I’m longing to be his episode 28 & 29

EPISODE 28 & 29
Westley’s POV
I woke up this morning and felt that I should go to the office. I hadn’t sleep well since last
“Oh my” I woke up. I went to the gym to keep my b©dy fit.
I was sweating profusely, I had to soak myself in the bath tub. I sat down in the bath ru-b
reflecting on what my family told me.
“What if Damon is wrong? I know he wants my downfall but I don’t think he would joke
with facts about my past” I thought while closing my eyes.
I waved that out of my thought as my eyes hit the toilet bowl. I remembered when
Mirabel took care of me when I was drun!k. I chuckled at the thought
“She’s a murderer, back stabbing witch” I said with anger.
I was done bathing, I went into my closet to pick out my favourite black suit and a blue tie
with black shoes.
I was dressed and re-ady to leave, then my phone rang,
“Hello Man” Arthur said
“Hello” I said smiling
“Can we meet today? Because I nee-d to discuss certain things” he asked
“Sure man, text me the address” I said taking my briefcase
“Alright Man” He said and hung up.
What does he want to discuss with me? I bet it should be a nice business deal.
I hopped into my car driving to my company. I entered my office and I checked my phone,
Arthur has s£nt he address to me and we will meet by 10am. I have more one hour to
stay at the office. I sat down an my secretary brou-ght some paper work for me to review
and sign.
Its 9:30am, I nee-d to see Arthur.
I drove down to Majestiquè restaurant.
I arrived there exactly 10am.
As I stepped foot into the restaurant all eyes where on me, girls giving me a flir-ty look by I
didn’t care. I gave them that killer sm-irk. ru-bbish girls I thought.
I used the staircase to the 2nd floor which Arthur had made the reservation. I saw him at
the extreme, I walked towards him with smiles.
“What’s up man” I greeted
“I’m good and you?” He asked as we hvgged each other.
“I’m normal” I said as I took my sit.
“Guy, you still have this your effect on girls, see the way they are looking at you
se-ductively” he said laughing
“Whatever Bro” I said sm-irking
He ordered for beer, I just ordered a nonalcoholic drink. I wasn’t in the mood for alcohol.
“We’ve got something important to discuss about” Arthur said as he took a sip from his
glas-s of beer
“Yea, I’m all ears” I said wondering what he wants to say.
“Its about Mirabel your wife” he said slowly
“What! You called me here for this?” I said between gritted teeth
“Calm down” he said patting my shoulders
“plea-se listen to all I have to say” He said
“OK…fine go on” I said reluctantly
“Your wife told me you threw her out because she was been accused of killing Nicole” he
asked “Yes I did” I answered
“Do you know she loves you?” He asked
“She said that, so?” I asked rolling my eyes
“She was blackmailed by Damon?” He asked bring his head low
“That’s none of my business all I know was that she made Nicole drown and finally killed
her” I said folding my arms.
“Its not true” He said shaking his head smiling
“What do you mean?” I asked eager to know.
“I hope you remembered that Nicole was brou-ght to my hospital and my dad attended to
her?” He asked expecting an answer from me.
“Yes, I remember” I said nodding my head.
“I enquired from my dad about the background of what happened” he stated smiling.
“Let me tell you what actually happened” he said pla-ying with his glas-s of beer.
I paid attention to what he has to say.
“Here is Nicole’s medical history” he said handing me a green large file on it was written
NICOLE RONALD, It was a medical file.
“I got that from our records dep@rtment” he said
I was getting curious about what the truth is.
“You can open that later” he said sm-irking.
“In that file, it’s recorded that Nicole was asthmatic” he said.
“I didn’t know about that” I said surprised
“She didn’t tell me” I said almost like a whisper.
“That’s it, that’s the point” Arthur said
“What point?” I asked this is getting more serious.
“She didn’t tell Mirabel her best friend too, she kept it a secret only the doctors knew
about this” he said
“You mean Mirabel was her best friend?” I asked as sweat began to form on my
“Yes, did she tell you about her?” Arthur asked eager to know what I was thinking.
“Yes” I said loosing my tie
“What did she say about Mirabel” he asked
“She told me she had a best friend, they were like sisters and she said…she told me that
her best friend is kind hearted, loving and she cries over little thing, she said Mirabel is a
goody two shoes, she puts others first
before herself. She also said Mirabel was usually bullied in her high school days because
she was fat and that’s where they bec@m£ friends from because she normally was her
defender ” I said my eyes bec@m£ watery and puffy.
“You said it your self, that poor wife of yours hasn’t known happiness yet she still
manage to be happy, she puts people first before herself, she takes care of you. She
was bullied and when she got married, she thought she would find a man whom would
love her but reverse was the case, you bullied her the more and cheated on her severally
with girls of no value. That’s not all yet” he said with frown on his face as he slammed his
fist on the desk. I was shocked alre-ady I’ve seen she’s innocent. I felt guilt for the first
time in my life for hurting a woman
“She went to the beach that day with Nicole, Nicole herself started that pla-y. Nicole
insisted they pushed each other into the river. When it was Mirabel’s turn to push,
Nicole had the asthmatic attack in the water. Nicole was rushed to the hospital where
she died finally. Mirabel fainted, that woman suffered from that trauma for one good
month” he said as he handed over a blue file to me. On it was written “MIRABEL
“That file contains the medical check up she went for. She wasn’t speaking, she wasn’t
eating, she was just depressed. She had to be taking to the rehabilitation center. That’s
when she recovered and she started college still with the stigma. You ain’t the only one
whosuffered she missed her best friend like wise you missed the love of your life” he said.
I was speechless, I had tears rolling down my cheeks, I sweated profusely.
“Will she ever forgive me?” I asked him
“She will” he said as-suring me.
“But….it would take sometime” he said patting my shoulders.
I couldn’t take it anymore, I carried the file Arthur had given me and walked out of the
restaurant. I entered my car totally confused.
Damon I swear, you will pay for this. I said as I hit the starring. I drove in full speed. I had
tears rolling out of my eyes not because of Nicole but my Mirabel. Thank God I had tinted
glas-ses on my car so no one would notice I’m shedding tears.
I got home I wasn’t patient to park my car properly. I took the files out of the car. I
entered my house slamming the door loudly, I didn’t have the time to pu-ll my suit. I re-ad
everything in both files. What Arthur said was true.
“Oh my God…oh my God” I said running my hands throu-gh my hair.
“Will she forgive me? I bullied her but she still cared for me I hurt her pushed her away
but she was still there. I cheated on her in her own very face but she would always say
she loved me. Now I’ve seen clearly that I’m a beast” I was so sad.
I drank 6 bottles of beer, I was mad that night I didn’t sleep at all. I was with my beer.
“I’m so sorry Mirabel” I said