I’m longing to be his episode 21

Westley’s POV
I didn’t like the idea that she prepared the breakfast. When I heard that I lost my appetite, I took the excuse that I nee-ded to use the toilet because I was sick and tired of them praising her food..what the heck!
I got to my room and la-id down on my be-d, then I heard my phone ringing, it was one my many flings. She had called to tell me she missed me and the rest. Stupid girls.
I noticed the fat pig walk inside. After the phone call I heard her ask me how I was?
I asked what she wanted because she always looks tensed before me. I had a serious effect on her, I know she will fall in love with me sooner or later. I chuckled in my heart.
I walked towards her she was walking backwards being scared that I’ll hurt her but well I wasn’t in the mood for that, I nee-ded someone to hold.
She was in between me and the wall, I put my left hands over her head and my right hand on her soft w@!st, I did know what got into me.
She looked at me with shock, She was feeling unstable un-der my t©uçh, fool. She threw her hands on my n£¢k, I bet she enjoyed that moment. I didn’t want to k!ssher or have anything ro-mantic to do with her, I just did that to check if she’s alre-ady falling for me and I can see I have an effect on her, I could see the way her eyes were begging me for more. Maybe she loves me. I talked to her briefly in a flir-ty way. I walked out of the room sm-irking, she’s d–n stupid to think I’ll fall in love with her, she isn’t pretty.
I saw my parents in a de-ep conversation, Love is stupid I chuckled. My elder sister was on the balcony watching her husband pl@ywith her kids.
“Sister” I said tickling her
“West..be matured” she said in between laughter.
“I am sis, I’m a matured man alre-ady” I said putting my hands inside my pocket
“Okay dear” she said. Her facial expression changed.
“What’s wrong sis” I asked, I love my sister so much, she’s the only person I listen to with full respect and attention, she loves me too. We are just two and we’re inseparable.
“Its you Westley” she said ma-king me sit down on the chair opposite her.
“What about me” I asked laughing
” I want you to love your wife, she’s a good woman. I know the lost of Nicole made you loose hope in love, but I’m begging you plea-se give her a chance. plea-se act civilly with her” she said with a sad face
” I can’t promise you sis, to act civilly with her. I won’t fall for her or what so ever.” I said while my muscles contracted.
“plea-se Westley” she said keeping her hands in a praying position.
” let her break the dark walls in your heart dear plea-se, give her a chance ”
“OK…I’ll think about it” I said then k!$$£d her cheek, I left for the room because I was alre-ady annoyed.
I opened the door and walked in, I saw that pest shiver out fear. I s-en-sed she did something I wouldn’t like. I looked at her for a bit. Her hands were at her back, sweat were alre-ady forming on her forehead.
“What did you do?” I asked between gritted teeth.
“Nothing uhm…I…I was..was erm…was just…” she was stammering.
I walked towards her, I pu-ll-ed her hands from her back only to see two picture frame in her hands. I took the picture giving her a death glare. She was alre-ady b!tt!g her lowerl-ips and interlocking her f!ngerslooking at me like a puppy soa-ked un-der the rain begging to be pitied.
I took a look at the ph0tos in my hands. It was the one I took with Nicole on our first d@t£ and the other was Nicole alone in the picture.
“What were you doing with this?” I pu-ll-ed her arms r0ûghly ma-king her stand up
” I..I..was told she was your first Love…and..and” She stammered
“And what” I said between gritted teeth, by now I was so furious. I alre-ady held her jaw ti-ghtly as if I was going to tear it. I saw streams of tears gushing from her eyes
“Don’t you ever come near these ph0togra-phs again, don’t check throu-gh my things, its going to be the last time I’m warning you” I said pushing her to the be-d.
I kept the ph0tos by the side of my be-d, I still head her soft cries. I saw her wipe her tears.
I left the be-d and sat on the sofa. She c@m£ towards me with eyes red from crying.
“What does she have that I don’t have? Why don’t I look attrac-tive to you not even for once? Why do you hate me so much? Do you think I also wanted this marriage? Why Westley why?” She said sobbing even more. I wasn’t moved by her tears. I kept pla-ying the game that was on my phone, I let her stand there like a fool that she is. She didn’t get a reply from me and went back to to the be-d and cried her self to sleep..