November 29, 2020


Mind blowing palace

I’m longing to be his episode 3

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Mirabel’s POV

“Oh my It’s Handsome” I said in my inner mind.

“Good morning Mr.” I greeted with smiles on my face.

“Where is Rita?”, He asked not returning my greeting, with the look of disgust in his eyes.

I was embarrassed.

“she’s in college” I told him with my eyes bowed. I couldn’t look at his face, his so devilish handsome. Can a man created by God be this beautiful?? I thought.

“Hey, am used to fat, ugly girls like you falling head over heels for me so yours isn’t a new thing, I have been talking to you for 30 seconds without you replying me” He said between gritted teeth, with eyes filled with rage and voice so deep like thunder.

“I’m sorry”, I said feeling sad, I know am not beautiful, am fat but he didn’t have to rub it on my face.

Before I came out of my thought, I saw him driving his car away.

I walked back inside, I removed my glasses, I sat down on the sofa, I felt weak depressed.

“do you have rude huh??, why aren’t you a bit nice, Its not my fault am fat and ugly. Rude jerk no wonder Rita doesn’t like you. You are so absurd, errrrgggg” I said in an angry tone

“Sis, Wake up” I heard Rita tapping my shoulders. Oh my I slept off.

“welcome, your Mr. Marry me was here today”, I told her in between yawning.

“what! What do that man wants from me? “, Rita said in annoyance.

“Haha, He even said am fat an ugly” I said with fake laughter.

“He did what? how dare he talk to you that way??” Rita said. Rita can be so angry at times

“It’s nothing girl, of course his right” I said patting Rita’s shoulder.

“Ok sis, you are beautiful the way you are” she said smiling. She had her way of making me feel special.

“Thank you kid sis, you are the best. Let me make lunch” I said while smiling.

“Alright sis, Let me shower” she said heading towards our room.

Westley’s POV

“Holy S–t, She stings” I told myself driving to my office at KNIGHT COOPERATION, my company.

I woke up this morning with the thought of seeing Rita before going to Work.

“Instead, I saw a fat, ugly looking girl. She couldn’t even get what I told her. She was so lost in my handsomeness, i know am handsome, I dont need to be told. I told her to tell Rita that I would come pick her up tomorrow ” I thought in disgust.

I drove into the parking spot meant for the CEO, me of course. I stepped out of my car to my office.

I can hear my empolyees greeting me and girls giving me flirting look, I just don’t care.




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