I’m longing to be his episode 23

Westley’s POV
I had finished taking my bath, I walked in the room with my towel wra-pped round my w@!st. The shower was so warm and cool. I thought I’ll see her in my room waiting for me but she was gone and I like that fact. No matter what she does I won’t fall for her, I’ll never love her.
I’ll warn her never to come into my room again. She’s the first to step foot in my room since I built my house.
I noticed she made my be-d, its good because I normally do that by myself. I clean my room myself. I la-id on the well dressed be-d and sle-pt off with the thought of my ordeals today.
I woke up by 8pm because its Saturday. I went to my bathroom to brush and bath. I wore my sweat p@n-ts, I didn’t put on a shi-t. I get h0t easily. I’ll have to address that woman.
I carried myself to the sitting room. I watched her set the table for us, I saw she wore a bu-m short and sleeveless t©p which revealed her fat curves, its the first time I’m seeing her on that, is she trying to s£dûç£me or what? I thought. I could hear my stomach growling for food.
“Mine, I’ve set the food, plea-se come and eat” she said smiling. I nodded. I walked over to the dining room and took my sit, she sat beside me dishing the food to my plate. She had prepared plantain fritata, Its appears delicious, no doubt she’s a good cook. She served herself also.
“Don’t you ever come into my room again” I said as I ate.
“Sorry” She apologized, I being the Westley that doesn’t take apologises or render one.I said to her “And you think you can dress half n-ked to get my attention? It doesn’t suit you it makes you look fat even more.”
“As from today onwards you will be eating in the kitchen, Get out of my sight.” I said while sm-irking.
” Ok” she replied fighting back the tears in her eyes. She took her plates and left for the kitchen.
After I finished eating, I went to the office in my house to fix some work and clean my office. I was dusting the book shelves when I heard some one said “I can help”
I turned to see the fat pig smiling with her teeth on full displa-y.
“I fine on my own, leave” I said almost getting angry. She just like a pest follow me around
“I insist” she said. I wonder why this girl doesn’t give up and mind her business.
“Why don’t you ever give up huh?” I asked frustrated slamming the book in my hands on the desk
“Do you want me to?” She said
“I’m not giving up on you Westley” she said taking the towel that was with me and started dusting. I looked at her and sm-irk.
After we had cleaned, I retired to my room to rest. She watched me, with her eyes begging me and wishing she would always be around me. What! Is she falling for me alre-ady? I thought as I jumped to my be-d. Throu-ghout the cleaning of the office, she was looking at me intensely. I just sm-irk, I’m handsome yes, I know. I kept a straight and unapproachable face. My ways though.
I woke up to the sound of the alarm ringing in my eyes. Its alre-ady 7pm. I stood up took my bath. I wore a pair
Jean trou-ser, my T-shi-t and wore my canvas. I styled my hair in a clas-sic way, I applied my perfume and took my phone with the key to my new Ferrari. I was going to the night club.
I got to the sitting room only to see her watching a movie.
” Are you going some where?” She asked. I walked out on her. She doesn’t deserve my reply.
I walked inside my yellow Ferrari and drove off. I was going to the night club, I go there always with Arthur both ever since he bec@m£ a lovey dovey person, he didn’t go there again.
I parked my car at the parking space. I walked into the bar as if I was gonna beat some. I felt the eyes of sluts on me but I didn’t care, I wasn’t in the mood for S-x nor flir-ting.
I went to the dark end of the bar, I ordered some beer. I was served by a beautiful skinny blonde girl. She’s just my type, she gave me a flir-ting eyes l!çk!ng her lowerl-ips. I gave a wi-nk while sm-irking. I signalled her to come back later.
“My ex-friend, drinking beer to solve the issue he has with his wife…hahah” I heard a familiar voice said. I turned my face to the Direction from were the voice was coming from. Its him, its Damon Williams. My muscles contracted, my chins were ti-ght. He was sm-irking at me, he is my mortal enemy, he did illegal businesses and he wanted me to execute his evil deeds. No matter how I look wicked I don’t do illegal business.
“What did you want?” I said between gritted teeth.
“Nothing much, I’ve come to ruin you” he said sm-irking. I didn’t want to argue with him. I walked out of the club in anger. I saw the blonde girl walking towards me, I gave her a death glare. I entered into my car and drove back home. I entered the house and my so called wife was alre-ady slee-ping. I went to my room to freshen up and I sle-ptf off