I’m longing to be his episode 20

Episode 20
Mirabel’s POV
I freshened up after Lara had left the room. I b!ow dried my hair and changed into a comfortable black long Sk-irt which revealed my large h!ps and a simple multicolored blouse, I did my hair in loose buns.
I went to the sitting room, I greeted my in laws and joined Lara in the kitchen, we both had to cook breakfast.
“Oh dear, thank goodness you are here. You should cook breakfast this morning” Lara said with grin, she always have her way with me.
“What? I can’t plea-se” I said been tensed up. I haven’t cook for a large family as this, it was just for mum and Rita
“plea-se say yes” she said smiling
“OK” I said reluctantly
“Your preparing pancakes and chocolate syrup, its our family favourite especially Westley’s” she said cl@pping her hands and jumping like a 5 year old.
“Really, so Westley loves pancakes with chocolate syrup” I asked with wi-de eyes interested to know.
“yes dear, he loves it so much” she said.
I smiled, at least I know his favourite food.
I had finished preparing the pancakes, Lara and I set the table. The kids were pla-ying chess with Westley, when Lara had told them the food was re-ady.
We were all seated on the dining table,I sat beside Westley, after thanking God for the food. Westley was the first to put the pancakes and syrup on his plate. His action made us all laughed. We all served ourselves, I could see Westley eating more than everyb©dy as if there was a competition on the food, I was glad he liked it.
Thank God, he didn’t know I was the one whom prepared it. Everyb©dy loved the pancakes, the kids got the share of everyb©dy’s own.
“Sister, your pancakes are so better than ever before hmmm” he said l!çk!ng his hands. Its the first time I have seen him eating like this.
” Haha..westdear Your wife prepared it” she told him with large grin. His appearance changed, he didn’t eat as he was eating before. He lost his appetite, he went to the sink to wash his hands. He took excuse that his belle was overfilled that he nee-ded to go to the toilet. The rest laughed on the table, only Lara and I knew he lost appetite because I prepared the food and I felt so sad and disappointed
After breakfast I was asked to check on Westley, I went to our room. I knocked since I didn’t get any reply, I opened the door.
“Yes baby, I miss you so much, yea bye” he was lying on the be-d while ma-king a phone call.
I felt jealous, he smiled while talking to the person. I felt hurt Because he had never smiled at me not once. After the phone call his face turned to a frown giving me a death glare.
“Uhm…Uhm…how how are you?” I stammered
“What do you want?” He asked not replying to my question with eyes focused on his iPhone
“I c@m£ to check on you” I said interlocking my f!ngersand b!tt!g my lowerl-ips due to tension.
He stood up walking towards me with his eyes piercing into my skin, if that was possible. With every step he took towards me I walked backwards until there was no space for me to walk
back anymore. I was between the wall and him, there was no gap between us. His tall frame covered me, my che-st was tou-ching his diaphragm area because I am short all I could see was his che-st throu-gh the ti-ght T-shi-t he had worn.
I was still b!tt!g my lowerl-ips, I was so scared. He placed his left hand on the wall above my head, he lifted my chin ma-king me look straight into his dark orbs, knowing that I was looking at him, he slide his hands gently on my w@!st. I shivered, he had an effect on me. He never lost contact with my eyes. I didn’t know when I wra-pped my hands around his n£¢k, we were so closed that our bodies where tou-ching each other.
“Can’t you see am fine or do you want something else from the way you are looking at me right now? You moron” he said sm-irking at me. I was ashamed of myself, How would I let him have that kind of effect on me.
“Close your mouth or else you will feed on flies” he said pu-lling away from me, I suddenly felt cold. He had left the room.
I sat down reflecting on what just happened between us.