I’m longing to be his episode 43

I’m longing to be his
Episode 43
Mirabel’s POV
The rays of light heat my sleepy eyes. I opened my eyes slowly, I just felt so tired and lazy
to do so.
I found me self alone on the be-d. My heart skipped. Did my he leave me? Where is he? I
looked round the room. The sleep varnished.
I checked on the be-dstand to see a small written note which says
“Good morning beautiful,
In case you don’t see me by your side when you wake up, know that I’m preparing
breakfast for us.
I love you, jewel
A small smile appeared on myl-ips. He is so sweet I thought. My eyes hit the clock on the
“What!” I said out loud
It was alre-ady 10:45 am. My God. How did I sleep that way. I hope hubby doesn’t get
angry, I’m suppose to be up before him.
“Awwwn… What a clumsy wife I am” I thought
“What do I care? He won’t yell on his baby” I said as I la-id down there motionless.
That was when the realization of our first night together hit me. I was shy and yet happy. I
I loved every t©uçh from him on my b©dy, he was so good. No wonder those bit-ches
scream un-der him. Now he is mine and I’m his.
I nee-d to shower and change into something better.
“Ouch…” I whimpered in pain. In between my legs hurt, maybe because we did many
round and he’s big.
I wasn’t able to close my legs properly. I managed to take my bath.
I tied my hair in messy bun and wore a bu-m short and one of his T-shi-t. Of course his
T-shi-t were like a mini go-wn for me. I was very happy. I made the be-d.
I wanted to step out to see the love of my life displa-ying his cooking skills.
I heard the door of the be-droom open, I saw hubby with a tray of food. I stood still
admiring his shi-tless b©dy, his abs and I could see his v-line while he smiled brightly at
“Good morning Mine” I said as I walked towards him and gave him a pe-ck on thel-ips.
“Morning sweetie” he said as he dropped the tray on the small table in the room.
He looked from my head to toe, I could see love and admiration plus lvst. I stood there
smiling like a fool with my teeth in displa-y. Without saying a word, he pu-ll-ed me to
himself and k!$$£d me pas-sionately.His hands pressed my bu-tts and I could feel his erection between my th!ghs.
“Awwwn….Westley” I m0@n ed
“Yea baby call my name” he said as he k!$$£d my n£¢k and gave me a love bite. He
s—-d on it slowly..
“Miiinnneee” I m0@n ed as I pushed myself further into him.
“Yea love” he said between the k!ssas he swift me off floor carrying me in a bridal style
to the couch and he pu-ll-ed away from me. I felt cold as his b©dy left mine.
“You are beautiful” he said as he looked into my eyes.
“St©p It Mr. Westley knight, I know you are pu-lling my legs” I said while pouting.
“I mean it baby, you are beautiful and I love you” he said as he pe-cked me on myl-ips
again.”Jewel, you nee-d to eat” he said said as he uncovered the plate of Noddles and
some veggie with spicy chicken.
“Yummy….its delicious” I said as I took the fork to taste the noodles.
“You like it?” He asked as he smiled brightly at me.
“Yes…you are such a good cook” I said as I feed him with some of the noodles.
“I’m honoured Mrs. Westley” he said as we ate.
I was so happy to hear him call me his Mrs.
“St©p blu-shing and eat” he pinches my cheek lightly.
“He is my life” I thought as we ate and savour in our r0m@nç£