I’m longing to be his episode 16

Westley’s POV
I woke up to a n-ked b©dy wra-pped around me. Oh its the s–t I brou-ght home last night to ease stress.
“S–t, wake up, you sleepy head” I pushed her out of my be-d. I didn’t sleep in my real room last night, no woman enters my room. I normally take them to this one.
“Can I sleep some more baby” She said from the floor that I alre-ady pushed her to.
I packed all her things and threw them in the hallway, then dragged her on the floor to the Hallway. I collected my phone and t-shi-t, then I locked the room.
The s–t was still on the Hallway slee-ping. I walked into my real room to shower. Thank God is Sunday. I’ll rest today.
I had finished showering, I put on normal house clothes. I la-id on my be-d to sleep, I wasn’t hungry.
I almost sle-pt off when I heard My phone rang.
Its my elder sister Lara
“Argh…Sis you disturbe-d my sleep” I said pouting. I love my elder sister and she knows me like the palm of her hands.
“Westdear, awwn I’m sorry, how are you doing?” She asked me in between laughs
“I fine big sis” I replied
” and your wife” She asked
“Fine I guess” I said in distern
” what’s that?” She asked in the don’t you try me tone.
” Nothing sis, how are you, your hubby and my babies” I asked
“We are good”
“Mum said I should Inform you, that we are having a family reunion at our old house and its going to last for 3 days. Mum said we are to come with our spouses and kids”
“What the hell? OK” I said with a little bit of anger
“Its this evening by 4:00pm, prepare westdear. Bye see ya by 4pm”
“Alright, take care sis” she hung off
My Sister is fully aware I don’t love that Lady but she’s one of the people who love’s her in my family, every b©dy loves her except me.
I hate her. I nee-d to tell her about this new development. We nee-d to put up an act to make then believe we are a real couple.
I walked throu-gh the hallway to her room, I could see that s–t I threw there was gone. I opened the door of her room, I saw her in be-d re-ading a book. She lifted her eyes to see me then she stood up
“Good morning Mine…” She said with smiles
“prepare by 4pm we are going to my parents house for a family reunion for 3 days. We are going to put up an act that we are a perfect couple before my parents, don’t you dare fall my hands, you just go with the flow OK?” I said with my hands in the pocket of my shorts
“Yes” she replied with an annoying smile.
I walked out of her room still with a frown, what are my parents up to?
I know they want to see if I have falling for her alre-ady, well I’m not giving them any chances.
I went to the dining room where my lunch was kept, I ate and watched some business news pending on when the time struck 4pm.