I’m longing to be his episode 33

Mirabel’s POV.
Hurray, Its weekend I get excited when its weekend. I’ll not too much work I’ll just sit down watch movies, blog, sleep and eat. My old life was back.
“Sis, I’m going out with David. I’m not coming back until its evening” my sister Rita said as she k!$$£d me good bye.
The love between her fiance and her is so strong, at times I envy them hoping that Westley and mine would be more than theirs
“Okay dear bye” I said I her watched her leave throu-gh the door.
I fixed breakfast for myself, I ate till my satisfaction. I don’t joke with food.
I took my bath and wore my short go-wn which was up to my mid th!gh, I let loose of my long dark hair. I was home alone and I wasn’t expecting anyone.
Its almost afternoon so I had to blog since I hate going to the bake shop on weekends.
I took my iPad and my glas-ses, I viewed the flowers my hubby s£nt me then smiled. I wish he’ll come visit me today.
I went to the sitting room I sat on the sofa there as I logged into my blogsp©t. I re-ad comments on my recent posts and then I heard a knock.
“Oh….Who’s that, Rita isn’t around” I lazily walked to the door and opened it. My heart skipped when I saw the man I love right in front of me giving me a sm-irk. He hasn’t changed.
“Are you gonna admire me forever or let me in Jewel?” He said sm-irking at me.
“Tch how rude!…come in” I said as I lead him inside.
He took his sit right where I was sitting. I swear he is handsome. He wore a polo and shorts with his canvas
I didn’t sit.
“What do you want?” I asked as I folded my arms looking at him
“You babe” he said sm-irking
This man still have that gut huh?
“You are crazy, leave” I said but I didn’t mean it I wanted him to stay with me
“I know you don’t mean what you just said, you want me to stay right here with you” he said as he chuckled. Its the first time I saw him let out a small laugh. I noticed he had dimples, so cute. How can he re-ad my mind.
“Stupid” I whispered.
“Huh?….I heard that” he said pla-ying with his car keys.
“Are you home alone?” He asked me sm-irking. My heart skipped does he want to r@p£ me or what
“Huh? What!” I said as I took the small vase on the table. I would use it to smash his head if he dare to t©uçh me.
“You think I’m going to t©uçh you?” He sm-irking
“Well, no one would blame if I did, the way your dressed now?” He said smiling as he relaxed on the sofa
That was when I realised what he was saying. My go-wn was short, It revealed my bo-ob s and my th!gh. My face bec@m£ red as tomatoes.
“How dare you look at me with like that you are suppose to focus on my face” I yelled
“Keep yelling, I love it when you yell. You look beautiful” he said walking towards me. I walked backward until my back hit the wall.
He stood right in front of me so close that my che-st t©uçhed his rock ha-rd b©dy. He maintained eye contact with me as he gently took the vase from me and walked away with it. He kept it where it was.
“I know you still love me, sweetie don’t act like you’ve changed.” He said sm-irking.
I stood there as if I was frozen.
“My Jewel change your position and posture, bye. I’ll come back later” he ca-ressed my cheek and pe-cked my soft cheeks before he walked out.
I regained my self after he had gone.
“What! How dare he have an effect on me like that?”
He had guts to say I still love him. Why does he always re-ad my mind.
“Ouch… ” as I sat on the sofa which he sat, I inhaled his scent so manly and beautiful.