I’m longing to be his episode 41

Mirabel’s POV
That time when he says he loves you and will never st©p loving you, that’s the best
as-surance you can get from the one you love. My hubby is just the best, I adore him so
much. He showed me nothing but love.
“Mine, plea-se pas-s me the icing sugar” I said to my hubby as he help me bake some
cu-pcakes. He loves stealing them. He is such a kid.
“Alright pretty” he said grinning as he pas-sed me the stuff, he c@m£ to hvg me from
behind wanting to steal another cake.
“Erhm….erhm…erhm……lovely couple” a feminine voice echoed in the kitchen. We
turned our back only for us to see our both parents.
“Good evening, Mum, Dad and mother” we said together as we gave them greeting k!ss.
“See how they were pla-ying with the flour” my mum said as we all laughed.
I ushered them to the sitting room, while hubby had gone to bath.
“So when am I going to carry my grandchildren from you Son?” I heard that statement
from my Father in law as I step into the sitting room because I had gone to shower and
then set the table for dinner.
“Baby, when are we gonna have kids?” I heard my naught hubby asked me as he win-ked
at me.
“Uhmmm…..” I was speechless because even up till now hubby hasn’t t©uçh me
because I asked for sometime to get use to him.”Don’t worry, Dad, Mum, Mother…..we
are still on the process” he said grinning like something I don’t un-derstand. And they all
laughed including me. I would love to have kids with my man.
Later on we gist, talk and ate with our parentsIt was pure fun.
After our parents had gone. My hubby and I were still in the sitting room watching TV. I
made him watch a movie. Since he loves watching wrestling and news.
“Baby, I’ve got something to ask you” I said as looked him.
He tuned the volume of the TV and faced me.
“Yes love?” He said eager to listen to me.
“How many kids do you want us to have?” I asked wanting to know. He just laughed.
“Like 10” he said sm-irking.
“What!” I said in utmost surprise as he laughed ha-rder.
“Do you know the pain in giving birth? I asked as my eyes shown.
” calm down pretty girl, I want just 3. 2boys and a girl ” he said holding my hand.
“No….I want 5” I said pouting.
“Huh?” He said in surprised and laughed ha-rder
He laughs a lot when he is around me.
“St©p it mine, don’t laugh. ” I said pouting.
“Okay fine, you win. But that’s alot for us don’t you think?” He said sm-irking at me.I
sl@pped his l@ps pla-yfully and nodded my head.”You cute little girl” he said as he k!$$£d my forehead. I smiled.
I looked into his beautiful face. I wanted to k!ssthat full pinkl-ips looking at me right now.
I leaned in and capture hisl-ips in mine. He was shocked at first but he gave in, he
allowed me take control. We pla-yed with our ton-gue as I could hear our m0@n s throu-gh
the k!ss. It was just so ro-mantic. I broke the k!ss. He gro-an ed in annoyance of me
st©pping the k!ss.
“Why did you st©p?” He asked as he pu-ll-ed me on his l@ps.
“Uhm…” I was trying to find words to express to him that I got we-t. He smiled.
“I’m re-ady” I whispered.
“re-ady? For?” He asked confused.
“You, mine” I said with my head on his shoulder
“I still don’t get it…” He said as his slide his hands round my w@!st sm-irking, Im sure he
knows what I’m talking about
“For you to t©uçh me” I said hitting his shoulders slightly
“Are you sure baby? Because I can still wait” he said c@r£ss!ngmy face
“No, its your right. I’m re-ady for you anytime, any day” I said in a small voice.
“Thanks baby” he said and k!$$£d