I’m longing to be his

Episode 44




Westley’s POV

The memories of our honeymoon flashed my mind as I sat on my sit working on some

files in the office.

We decided to go on a trip together as couple. We went to Paris. We enjoyed our time

there, we visited places and most importantly we made love like rabbits. I blushed ear to

ear as remembered.

“Mirabel is my precious jewel” I said that loud as I smiled.

I picked up my phone to call my jewel, but my sister’s call came in.

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“Westley, come home now. Mirabel fainted” she shouted and hung up.

I lost it, I picked my car keys and hurried home.

What could make her faint? I hope she’s okay? But she wasn’t sick. I thought as I drove

with speed.

I packed without offing the engine of the car, I ran inside.

“Sister, Sister” I called to my elder sister

“Yes, come to your room” I heard her said.

I was sweating profusely. I got to our bedroom to see my wife laying pale on the bed

I saw Arthur was there too. I rushed to sit my side as I caressed her hair.

“Arthur, tell me she’s fine” I said with hope looking at him.

“Yes sure, congrats bro” he said as he extended his hands for a shake. I felt angry, to me

he is just messing with my feelings, while my wife is still unconscious.

“Arthur….no time for your silly jokes” I said between my teeth.

“Relax Westdear, she’s fine” my sister said as she smiled.

“Your wife is 3weeks pregnant” Arthur said as he smiled. My sister smiled and cries the

same time. While I took my time to process this information I heard.

“She…she’s pregnant? ” I asked as I smiled. I was overwhelmed with happiness.

“Pregnant? Who is pregnant?” I heard my wife said as she woke up.

“You are 3 weeks gone already Mirabel” my elder sis told her.

“I’m pregnant” she said as she placed her hands on her tummy. I could see the motherly

love in her eyes already. She smiled and tears of joy flowed out of her eyes.

“Mine…here is our little us” she held my hands and placed it on her tummy as she smiled

at me.

“Yes jewel, our miracle. I said as I kissed her temple

” I feel jealous already” I could hear Arthur saying.

We all laughed.

Mirabel’s POV


I still sat on my bed as I caressed my tummy as I smiled. The child I’m going to have with

Westley is such a blessing to me. I’ve always wished to carry his child and here its like areality to me.

“Sweetie, here is some warm milk” my hubby said smiling.

“Thanks mine” I said as I took the milk from him.

He slipped his hands on my stomach caresses it.

“Little us, I’m your daddy and I love you” he said as I could see a drop of tears in his eyes.

His actions melted my heart, I could see he already feel this connection with his child. I

was very Happy.

“Jewel, you won’t have to do anything until you put to bed okay?” He said as he caressed

my hair. Awwn he was so caring.

“Why? Pregnancy isn’t sickness” I pouted.

“Sweetie, I know. But I don’t want you to faint” he said as he held my hands.

“I won’t faint, okay for now” I said in slight agreement, he nodded with a smile.

“Mine, I love you” she said s she hugged me tight.

“I love you more” I kissed her




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