Identical Episode 8

(Kind, crazy & cold-hearted)
Episode 8
Kim nana (Crazy):
I looked in amusement. He was so handsome and perfect.
Blue eyes
Pointed nose
Just like I wished for. But he was ri-ding a bicycle so I couldn’t really know his walking steps. But damn! He was soooo handsome.
Are you kidding me?
So, Mr perfect actually exists?
I thought I could only find them on TV.
He rode the bicycle to the front of the pretty house and st©pped at the gate. I saw him knock on it and shortly, it was opened and he rode in.
Holy Molly! So, he actually lives there? Are you kidding me? We were neighbors!!
I g@sped in shock.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t see him anymore as soon as he rode pas-s the gate.
Oh gosh! I wish I could see him. Who the hell is that boy?
I stood by the window for sometime, thinking about the whole thing. After, a long while, I shook my head and went into the bathroom to take my bath.
I spent almost an hour in the bathroom because of how cool it was. The bathtub was so big and cold eater kept pouring on me from the shower.
Geez! It was just as if I was un-der the rain!!
After a while, I figured I was hungry and decided to check out for lunch.
I returned to the be-droom and headed straight to the dressing room😋
I felt like putting on all the pretty clothes at once, but decided to remain calm.
So, I took out a simple wear – a short and a red shi-t.
Gosh! It was still so pretty.
Then, I hurried to the mirror and brushed my short but pretty hair in front of it.
After which, I left the room.
As soon as I opened the door and was about heading downstairs, I saw someone coming towards me – a grumpy chubby looking boy.
Hold on; isn’t this Mal-chin? Kim-ji’s step brother?
Yes, I think I saw his picture in the sitting room.
I st©pped by the door and looked at him.
“Hey” he chuckled.
“Look whom we have here”
I rolled my eyes and tried walking away, but he blocked my way.
“Can’t I get a welcome hvg from my little sis?” He asked grimly.
“I’m not your sister, okay? You’re too unfortunate to be my brother” I jibe-d and tried walking away but he scoffed and held my hand.
“Hold on: did you just say something?” He cringed.
“Well, I’m sure you haven’t gone deaf, have you? And next time, be sure to wash your hands before tou-ching me. I’m pretty sure my skin has more value than your face” I blurted and wriggled my hand from his.
“K..Kim?” He called in surprise and I rolled my eyes and walked away.
Ugly boy.
Mi cha (Cold-hearted):
He smiled and walked towards me. I remained fixed to a sp©t.
Why’s he here? He’s been America for close to 6 months now and I wasn’t expecting him anytime soon. He was actually the manager’s son and was my…
Well, I wouldn’t really call him a lover because he’s been the one forcing himself on me.
“You look pretty” he said and lifted his hand to my long red hair, stro-king it softly.
“Prettier than the last time I saw you”. He added.
“You didn’t tell me you were coming” I sought for something to say.
“Yeah- just wanted to surprise you. Did you miss me?”he whispered and k!$$£d my n£¢k.
He s£nt his hand beneath my towel as he planted soft k!sses all over me. I stood still and gave him access, knowing I couldn’t st©p him.
Wondering why I was so scared of him?
Well, he was the one that trained me – made me pas-s throu-gh hell.
When we’re being trained, we’re made to pas-s throu-gh torture and extreme pains and when I arrived here, Josh had picked interest in me and decided to personally train me himself.
He used terrible measures on me and I learnt to be so scared of him.
He was young, handsome and powerful but had the darkest heart. Nob©dy dared to defy him. And I don’t know why I happen to be the only girl he likes in the organization.
I felt him t©uçh my p*nt from beneath my towel as he reached slowly for myl-ips. He made our ton-gue wangle as he k!$$£d me perfectly.
He slowly moved my p*nt aside and slided in two f!ngersinto my pus**
I m0@n ed into the k!ssand ended up b!tt!g hisl-ips.
“You’re still the way I left you, huh?” He unlocked from the k!ssand said.
Well, he’s warned his father never to s£nd me on a mission that’d make me use my b©dy.
He brou-ght out the f!ngersand gave my w@!st a little squee-ze with both hands.
Then, he reached for the ti-p of my towel.
My breathing bec@m£ heavy as he loose the towel from my b©dy.
He was the only guy that makes me this nervous.
I remember the last time I had tried to st©p him from having se-x with me, he to-re me on the back with a knife. The scar was still there like a tattoo.
And since then, I’ve learnt not to disobey him.
I was standing n*ked in front of him, just left with my p*nt.
He fondled with my big bo*bs and took my left n!ppleinto hisl-ips
He su-cked from it for a long time before dis£ngaging and when he did, he took me to the be-d.
Kim ji (Kind):
I cleared the dinning after eating with mum and went to join her in the sitting room afterwards.
She was watching the tele and I sat next to her – nervously.
“Come on, Kim” she said calmly and made me lie with my head on her l@ps.
I exhaled as I adjusted myself properly and she pla-yed with my hair.
“Now, tell me, why did you cut her hair?” She asked and I bit myl-ips.
I tried to avoid her gaze and think of an answer.
“I’m sorry mum. I…I just felt like carrying a short length for now. But, since you’re not happy with it, I promise not to cut my hair again” I said calmly.
“Hm. Anyway, you still look beautiful. Just that…I’ve always admired longer hair and you know that. Make sure you don’t cut it again,okay?” She said and I nodded happily.
Oh God! I can’t believe I’m speaking with my mother.
“Hold on; where’s your n£¢klace?” She suddenly asked,tou-ching my che-st.
Oh, no!
Kim nana didn’t give it to me. What a mess!
“Oh” I exclaimed and tried sitting up, but she didn’t let me.
“I’m so sorry,mum. It seems I’ve misplaced it. I’m so sorry” I apologized.
“Aigo! What is wrong with this girl? Do you know how much it cost me?” She grumbled and sp@ñked my as-s and I laughed.
“When will you ever learn, huh?” She asked and I sighed.
“Anyway, go and get dressed. I want you to accompany me somewhere” she said.
“Huh? Where’s that?” I asked curiously.
“Will you st©p asking me questions and get dressed before I sp@ñk you again?” She asked and pu-ll-ed my ear and I laughed and stood up.
“Okay mother.” I smiled and hurried up to my room.