I’m longing to be his episode 26 & 27

Mirabel’s POV
Days went by as I cried my eyes out because the man I love has rejected me without
allowing me to explain myself. How could Damon do this to me? He is a demon.
“I am going to his office to explain myself, I would make him know that I didn’t kill Nicole
” I thought as I stood up to bath, I was going out for the first time.
I wore a brown straight go-wn and a yellow flat sandals, I wore my yellow earrings and
took my yellow purse. I dressed my hair just to look beautiful for him. I looked at myself
before the mirror, I had emaciated.
” I hope he hears me out ” I said hoping.
“Sis, where are you going?” Rita asked me with hands akimbo
“I’m going to see Westley, I love him. I can’t live without him, I want him to know the truth”
I said as tear escaped my eyes.
“Its OK, its going to be fine sis. Go see him” she told me as she hvgged me.
I took a cab heading to knight cooperation, when the car halted in front of the tall
building I felt my heart beat. I don’t know what to expect from him, I don’t know if would
listen to me or not.
I paid the cab driver and walked into the building. I have been there before so I nee-d not
to ask the receptionist where his office was.
I entered the elevator, I was tensed.
“Oh my God, what do I expect?” I thought.
Well I’m not backing down now. I stepped out of the elevator on the last floor. Taking my
right, I was going to the CEO’s office my own Westley.
Heading straight to his office a blonde young girl st©pped me.”Ma’am, you can’t go in to
the CEO’s office like that without booking an appointment” she said politely
“I’m not here to see your CEO Ms, here to speak to my husband, plea-se do excuse me” I
said as I walk past her. I walked to this door, my heartbeats keeps racing more and more.
“Oh God” I whispered as I knocked
“Come in” I heard his de-ep rou-gh voice said
I took a de-ep breathe and opened the door, I walked in his face was still heads down in
some paper work, he looked more handsome, maybe I haven’t seen him in the past one
“Lisa, Are the files re-ady?” He said not still looking up
“Its….its…Mirabel” I said almost like a whisper trembling. What might be his reaction.
“Get out” he stood up furious as he clenched his fist. His cute face was rumpled due to
“plea-se, hear me out” I said kneeling.
“Get out” He said raising his voice up as he slammed his fist on the desk.
“I was blackmailed by Damon….Its not its not true” I said standing up to meet him.
He raised his hands signifying that I shouldn’t go further. I stood still
“He said I should…” I said before he interrupted me
“I’m asking you nicely, live my office” he said as he turned his back facing the window.
“I’m not until you hear me out” I said as I cried.
” I love you, I love you” I said crying even more.
“Keep your love to yourself, you murderer. You should be lucky I didn’t lock you up in cell”
He said turning back to face me looking at me in disgust. He picked up the telephone on
his desk.”Come to my office immediately ” he said in a bossy voice
The door opened, only to see two security men.
“Yes sir” they said bowing their heads.
“Take this woman out of here, don’t ever let her or anything that looks like her into this
premises” he said as he sat down sm-irking
I was shocked, I dried my tears with my handkerchief, I walked out looking at Westley he
was still on his paper work as if nothing happened.
I was embarras-sed, I halted a cab and went back home.
It was 2pm when I arrived my house, I thought about today’s events and wept.
I switched on the TV to see what’s up. The first thing that greeted me was Westley’s
cute face. He is planning to go into gold mining business, so the news was mostly all
about him. This man is elegant, I watched as he gave brilliant answers to the questions
ask by the press. Its like putting salt on an injury. I broke down in tears again.
I manage to go up to my room to bath and sleep. I emaciated I didn’t eat. I’ll get my
Westley back. I’m not giving up own him.
Rita c@m£ back from her d@t£ with David and I told her.
“Sis, forget about that Man” she said hvgging me
“I cant, I’m in Love with him, I don’t know when, how and why” I explained
“Kid sis, plea-se don’t let mum know that Westley drove me out” I said holding her hands.
“I’ll not” she said hvgging me ti-ghtly while I cried on her shoulders.
Westley’s POV
“She loves me? That’s delusional” I said to my self after she had left my office.
