I’m longing to be his episode 22

Mirabel’s POV
Today is the last day at his parents house. We had our breakfast, went fishing and pla-yed games and the rest.
It was evening, Westley had packed his things, I packed mine also. We bid his family members goodbye. His sister will be living to Florida tomorrow because that’s where she is based with her family. I thanked them and I gave the kids a goodbye k!ss.
We sat in the car and drove of from the sight of our family members, silence that was all we could here. I didn’t bother talking, I glanced at him once but his eyes were focused on the road, I looked on the side of the road enjoying the view.
He parked the car along the side of the road.
“Get out” he said without looking at me
“Why? We’re not even home yet” I said in shock the distance where he st©pped me was very far from our house.
“Don’t test my patience” he said as his knuckles turned white on the starring.
“plea-se, I nee-d money for transport I’ve got no money on me” I said pleading
“How is that my business, just get out” he shouted ma-king me shiver in fear, his eyes turned red and he might hurt like he use to. I ran out of the car.
“Take your luggage with you” he pressed a bu-tton to open the trunk. I couldn’t beg for him to carry the luggage with him because he was furious. I took the heavy box. He closed the trunk of the car and drove off in full speed. I was about crying but I had to control myself.
I walked along the road rolling my box. I saw a black Ferrari parked beside me and the tinted glas-ses were whined down. I saw a young man with blue eyes.
” Hello..Are you not Mrs. Westley? ” he said with a friendly smile
“I am plea-se who are you?” I asked
“I am Damon Williams, you husband’s friend” he replied.
” OK nice to meet you” I said smiling turning to walk away.
“I can drop you off” he said inviting my attention once again.
“No thanks” I said
“I insist” he said
I just nodded because my legs were alre-ady weak.
He opened the door for me. His car was fine but not as good as Westley’s, he was handsome but not as handsome as Westley.
On our way going he asked me
“Where is your husband?” He asked with smile
“Oh..he went some where” I replied not even knowing where he went
“Didn’t he buy you your personal car, from what I know he is the riches man in Los Angeles and over the US?” He said chuckling. There is something strange about this man. I have to be di-plomatic with the way I reply him
“we just got married, he will get me one soon.
“OK OK…do you love your husband?” He asked
What kind of question is this I thought
“Every married woman loves her husband” I said. He chuckled.
“I’ll get down here” I said I wasn’t feeling comfortable.
“Ok” he said and parked. I got out of the car and taking my trunk with me at least my house is about 5miles from where he had st©pped me.
I got home took the keys from the man at the gate, I opened the door and went in. I thought Westley should be home alre-ady but I was surprised he wasn’t I wondered where he went. I won’t tolerate if he had gone to visit any girl.
I scooped some straw berry flavoured ice cream I had prepared into the cu-p, I li-cked it while watching the T.V waiting for him. I had alre-ady prepared some chicken curry sauce pasta for him, the food would get cold is he doesn’t come on time.
It was 1am, I was still waiting for him. I heard a knock on the door. It was him. Here he goes again with another different blond girl fully drun!kwith the girl supporting him.
“Welcome, why did you drink this much” I said trying to hold him.
” Hey you, take your hands off my man” she said f0rç£fully taking my hands off him. I looked at Westley’s face he was busy drink the alcohol bottle in his hands. I wondered what happened that made him get drun!k.
“He is my husband, just go to your house and let me take care of him” I said with a pleading tone.
“Never” she stated
“Hey…hey hey..why are you bit-ches arguing? Huh? You Mary go home we’ve done so many rounds,don’t be a b—h go home” he shouted staggering. I stocked my ton-gue out at her, she rolled her eyes at me and left in anger. I walked towards Westley to help him towards his room. He pushed me aside and staggered away, I called his attention to his food but he didn’t even reply. I saw him vanish from my sight.
I was sad, so he drop me on the road so that he would go on his silly escapades? I ate the food, I had made for him to avoid wastage.
I went upstairs to his real room because I noticed he had two rooms. I knocked on the door but there was no reply. I noticed the door had a security code. What could be the code? I nee-d to get in to see if he is OK. I typed my name on the security code it didn’t work, I tried his it didn’t work also. I remembered he loves Nicole and I saw a team on those ph0tos when we went to his parents house.
I tried NiCwEsT as it was written on the ph0to. The door opened, I walked into a dark room. The room was so dark as the darkness in his heart.
I had to switch on the lights. The room was the biggest I’ve ever seen so beautiful. A very large be-d, It had the taste of a man’s be-droom. The wooden furniture’s were painted in gold colour. The curtains were black velvet. I was looking for Westley but he wasn’t in his room. I didnt here the sound of shower running, I walked into the balcony, it was very large and had flowers planted in vases so beautiful.
I saw him on the chair drinking alcohol but this time he wasn’t drun!kas at when he c@m£
in. On sighting me he stood up in fury.
“How did you get in here?” He asked holding my arms. He smelled like alcohol, I hate the smell.
“I c@m£ to…to check on you” I said. I have to master up courage against this man.
“Where did you go?” I asked pu-lling my arms out of his hands as I fold my hands looking at him.
“How is that your business?” He asked taking his sit and drinking the big bottle of the drink.
I took the bottle from him and poured out the content from the balcony on the ground.
“Where is my drink?” He said in a drun!ktune
“plea-se, don’t do this to yourself. If you have a problem you can tell me, I’m here for you” I said seating beside him on the same chair.
“Hahaha….Funny funny, here for me.. Hahaha.” He laughed he was really high.
“Yes mine, plea-se let me take care of you for just this night?” I begged
“Only tonight” he said pointing his index f!nger up.
“Thank you” I said. I went to his bathroom, I prepared a warm bath for him so he soak himself in it for some minutes.
“Mine, your water is re-ady” I helped him up he pushed my hands away
“You said only tonight, plea-se” I said pouting
“Uhm…OK” he said and I held him least he will fall and injure himself because he was drun!k. I helped him to the toilet. I had to put the tooth paste on his brush and set the towel for him and the rest.
He just sat there on the toilet bowl singing any song that comes to his mind, he even forged some and he sang off keys, he was really funny I couldn’t help but laugh. I was done preparing the things he nee-ded.
“I’m done, mine” I said. He nodded
I was about walking outside the bathroom, I felt a pair of strong arms pu-lling me to his ha-rd rock che-st. I saw he had alre-ady re-moved his shi-t.
“Bath with me, Love, plea-se” he said still drun!k
I was shocked, I blu-shed,I st©pped blu-shing because he didn’t know what he was doing , I can’t be n-ked in front of this guy, he doesn’t love me.
“No, your drun!kand my b©dy isn’t beautiful and I’m fat” I refuted. I struggled to pu-ll my hands but I failed.
” I’m not drun!k, you’re beautiful and it doesn’t mean baby, fat or not your pretty ” he said pu-lling me to a hvg.
“plea-se, I can’t bath with you” I stated.
“OK…you can leave” he said demonstrating with his hands with small sm-irk.
I left the bathroom, I blu-shed a little. I made his be-d and left his room. I entered my room smiling maybe he likes me now, I sle-pt with that thought.