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June 18, 2021


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I’m longing to be his episode 2

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Westley’s POV

“I can’t believe, My love just slapped me” I thought while driving with full speed

“I’m a billionaire, I own Knight Cooperation, KC electronics, cars, what have you??, can’t believe a girl slapped me just because i Love her, Gee, I would do what I can to make her Love me. I’m evil but I have my good parts too”, I thought.

I drove to my Big masion in Los Angeles, Its the biggest in the city… To me, Its the smallest house I’ve got.

I stepped out of my car in rage, heading straight to my room, I can hear my maids greeting me, but i don’t care.

Reaching my room, I threw myself on the bed and slept off.

*Ringing*….”argh, who the hell is that” as i picked up my phone, gee, is that b—h of a girl named Zoe

“my love…”,I could hear her speak

“Come over, I need you now”..I told her reluctantly, well i need to relieve some stress.

Zoe is one of my many girls I Used to have sex with, nothing more but sex. Cheap girls.

I stood up to my bathroom to Freshen up, I put on my pants only, I don’t like putting on T-shirts or whatever at home. I went to the other room, of

which that is wear I have sex with those bitches, i don’t bring them to my real bed room.

Zoe is here already, she looks hot today, maybe she is reallly in for this…I chuckled at my thought.

“Hi babe” said zoe smiling

“Hi, what’s up”, I said with a grin on my lips

“nothing much, I just missed you. You didnt bother calling me again”, she said with fake sadness

I dont like talking much, I pulled her to the bed, and the rest was history.

After that hot intercourse with Zoe I pushed her out of my house, wicked huh?? Well, I dont care.

I freshen up again, I slept with the thought of Rita in my mind.


Hope your enjoying the story. Support me fans.

Love you guys!

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