(Kind, crazy & cold-hearted)

Episode 5



Kim nana (Crazy):

I huffed and looked at her.



Hold on; did I hear her correctly or what?


She looked at me and drew near.



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“What’re you talking about?”I asked, opening my palms.

“You…want us to do what? I don’t get you”.


“I want us to switch, Kim. I want you to take my place and I’ll take yours” she said.


‘What?” I shrieked immediately.


“What the hell are you talking about? Why on earth would you want us to switch??? I mean…”


“Please. Its just gonna be for two weeks, I promise. I…I want to get to know mum and…know what it feels like to be with her. Please, Kim…”


“Well, if you really wanna be with her, show yourself to her, then. Let’s tell her the truth!” I snapped.


“I can’t!” She paused and sighed.

“I…I just feel scared revealing my identity to her for now. Besides, if really our parents were married before they got separated, its possible the court must’ve shared us between them. So, even if we reveal the truth right now, you’re still gonna have to stick to mum, while I’d have to stick to dad! It’s still gonna be the same thing. So please, Olivia. Let me enjoy her touch for just two weeks before anything happens” she enthused.


“Well, what if we try to unite them?” I asked and she shook her head.


“That’s not possible. Dad.. Is already married”


“What?” I rose my brows in shock.


Woah! What the heck? So, he’s married?


“Please Kim” she called tenderly and held my hand.

“All I’m asking is just two weeks. Two weeks and after that, we’ll think of what else to do. We can actually use this medium to investigate and find out what really happened between our parents. Please”.


I kept mute and withdrew my hand from hers.

It sounded inane.


“Please, I want this to be the first thing you do for me as a sister” she added morosely and I shut her a stare.






“With the look of things, it seems you grew up like a princess” I said, hoarsely.

“My mum and I…we don’t really live a…”


“I know. And I don’t care. I’m ready to bear it. All I need is to be with mum” she cut in with a light smile and I rolled my eyes.


This is really really crazy.


“Fine! How do we go about it?” I asked and she smiled.


Just then, her phone started ringing.



“Hold on, is this for real?” My ‘sister’s’ so called friend exclaimed as we all stood in the room together.


Kim ji had insisted on Calling her saying she’s her best friend and needed to know what we were doing.


“Well, It seems so.” I rolled my eyes.


“But Kim, don’t you think its dangerous trying to switch places with your twin? If really you’re sisters, why don’t you reveal yourselves to your parents then and know the truth?” She asked and I looked at my sister.


“It’s not dangerous, Gyeong. Besides, no one would notice. We look alike and it’s only going to be for two weeks” she replied.


“We look alike, but we don’t act alike” I told her.

“Although, I know I’m a good girl, but people see me as a trouble maker and I have a lot of enemies over here”.


She sighed and itched her hair.


“I…I’ll cope. Besides, its just for two weeks”.


“What if your parents get to find out?” Her friend asked.


“Then, we accept our fate from there” she replied, looking at.me


A long silence stepped in.


“The bus will be leaving soon, Kim. You need to make a proper decision now” her friend said again and she narrowed her eyes for a while.


“I think I already have” she said and looked at me.


“Let’s do it” she said and I nodded slowly.


“Okay, then. I’m ready” I told her.


“This is insane” her friend muttered.


“First, we need to cut your hair” she said and I opened my eyes wide in shock.


“What’re you talking about?” I scoffed.

“I’m not cutting my hair. You’re the one who needs to grow your hair”.


“But that’s not possible. If you go with a long hair, it’ll be suspicious”.


“I’m not cutting my hair. Do you know the stress i had to go through, making my hair become this long? When I get there, I can simply tell them I met a magician who miraculous grew my hair for me”


“Then, there’s no way this is working out” her friend cut in.

“If you can’t cut your hair, then you can’t go home as Kim ji”.


“Right. Maybe we should just cut your hair instead, then” I rolled my eyes at her angrily.


“Kim nana, please” my sister cut in with a pitiful look.


“Just do this for me”


I huffed and folded my hands. How can I possibly cut my hair after so much stress?


She dipped her hand into her bag and brought out a razor blade.


Gosh! This shit is really happening.


“You mean I’m doing this for a two weeks stuff?” I asked bitterly.


“Please, it won’t happen again” she said calmly as she brought the razor blade close to me.


I shut my eyes and felt her touch my hair.



In a while, she was done and we were both having the same length of hair.


I looked at the pieces of my hair on the floor and felt like crying.


“You still look beautiful” her friend commended, but I still saw it as mockery.


“Sure, I do” I said gruffly.


“Okay. We need to hurry up now. Is there anything I need to know about you? Like….your favorites, your best friend, your…”


“I don’t have any friend” I cut her off.

“The only friend I have is my mum. And my favorite is drawing”.


“Oh!” She mouthed.

“Well, Gyeong here is my best friend and the reason I wanted her to be aware of the switch is because she knows me too well and would’ve definitely noticed the change which might create problems.

“My favorite is cooking and…I think the only problem you’re gonna be having at home is my step mom and brother” she said and I flinched.


“Your step mom? How?” I asked, perplexed.


