I’m longing to be his

Episode 43


Mirabel’s POV

The rays of light heat my sleepy eyes. I opened my eyes slowly, I just felt so tired and lazy

to do so.

I found me self alone on the bed. My heart skipped. Did my he leave me? Where is he? I

looked round the room. The sleep varnished.

I checked on the bedstand to see a small written note which says

“Good morning beautiful,

In case you don’t see me by your side when you wake up, know that I’m preparing

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breakfast for us.

I love you, jewel



A small smile appeared on my lips. He is so sweet I thought. My eyes hit the clock on the


“What!” I said out loud

It was already 10:45 am. My God. How did I sleep that way. I hope hubby doesn’t get

angry, I’m suppose to be up before him.

“Awwwn… What a clumsy wife I am” I thought

“What do I care? He won’t yell on his baby” I said as I laid down there motionless.

That was when the realization of our first night together hit me. I was shy and yet happy. I


I loved every touch from him on my body, he was so good. No wonder those bitches

scream under him. Now he is mine and I’m his.

I need to shower and change into something better.

“Ouch…” I whimpered in pain. In between my legs hurt, maybe because we did many

round and he’s big.

I wasn’t able to close my legs properly. I managed to take my bath.

I tied my hair in messy bun and wore a bum short and one of his T-shirt. Of course his

T-shirt were like a mini gown for me. I was very happy. I made the bed.

I wanted to step out to see the love of my life displaying his cooking skills.

I heard the door of the bedroom open, I saw hubby with a tray of food. I stood still

admiring his shirtless body, his abs and I could see his v-line while he smiled brightly at


“Good morning Mine” I said as I walked towards him and gave him a peck on the lips.

“Morning sweetie” he said as he dropped the tray on the small table in the room.

He looked from my head to toe, I could see love and admiration plus lust. I stood there

smiling like a fool with my teeth in display. Without saying a word, he pulled me to

himself and kissed me passionately.His hands pressed my butts and I could feel his erection between my thighs.

“Awwwn….Westley” I moaned

“Yea baby call my name” he said as he kissed my neck and gave me a love bite. He

s—-d on it slowly..

“Miiinnneee” I moaned as I pushed myself further into him.

“Yea love” he said between the kiss as he swift me off floor carrying me in a bridal style

to the couch and he pulled away from me. I felt cold as his body left mine.

“You are beautiful” he said as he looked into my eyes.

“Stop It Mr. Westley knight, I know you are pulling my legs” I said while pouting.

“I mean it baby, you are beautiful and I love you” he said as he pecked me on my lips

again.”Jewel, you need to eat” he said said as he uncovered the plate of Noddles and

some veggie with spicy chicken.

“Yummy….its delicious” I said as I took the fork to taste the noodles.

“You like it?” He asked as he smiled brightly at me.

“Yes…you are such a good cook” I said as I feed him with some of the noodles.

“I’m honoured Mrs. Westley” he said as we ate.

I was so happy to hear him call me his Mrs.

“Stop blushing and eat” he pinches my cheek lightly.

“He is my life” I thought as we ate and savour in our romance




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