I’m longing to be his episode 40

Westley’s POV
I was excited and at the same time angry at Damon, my joy is that he’ll have to pay for all
his atrocities.
I took a quic-k glance at my heartbeat, I noticed she was mute, she had her face down
while she pla-yed with her f!ngers. She wasn’t bright, I was bothered about her sudden
mood swing.
“Jewel” I called to her attention
“So Westley doesn’t love me like he said, What does he really want from me? And he’ll
cheat on me and dump me” she mumbled sadly.
I felt hurt, what Damon said were all lies, my wife’s innocence is written all over her and I
can’t manipulate her feelings, I really love her from the bo-ttomof my heart.
“Jewel…” I called out a bit loud.
“Yes” she replied loud as she j£rked up a bit because she was in a de-ep thought.
I didn’t want to talk about it in the car, I had to revise back to a place where I normally go
to clear my head when stressed emotionally.
Though she was mute all throu-gh the time. We arrived at my small garden. I opened the
door for her she c@m£ out still not saying anything.
I hope she’s gonna believe me when I say I love her.
I held her to a seat made of wood, I sat beside her.
“Jewel?” I called her
“Yes” she replied still not looking at me.
“What’s going on in that small mind of yours?” I asked hoping she’ll reply me.
“Promise me that you’ll tell me the truth to all the question I’ll ask you no matter how
painful they are?” She said looking into my eyes as if she was searching throu-gh them.
“Yes baby” I said
“Did you cheat on Nicole?” She asked sternly.
“Yea I did” I wasn’t proud of admitting to the truth, I knew with this I just lost her trust.
“OK…Do you love me?” She asked as she pla-yed with the hem of her Sk-irt.
“I do, I love you very much” I replied that is the truth, she’s my life.
“What do you really want from me?” She asked
“I want you to be the woman I’ll love to spend my life with, the woman I want to wake up
beside. The mother of all the kids I’ll ever have, the one that I can love and my bestfriend”
I simply told her the truth.
“So I believe that you won’t dump me for another woman more pretty than I am?” She
asked as tears escaped her eyes.
I feel hurt each time I see her tears.
“Baby, I wont dump you for any other woman, you’ll be the only one that my heart beats
for. But I can’t promise you that you’ll be the only woman in my life” I paused.
She cried because of my last s£ntence.”Jewel, plea-se st©p it, I have told you the truth. I love you” I said as I hvgged her
“Then who is the other woman?” She said admist sobs.
“The woman would be our only daughter” I said chuckling.
“You scared me, I love you so much that I don’t know if I’ll survive without you” she said
holding my face in her palm.
“I feel the same way too, love” I said as I ca-ressed her face and her pinkl-ips, I k!$$£d her
softl-ips pas-sionately. She responded, I could hear m0@n s in the k!ss. Her m0@n s made
me ha-rd but I controlled myself because we weren’t in the house and I don’t know if she
me make love to her just yet, I am looking forward to that day.
I broke the k!ssand hvgged her ti-ghtly. She rest her head on my shoulder
“Pretty lady” I said as she laughed.
“My Prince charming” she said smiling.
We strolled round the whole garden,I was trying my best to be ro-mantic though it isn’t my
nature. But I bet she was happy.