“They’re one of the major problems I’ve been facing in that house. Dad is always busy and barely has time for me. So, they use that opportunity to bully and maltreat me most of the time” she replied and I laughed.


I laughed so hard and they watched me in surprise.


“Seriously sis, I’d suggest you call them and tell them you’ll be having a new attitude for two weeks. So, they should better back off. Else, I swear, you’ll be coming home in less than two weeks for a burial” I said and Gyeong chuckled.


“Please, just try to flow with them” she said and tried holding my hand but I didn’t let her.


“Hell no. They’re the ones who needs to flow with me!” I rasped.


“Its running pretty late, Kim. I think we need to go now” Gyeong chipped in.


“Okay, then. Let’s get changed” I told her and started taking off my clothes.



We left the uncompleted building together, both looking different now.


I was now looking like a rich kid, while my twin looked like me, not really poor, tho.


She’d given her phone to me and said she’d look for another way to be contacting me since I didn’t have a phone.


“Are you sure about this?”. I paused and asked her and she took in a deep breath before nodding.


“I’m sure of it. Thank you so much” she replied and I hugged her.


“Bye then. Make sure you look for a way to call me everyday” I told her and she nod.


Her friend drew close and hugged her as well.


“Make sure you stay safe”, I heard her say and she smiled.


We, all stood and looked at each other for a while.


Come to think of it; this might be an opportunity for me to live a wealthy life – at least for two weeks.




“You still remember the way home, right?” I asked her and she nodded.


And finally, we departed.


I went away Gyeong, while she took a separate route, headed to her new home.


Episode 6


By: Faith Lucky.


Kim nana (Crazy):

I sat next to Gyeong in the cab as we drove back to wherever she said the students were.


“Does my sister have a boyfriend?” I suddenly asked.

We were the only passengers in the cab.


“No, she doesn’t” she replied and I breathed out a sigh of relief.

Better. Else, I’d have broken up with him.


“But she actually has a crush” she added and I rose my brows.


“Huh? What crush?” I asked


“His name is Williams and he’s the only male friend she has. They’re pretty close and obviously, crushing on each other”.


I scoffed and rolled my eyes.


Well, he better stays away for two weeks.


After a long while, the cabby pulled over and we stepped out together.


“Remember, you’re acting like Kim ji” Gyeong reminded me as we started walking towards the building together and I rolled my eyes.


“Thank goodness we arrived in time” she added.


We walked pass the securities at the gate and I ‘wowed’ at the umpteen number of pretty students around.

Hm. I hope I don’t get expelled from here as well.


“Try to avoid those girls, Kim. They’re just some jobless bullies” Gyeong whispered to me and I looked and discovered two pretty girls coming towards us.


Huh? They should be the ones avoiding me.


“Hi Kim” one of them smiled when they got to where we were and we stopped walking.


The other was actually chewing a gum.


“Come on Mishil. Just stay out of our way for once” Gyeong answered.


“Hey, I wasn’t talking to you. Or, Has kim suddenly lost her tongue?” She asked and laughed.


Hold on; is this a joke or what?


“By the way, why re you just coming back? Where did you go?” The second lady asked.


“Well, I went to price some coffins for you. But guess what? Even the coffin seller was too embarrassed to sell one for you. He said you’re not worth being buried. Someone like you should be dumped in the forest” I replied before Gyeong would say anything.


The ladies gasped.


“Have you…lost your mind?” The first one asked, her eyes almost bulging out.


“Yes, I think I have. And I don’t think I wanna look for it” I snorted and tried walking, but surprisingly, she gripped me by the wrist.




“Hey; what’s going on?” A teacher suddenly showed up and she let go of my hand.


“Why are you just standing there? Aren’t you aware the bus will here any minute? Hurry up and get your things” the slim teacher said and walked away.


Immediately she did, I held the ugly girl by her own hand this time around.


“The next time you lay your filthy hands on me again, I’ll sweep the entire floor with your face” I faciled and angrily walked away with Gyeong.


Kim ji (Kind):

As I got closer to the house, I became more nervous.


Was I doing the right thing? Of course, I was. It was only going to be for two weeks. I just hope I’d be able to cope.


I got to the door and thought of knocking.

No; Kim nana wouldn’t knock before entering into the house.


I took in a deep breath and pushed the door open and there I found her arranging some things in the sitting room.


My mum.

“Nana! Why the hell did it take you so long?” She shut me a stare as I walked in and continuef with what she was doing.


‘Sorry, i…”


Her eyes suddenly flashed as she quickly turned and looked at me.


“Kim!!!” She exclaimed.

“What the hell happened to your hair?”


I gasped and touched the tip of my hair as it just dawned on me.


“Um…I’m sorry, I had to cut it. I…I just needed a short length for now” I replied, trying not to be nervous.


She placed her hand on her waist and looked at me


“You’re sorry?” She asked, sounding surprised and I nodded slowly.


Oh God! I hope I’m not screwing this up.


She chuckled and clicked her tongue.


“Aigo! This girl will never seize to amaze me. Anyway, come with me. I need you to help me out in the kitchen. And when we’re done, you’re gonna explain to me why the hell you had your hair cut”. She said and started walking towards the kitchen.


