I’m longing to be his episode 14

Westley’s POV
The way home was silent between us. She stole glances at me but I didn’t seem to care.
We arrived at my house, I walked out of the car. Today was my bad day, I hate the fact that I’m married to that girl.
I noticed she was trying to catch up with me,
I ran up the stairs. I got to my room and showered. I sle-pt off. I had wanted to address her on the principles of her leaving in my house.
I woke up by 7:00pm. I showered and brush my teeth. I wore my navy suit with my brown shoes to go with my brown belt. I styled my hair. I admired my self in the mirror in my closet. I gr@bb£d my briefcase, car keys, my phone and a file containg how she’s gonna live in my house.
I walked downstairs she was no where around the sitting room. I couldn’t call her name because I don’t even know her name. I went to the kitchen may be she might be there.
She was in the kitchen preparing what I dont even know.
Oh my she’s still in that awful wedding go-wn of hers. I controlled my laughter.
“Oh Good morning Mine, I didnt notice you were alre-ady here, I am preparing Bacon, eggs and cheese sandwich, you will love it” She said smiling.
Did she just call me Hers? This lovey dovey thing makes me sick.
“will st©p pla-ying house here! And who gave you the authority to call me yours huh? I’m not interested in your food” I said between gritted teeth.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry” she said with her heads bowed. She looked extraordinary fat in that wedding dress.
I don’t like talking too much, I held her arms r0ûghly dragging her to the sitting room and pushed her to the sofa. I threw the file on her.
“re-ad the contents out loud” I said pointing at the file. She took the file and opened it.
“THE DO’S AND DON’Ts” she re-ad with shaky voice
“re-ad it out” I was furious at this point. She irritates me so much.
“Ok, I’ll” she said with tears stained cheeks. She cries easily and I love that fact.
DON’T BRING IN MEN TO MY HOME….” she re-ad with more tears in her eyes. She couldn’t even re-ad all the contents of the file
“I love that your in tears wifey, I see your enjoying this”
“Now you listen to me, you will prepare my food on time, you don’t cheat on me because you are mine baby. Its my house so I can bring in my women to do the things I can’t do with you, when my mum and dad comes we are going to put up an act that I love you and that we are happy and don’t you ever I repeat try to be smart with me” I held her hair hurting her.
“Yes…yes…I wouldn’t disobey you plea-se let go of my hair, It hurts” she said crying even more.
I laughed so ha-rd at her in tears. wicked huh? Well I know, I’m a beast.
I let her go.
“Your room is the first room on your left. My house has eight rooms.
I walked out of the house with a little bit of satisfaction, I could still here her sobs.
I drove off to my office to ease my stress. I had breakfast at the office.