I’m longing to be his episode 25

Mirabel’s POV
I woke up to see a text from my blackmailer Damon. I wanted to tell Westley about him and what had transpired between his first love and I, both each time I tried talking he would cut me off.
“Today your life will be shattered by me” that was the one he s£nt me today. He has been s£nding me text upon text asking me to have S-x with him.
I’m confused, I had told Rita about it, she advised me to tell Westley everything.
Its 10am on Saturday, I was so lost in my thought that I did realize that.
I stood up freshened up, I wore my jean trou-ser and a white t©p on it and tied my hair in loose buns.
I went down stairs to see Westley in the sitting room pla-ying PS video game, I smiled.
“Good morning mine, sorry I woke up late let me get something fixed for us” I said smiling pu-lling my hair behind my back.
I waited for an answer but none was coming. I walked into the kitchen admiring his handsome face.
I was heating the beef up when I heard Westley’s voice loud
“Get out” I heard him say. I walked out of the kitchen only to see my one and only night mare Damon.
“I’m here to tell you something about Nicole, you nee-d to know man” he said smiling looking at my direction.
“Go away Damon” I cut him in order to prevent him from talking.
“Go on speak” Westley said.
I felt like the ground should open and swallow me at that point.
“Can I sit” the b—–d said. By then I was b!tt!g my lowerl-ips due to tension. I was scared Westley’s gonna hate me for life.
“You can” Westley said. They both sat down.
“Mrs. Westley you sit also” Damon said and I sat adjacent to where Westley sat.
“What about Nicole, idiot?” Westley said with rage.
“I’ll tell you who killed Nicole” he said looking at me.
“Who?” Westley said standing up with rage.
“Mirabel, your beloved wife” he said
“She even offered to sleep with me to hide it from you, but I couldn’t have peace knowing that you don’t know the truth” he said sm-irking at me.
I was alre-ady crying. “Its not true his blackmailing me, I didn’t kill…”
I felt something h0t hit my jaw with full f0rç£, blood gushed out of my mouth. Westley had sl@pped me.
“Westley plea-se, I’m innocent” I said crying bitterly even more. I was hurt. Damon had alre-ady left after causing trouble.
“You backstabbing witch, you killed her” he said hitting his fist on the wall.
“I didn’t Westley let me explain” I said on my knees begging him.
“I love you so much, mine” I said
“I wasn’t yours, I hate you” he said with his eyes filled with rage.
He walked out of my sight. I ran after him to explain but he pushed me away.
He entered my closets, he threw my clothes at me and my trunk box.
“Get your things and live my house” he said between gritted teeth
“I’ll s£nd you the divorce papers soon” he said
“plea-se let me explain” I said
He raised his hand up signifying that I shouldn’t say a word
“Leave” He said. He watched me pack my things in my trunk box. I packed everything that’s mine in the house. I wasn’t able to carry them, he didn’t even help me. I packed the things outside the gate waiting for the next cab but known was coming.
I was lucky to see a cab, I st©pped it. I looked at the house for one last time knowing that I would never return there again. I dried my tears and entered the car. I remembered what had happened in the past between myself and Nicole. Nicole was my best friend, she was an orphan, she lived with her Aunt. She was a middle clas-s girl. She was a kind of girl people would love to d@t£. She had a b©dy of a model.
“Its gonna be a good holiddddddaaaaaayyyy” said Nicole jumping like an excited kid
” yayayaya” I had replied.
We sat on the warm sand to warm our skin at the beach.
“I’ve got ah b©yfri£nd” Nicole said picking am apple from the basket which had packed fruits and lots of other eatable stuff.
“Oh my God, when? How did you guys meet? Is he handsome? Tell me tell me” I said in excitement sitting in a position in which feet t©uçhed my bu-ttocks.
“I’ll tell you but first I nee-d to pla-y” she said as she stood up.
“plea-se tell me girl, Is he handsome? Is he tall?
Tell me tell me tell me” I said pu-lling her back to the ground.
” okay I’ll tell you” she said smiling pu-lling her long blonde hair behind her ear.
“His handsome, his rich, his a ladies guy”
“Ehn ehn….” I said eager to hear
” Let’s pl@yfirst ” she said pu-lling me up as she ran towards the water”
“Alright” I said running behind her
“Come on babe let’s swim” she said jumping into the water
Sure” I jumped in too
We had swam for some minutes, when Nicole had requested that we should pl@ya game in which we would stand on the shore and push each other into the water and would swim.
I accepted, that was my greatest mistake.
She had pushed me into the water, I had swam. It was my turn to push her. I pushed her in the water.
I discovered that she was g@sping for breathe, I jumped into the water while I called for help. It all happened like a dream to me. I was scared.
I managed to pu-ll her out of the water. She was still g@sping for breathe. We rushed her to the hospital.
She was in the emergency room, Doctors and nurses where finding a way to make her survive. The doctor c@m£ out and told us that she’s dead. She died because she was asthmatic and she didn’t tell me about her sickness.
I fainted, we I regained consciousness I wept uncontrollably.
End of flashback.
I had tears rushed out of my eyes, I cried till my eyes bec@m£ sour, my past has hunted me down. I never knew Westley was her b©yfri£nd.
I didn’t mean for that to happen.
“Madam, you’ve been crying non st©p since you entered my cab? Where exactly are you st©pping because I’ve been carrying you round LA” the driver asked annoyed.
“I’m sorry Sir, I’ll st©p and Greenville estate, the first flat on your right” I replied.
Few minutes later
“Madam, we are here” the cab driver said
“OK…” I said
The driver helped me bring out my boxes. I stood in front of our house, the house wheremy troubles started.
I carried my luggage inside the house, I wasn’t able to take my luggage inside the room. I was in the sitting room crying.
“Why would this have to happen to me? I didn’t kill her, I didn’t know”
“Sis, sis” I heard my sister called out. She was on her bathing robe. Maybe she was bathing we I c@m£ in
“Rita..Westley threw me out” I said crying on her shoulder profusely
“What! Why? How?” She asked in shock and anger
“My blackmailer told him about Nicole, Damon said I killed Nicole” I said sobbing
“How dare he?” Rita said between gritted teeth
“I love Westley, I love him” I said
“plea-se help me beg him” I told my sister crying even more.
“Don’t worry sis, that b—–d is gonna get it from me” she said
She helped take my things to my room. I had to f0rç£ myself into my room, though I was still crying. I cried my self to sleep.
My life was first shattered when I married Westley.