I’m longing to be his episode 10

Westley’s POV
I was in the office working, I nee-ded to set up some business deals and some other stuffs.
“Good morning Sir, someone is here to see you. He said his name is Arthur williams” My secretary said in a professional yet in a flir-tatious way. B—h! I thought.
“Let him in” I said with a cold look.
Few minutes later
“Westley Knight himself, the riche-st guy in the states” he said hailing me while stretching his hand for a shake. I shake my hands with him.
“Dr. Arthur, my man what’s up” I said
“Am good man and you? You don’t look bright” he said with concern.
Arthur is my best friend, he knows me in and out, we are childhood friends
“Guy, I’m not fine. I’m getting married” I said with my face in my hands.
“Don’t tell me you are not happy, you are finally settling down” He said
“Guy, I’m not happy at all. My parents made an agreement with her parents when we were still kids. The girl isn’t my clas-s, she’s fat, ugly. She looks dirty to me” I said clenching my fists
“what’s her name? ” He asked me
“Uhm, It is Miranda or mara, I don’t even know” I said. The truth is i don’t even know or even want to know her name.
“I’m going to ruin her” I told him
“Hahaha..give yourself time, you will like her” He said.
“what! I will never like her” I said with distern
He was alre-ady married, he found his better half. We were both cold and now he believes in love.
“you will, I was your kind remember? my wife changed me and i started believing in love and you shouldn’tun-derestimate the power of a woman. I think that lady is the best for you” he said with smiles
“she isn’t the best for me, she’s too fat and ugly. She’s gonna make my kids ugly that’s if I’m going to have kids with her” I said
“Fat and ugly is all you know, my guy, take time to study her character” He said with grin
“why your saying this is because your wife is beautiful and not fat and you choose her yourself” I said scattering my hair due to the stress of marrying that girl.
“you will love her, bet me on this one” he said giggling.
“I’ll never Arthur” I was angered
“I’ll get going, I’ll see you some other time and greet your wifey for me” he said laughing
“alright, my regards to your queen and my little guy, thanks for st©pping by, I’ll inform you when the marriage is holding” I said hvgging my best friend
“I sure wouldn’t miss it, bye” He said as he left
I sat down on my sofa in the office thinking about what Arthur had said, I’ll never love her, never. I heard my phone ring. Its mum
“hello son” mum greeted
“mum, how are you” I asked
“I’m good, I called to inform you that your wedding in on Saturday. Prepare son. Have a nice day” She hanged off. She didn’t even let me talk.
Alright marriage they want, marriage they get!
Annoying Westley mcteeew?🙄🙄