I’m longing to be his episode 2

Westley’s POV
“I can’t believe, My love just sl@pped me” I thought while driving with full speed
“I’m a billionaire, I own Knight Cooperation, KC electronics, cars, what have you??, can’t believe a girl sl@pped me just because i Love her, Gee, I would do what I can to make her Love me. I’m evil but I have my good p@rts too”, I thought.
I drove to my Big masion in Los Angeles, Its the biggest in the city… To me, Its the smallest house I’ve got.
I stepped out of my car in rage, heading straight to my room, I can hear my maids greeting me, but i don’t care.
Reaching my room, I threw myself on the be-d and sle-pt off.
*Ringing*….”argh, who the hell is that” as i picked up my phone, gee, is that b—h of a girl named Zoe
“my love…”,I could hear her speak
“Come over, I nee-d you now”..I told her reluctantly, well i nee-d to relieve some stress.
Zoe is one of my many girls I Used to have S-x with, nothing more but S-x. Cheap girls.
I stood up to my bathroom to Freshen up, I put on my p@n-ts only, I don’t like putting on T-shi-ts or whatever at home. I went to the other room, of which that is wear I have S-x with those bit-ches, i don’t bring them to my real be-d room.
Zoe is here alre-ady, she looks h0t today, maybe she is reallly in for this…I chuckled at my thought.
“Hi babe” said zoe smiling
“Hi, what’s up”, I said with a grin on myl-ips
“nothing much, I just missed you. You didnt bother calling me again”, she said with fake sadness
I dont like talking much, I pu-ll-ed her to the be-d, and the rest was history.
After that h0t int£rç0rs£with Zoe I pushed her out of my house, wicked huh?? Well, I dont care.
I freshen up again, I sle-pt with the thought of Rita in my mind.
Hope your enjoying the story. Support me fans.
Love you guys!

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