I see she emaciated yet still ugly, her face was rou-gh from crying but I just didn’t care.
I hate her more. I didn’t want to have anything to do with her again. She snatched my girl
from me, I would have s£nt her to jail but I just don’t want to cause trouble for the very
first time.
I s£nt her packing calmly at least that’s the most coolest thing I’ve ever done. I didn’t
re-lease to the press her shameless guts of murder at least I’m no longer living with a
murderer. I feel depressed again, the past has haunted me in the pres£nt.
I couldn’t continue with the paper work, I had to live he office back home. Alcohol was
my friend I could talk to, I didn’t want to bother Arthur about this incident.
I swear I hate that girl.
Mirabel’s POV
I’m still determined to go see Westley again to beg him. I woke up with that thought, if he
doesn’t take me or reciprocate my feelings for me that’s OK. But I wouldn’t want him to
be ignorant about the whole situation. I knew it was our expensive pl@ythat caused all
I stood up went to the bathroom to shower, I dried my b©dy as I viewed myself throu-gh
the bathroom mirror, sweet memories of Westley flashed my memory when he did ask
me to bath with me. I smiled as tears stained my cheeks.
“I love you, even though you don’t” I said to my self as if the mirror was Westley.
I creamed my self, I picked a pair of jean trou-sers and a pink polo. I wore my pink sandals
then I did pony tale hair. I picked my phone and put it in my pocket with the
money for transport fare.
Rita wasn’t home so I locked the door and kept the keys for her.
I halted a cab to take me to Knight’s Estate.
I dropped and paid the cab driver. Its Saturday and I know he doesn’t go to work on
I walked throu-gh the gates of his big mansion. “Good morning Ma’am” the security men
“Good morning to you all, Is your boss at home” I asked them with smiles.
“Yes ma’am” one replied
I nodded walking towards the main door. I tapped the bell but he didn’t come out. I had to
open the door myself.
The house was still neat like the way it has always been.
“Mine..Westley…” I called but I didn’t get a reply.
I climbe-d upstairs rang the bell to his room there wasn’t a reply.I walked throu-gh the
hallway to His office at home, I haven’t gotten to the door when the loud sound of S-x
m0@n s filled my ears. I was disgust.
“Tch, is he that good” I said to myself smiling
I knocked on the door. I wasn’t getting any reply. I exerted more effort in knocking yet to
no avail.
That girl is too loud, I can’t even hear Westley’s m0@n . What the hell is this? I couldn’t
take it any longer I decided to wait for him at the sitting room.
After about 30 minutes of me waiting, I finally saw him coming down stairs with a beautiful
skinny girl, his hands were placed on her w@!st as he k!$$£d her.
I felt jealous, he got to the sitting room still holding that s–t’s w@!st. He noticed my
pres£nce, I stood up to meet him but he bidded the girl goodbye by giving her a pe-ck on her
Immediately she left he turned to face me. I cleared my throat, but he stood there looking
at me with his hands in his pockets
“Erm….good..good morning mine” I said a bit tensed, he kept on looking at me still in that
“I didn’t…” I was about speaking before he interrupted me
“Get out” he said
“plea-se my love hear me out…” I said
“Are you deaf? I said leave” he shouted holding my arms dragging me out like a dog on
collar. I decided not to cry but I kept fighting back the tears in my eyes.
He slammed the door right on my face, I wasn’t going to give up
“Westley plea-se….I didn’t kill Nicole” I said weeping
“I’m not a murderer” I said ban-ging my fist on the door.
To no avail I lost hope that he would listen to me. I went back home.
My mum isn’t aware of the current situation neither is his family. I didn’t want to bring
them into my mess.
I was alone at home, my sister had gone to spend the day with her fiancé.
I prepared Noddles for myself in a large quantity.
I sat down on the floor to eat very well, I decided to eat like that so as to forget my pain, I
was eating fast and sweating at the same time.
When I was done I la-id down on the floor and sle-pt off till 6pm in the evening.
When I woke I washed the dishes I had used cleared the whole place and started
blogging again.
I remembered Arthur, he is Westley’s best friend. I’ll see him tomorrow, he has to help me
beg his friend.