held no emotion.
They are shy I could her our parents saying. They didn’t know is something beyond that.
This young man hates me with pas-sion.
“My friends, lets eat before the food gets cold” my mum said inviting them to the dining table
“Alright” Mr. Knight replied.
We had our seats, I was sitting in between my mum and Aunt Emily.
“Dear, I think you should sit with your husband to be” aunt emily said.I wish the ground would open its mouth to swallow me right now.
“your aunt is right” mum said with smiles
I had to change positions to sit close to him.
I could perceive his scent, oh my my hubby scents good, I thought
“So my dear boy, how is your business going?? ” my mum asked Mr. Handsome Rude
“uhm, Its going well Aunt” He replied with a straight face. His voice could melt my heart.
So de-ep and so smooth, I could listen to him all day. What’s that ru-bbish thought?? Get thee behind me! throu-ghout the dinner My anniying hubby to be and I were silent. The adults where the only ones talking.
After dinner, our parents created some time for us to talk and no each other. Mum suggested I take him to the backyard. We are at the backyard now.
“uhm, I….I.. I know you don’t want this marriage, I don’t want it either” I said with shaky voice. I always lost my voice when talking with him.
“This is the biggest mistake of your life. I’ll ruin you to nothing, you big fat pig” he said while holding my arms r0ûghly and saying between gritted teeth.
“I’m hurting ” I said as tears sli-pped down my cheeks
” this is just a little sample of what you will be experiencing ” He laughed wickedly as he pushed me to the ground.
“I… I.. Didnt..I didn’t wish for this” I said getting up with tears still in my eyes
“Welcome to my hell sweety” He said cl@pping with wi-de grin.
I am so doomed. He had alre-ady left my sight back to the sitting room. I had to act as if nothing happened.”we’ll get going now” said Uncle Peter
We exchange our goodbyes and they left. Westley had left without even looking at me. He was on his phone althrou-gh.
After they had gone, I helped mum and Rita clean. After that i had to bath.
I told Rita everything that Westley had told me.
She was shocked. She as-sured me, she would protect me as she can. My younger sis is a lioness.
I sle-pt with the thought of what my future holds for Westley and I.
I hate this Westley🙄🙄🙄
Who Hates him like I do?

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