Westley’s POV

The happiness I have always wished for is her with me. I smiled as I flipped through our

photos we snapped together. I smiled she’s so beautiful.

I heard the closet open. I raised my face to see her looking sexy. She wore a skimpy night

dress which revealed her boobs and I could see her n—-e shooting out through the

dress, she had her long hair down. Oh my God she was d–n sexy. I thought. I was

already hard.

S–t! I hate when that happens in front of her but she doesn’t even notice it.

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“Mine, why are you starring at me like that? Don’t you like it? Should I change to

something more sexy?” She asked looking at herself

Gosh….doesn’t she know that she’s already killing me here.


“No…no baby, you look more sexy” I said as I checked her out more.

She smiled and hopped into the bed as she sat beside me. She sat very close to me.

She’s killing me, I feel like making love to her right now. But I would try as best as I can to

hide my bulge.

I was playing a game but I wasn’t playing. My thoughts were on my wife’s hot body. I felt

her pull away from me.

I looked at her to see her kneeling so she could rest her a-s on her leg. She was sobbing.

I dropped my phone to attend to her. I hate seeing her tears, it breaks my heart.

“Jewel, baby talk to me whats wrong?” I asked as I wanted to bring her into a hug she



“Baby…please, sweetie I love you. I don’t want to see you in tears. Tell me anything I

would do to dry this tears im seeing” I told her from the depth of my heart.

“You don’t love me, you love your phone, you can hug it as much as you want” she yelled.

” I don’t understand jewel, please come clear” I asked confused

“I know you’ve never fancy being with a chubby Lady in bed, I know that no matter

what i do you’ll never love nor appreciate my body the way I am. if I could make myself

slim for you, I would do it because I Lo….” She said in tears

I held her waist and pulled her as her body hit mine, I saw shock in her eyes. I kissed her

so hard. I was a bit angry with myself for making her feel inferior. I broke the kiss

“I love you, I love the way you are, never you feel inferior Jewel” I said as I dried her tears.

“I’m sorry” she mumbled.


She’s so cute. I kissed her soft lips gently,

She responded to it. I deepened the kiss, I could hear her moans softly into my mouth.

“I love you baby” i said I kissed and suck on her neck.

“I love you” she replied in her moans

I kissed my way down to her firm and full boobs. My erection got harder. I laid her down

gently. I maintained eye contacts with her to make sure I don’t exceed boundaries.

I laid beside her as I kissed her while foundling her boobs through her nightie. Her hands

where on my bare body Caressing my abs.

I caress her bare thigh and her thick a-s which were barely covered.

I made my way through her thick thighs into her panties, I slipped one finger into her hot

wet c–t. She is d–n tight she is really a Virgin. I fingered her as she moaned out out loud. I love watching her moan. I felt her hands massaging my erection through my p.J

Her hands worked magic. I stopped and stripped her naked.

She was shy. I kissed that shyness away as I pulled my trouser and threw it God knows


I saw she covered her face because its the first time she had seen me unclad. I pulled

her hands gently and kissed her.

“I’m shy” she said

I chuckled

“Its OK to be shy” I told her and then got on top of her and suck those sweet boobs. I

saw she liked it.

I positioned my self between her legs.

“Will it hurt?” She asked like a puppy

“A little baby, I’ll be careful” I told her

I went into her with the tip of my d–k. She whimpered in pain. I kissed her for sometime

she became use to me being in her.

“Mine move” she commanded.

I pushed into her, as I t—-t in and out of her tight c–t.

“Ohhh…..yeessss….aaahhhhh…ohhh mmmmmyyyy yoooou are…sooo Big” she screamed

as her as fingers dug into my back. She was so loud but I love it.

I t—-t into her with my full length and f—-d her faster like we were on a rollercoaster.

She came many times. She was so sweet.

I reached my c—-x and I groan as I shot my seed into her. I stayed in her and kissed her

passionately and I pulled out slowly.

I crashed beside her, she took my strength. I’ve never been this tired.

“Thank you” we said together. We laughed

She looked so beautiful, her smile were Charming. Even though her hair was not


“You go first baby” I said.

OK…”thank you foragreeing to be with me for the rest of our lifes” she said as she

hugged me.

“Thank you for everything” I replied.

As I kissed her forehead.

“Jewel…sleep now you are tired” I said to her as I pulled the blanket over our unclad body

and I pulled her to myself and she laid her head on my chest and slept off.

I admired her…”she’s cute”.

I took my phone on the bed stand and did a selfie. She slays even in her sleep.

I kissed her again then slept off.




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