“Yes mother” I replied in a deep breath and followed her behind




Mi cha (Cold-hearted):

“Please, I’m begging you! Don’t hurt my baby” the pretty woman cried as I held her baby downwards by the leg, a gun pointed to her head.


The baby kept whining in my hand and it only added to my head ache.


“Just tell me what I want to know and you can have your baby in one piece.

“Who did your husband have a meeting with last night? And where can I currently find him?” I asked her, calmly.


She looked at the crying baby in my hand and I cocked the gun.


“No! Please!” She cried.

“He…he had a meeting with Brian last night and he’s currently at Sharon’s estate” she said with quiver in her voice.


I smirked and pointed the gun closer to her baby’s head.


“No! Please, I swear, that’s all I know! I swear! Don’t hurt my baby, please”.


I looked at her with scrutiny before handing the baby back to her.


“If I find out you lied to me, I’ll burn you and your baby alive” I told her and walked out of the house.


I threw the gun away before bringing out my phone from my bag.

I dialed Tae-hyun’s line and thankfully, he picked up immediately.


“You were right. Chin-su was with Brian last night and he’s presently in Sharon’s estate” I said on the phone as I headed to the road side.


“Okay, good. We’re on it”. He replied.


“Tell the boys to await me in fifteen minutes” I added and ended the call.


I got to the road and stopped a cab, headed for my second mission.



I got to the classic hotel – one of the best here in Seoul – and headed straight to the reception.


All eyes danced around me as I walked in, looking so hot. Well, I didn’t need anyone to tell me I was hot – and pretty. That has been my weapon for years.


“I’m here to see Mr Min-hoo. I have an appointment with him” I told the receptionist as I rested my hand on her desk.


“Oh! A second, please” she said warmly and went through the system in front of her.


Then, she looked up at me and smiled.


“Room 103. Take the elevator to the third floor. He’s waiting for you” she said and I took my bag and left, going into the elevator.


I pressed the button and after a while, the door opened and I found myself on a long pretty corridor.


I checked for the numbers on the doors and found my target – 103.


I sighed and gave a light knock on the door.


“The door is open” I heard his ugly voice from behind and I opened the door and walked in.


“Hey!” He beamed the moment our eyes met.

He was had just a towel around his waist.


“Hi” I smiled and drew closer to him.


I placed my bag on the bed and gave him a side hug.


“You kept me waiting. I was beginning to think you wouldn’t make it” he said and I chuckled and pulled his nose.


“I wouldn’t miss this appointment for anything” I whispered.


He wrapped his hand around me and pulled me close.


“Why don’t we go straight to business, then?” He asked and kissed my neck.


I smiled and let him enjoy it a light.


“Where are your manners, Min-hoo? You didn’t even offer me a drink”, I said as I pushed him away – gently.


I made him fall back on the bed while I walked over to the table where bottles of wine were kept.


I scoured my eyes around and found the safe on the wardrobe.


Second target acquired.


I opened one of the expensive wine and decanted it into two glass cups.


“I love the picture” I said feignly, looking at the frame on the wall.


He also looked at me and as soon as I was sure he wasn’t watching me, I slipped the little wrapped paper out of my bag and poured all of it into one of the glass cups.

“Yeah,I got it last week”- he replied, smiling at the frame.


I took up the two glass of wine and went to him on the bed.


“Let’s have a toast” I handed the glass to him and we made a toast together.


After that, I watched him drink from his while I drank from mine.

I smiled satisfactorily.


He gulped down all the wine in his glass and kept the glass roughly on the floor.


“Come on, baby. I’m hungry for you” he said as he collected my own glass from me, keeping it on the floor.


I can’t believe such an old man can be this mad for s*x.


I chuckled and made him lie on the bed while I got ontop of him.


“Don’t worry, I know exactly what you need” I said with a smirk.


My knees touched the bed as I made sure my butts were touching his d*ck.


Then, I rode on him, slowly.


He groaned in pleasure.


“Come on, baby. Take off your clothes” he said desperately and reached for the tip of my crop top.


I smiled and took it off for him and I was left with just a bra and my bum shot.


“Why don’t we take off your clothes first?” I asked and reached for the zipper of his trouser.


I was about pulling it down when he started coughing.


At last.


He coughed profusely and I got off him.


“W…Water” he struggled to say.


“I don’t think what you need is water” I told them.


I left the bed and went over to the wardrobe, taking the safe from me.


“Tell me the pin to the safe and I won’t kill you” I said.


His eyes became red immediately.


“You bitch!” He tried to yell but ended up coughing out blood.


He was now choking and held his neck.


“If I were you, I’d use my last breath wisely” I told him.


He continued coughing for a while and couldn’t even move.


“2-1-1-9” he finally spat out and I quickly typed in the digits.


Hah! It worked!

The locks opened.


I opened it and confirmed the cash was still intact.




Then I closed it and wore on my shirt before taking my bag, headed for the door.


“No…” He stuttered and fell on the floor.


“You…promised to…”


“I said I wouldn’t kill you” I cut him off.

“And I won’t. But the poison will” I added and finally walked out of the room.






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