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Identical Episode 21 & 22

(Kind, crazy & cold-hearted)
Episode 21
Kim nana (Crazy)
“Wohoo!” Nari and I screamed in excitement as we danced to the music in the room.
She laughed and fell on the be-d while I continued dancing.
“You’re unbelievable, Kim!” She laughed [email protected] and I rolled my eyes and continued with what I was doing.
Suddenly, the door opened and I st©pped to dancing as I noticed it was Jeremy.
Nari rushed to the music pla-yer and turned it off.
“What’s going on here? I thought you guys were studying?” He asked peskily and Nari itched her head.
“Of course, we were studying. We just decided to go on a little break” I quic-kly said
Hold on; why’s he sounding so angry?
“Can I have a word with you, Kim?” He took in a de-ep breath and asked.
Are you kidding my @ss?? Jeremy wants to have a word with me?
I sprang on my feet immediately.
“Sure! Of course! You can count me in” I said happily and he shook his head and started walking away while I giggled at Nari and followed him behind.
This had better been good.
I followed him and we kept walking until we had gotten to a quiet [email protected]
“So, what is it?” I asked in my mind and was tem-pted to ask him as well.
I was so curious.
“I need a favor from you, Kim” he said, looking down at the floor.
“Just name it” I sm-irked and he scoffed.
Yeah; Whatever.
“I’m about leaving for a [email protected] and…I need you to come with me…like a [email protected]£. But its going to be a fake [email protected]£. I just need to prove someone wrong” he said and my eyes beamed.
I left myl-ips open and stared sheepishly at home.
Did…I just hear him correctly??
He wants me to be his [email protected]£???
“Kim?” He called, puzzled at my silence.
“You…want me to be your [email protected]£?” I asked with disbelief.
“Its just a fake [email protected]£, okay? Don’t get worked up over it. I just need a distraction – someone to keep me away from Natalie and since you’re the only girl within my reach right now, I decided to make use of you. You…”
“No need explaining yourself, Jeremy. I’ve got your back!” I laughed and hit him on the che-st.
“Don’t worry; give me ten minutes and I’ll done and back” I win-ked at him and started running away.
Wohoo!! This is going to be the best day of my life.
Natalie’s Pov:
I stood behind the wall and listened to their conversation.
Hmph. So, Jeremy thinks he’s smart by trying to push me away? I can’t believe this.
Well, he can do whatever he wants to do, but he’ll never be able to push me away completely cause he’s stuck with me forever.
He’s taking her to the [email protected], right? Well, it doesn’t st©p me from going to the [email protected] And I’m going to fix that bit-ch in her place.
Kim nana (Crazy)
I whistled as I hooked the gold colored n£¢klace around my n£¢k.
Hm…it was so pretty and fitted my long red go-wn.
Perfect! I guess I’m good to go.
I smiled and took my bag from the be-d and started towards the door afterwards.
I climbe-d down the stairs into the sitting room and met the old witch of a step mother, filing her nails.
Hmm. I wonder why she has to go throu-gh the stress of fashion when she’s still going to look like a witch.
“And where do you think you’re going?” she asked just when I was about walking [email protected] her.
I paused and scoffed.
“And why should that concern you? I can’t remember the last time I asked you of your whereabouts” I said and her eyes dropped wi-de open.
“Hold on; what’s really happening, Kim? Where did you get all these nerves from?” She asked with her hands at akimbo.
“Well, I guess I’m sick and tired of your attitude – that’s why. I need a break” I rolled my eyes and left.
Annoying things.
I walked out the gate and met Jeremy alre-ady outside beside a car.
Awwn! He was alre-ady waiting for me. Damn! He was so cute.
I smiled and went closer to him.
“Are you re-ady?” He asked before I could.
“Yes – obviously” I sprawled my arms [email protected] and he sighed.
“Okay then. Let’s go” he said and went into the car and without reluctance, I followed him in as well.
Kim ji (Kind)
I stood by the roadside, waiting for a cab so I could get home. I was so tired alre-ady and couldn’t wait to see mum.
Nana; I wonder how she’s doing. I haven’t heard from her for some time now. I just hope everything’s going as planned.
I waited for a long time but there were still no sign of cabs. All I saw were pri-vate cars.
God! I was so tired alre-ady.
Suddenly, two boys showed up from nowhere, both looking rou-gh.
“Kim nana” one of them called with a grin, ex-posing his ugly dentition.
Oh plea-se; don’t tell me they’re courtesy of nana friends?
“Wat’s up, pretty? What’re you doing all here alone?”. The other asked and I sighed tiredly.
“I’m just waiting for a cab. plea-se, I don’t want any trouble” I said and they roared with laughter.
“Woah!! Is this a dream or what? Did Kim nana just say *plea-se*?* ” the first one asked and I itched my n£¢k.
“I mean, isn’t this the same lady that broke my nose?” The other asked and laughed again and I tried ignoring them by walking away.
“And where do you think you’re going?” One asked huskily and held my hand.
Oh goodness. Why does this have to happen now?
“plea-se, I really don’t want any trouble” I pleaded and they laughed again.
Is it really that funny?
“Well sorry, Kim; but you’re alre-ady in trouble” the one holding my hand said with a sm-irk.
God! How do I get out of this mess?
Jeremy’s Pov;
“Don’t they have soft drinks? Must it be alcohol?” Kim asked grumpily as we stood in front of each other at the wine bar.
The [email protected] was a blast but I couldn’t find Ji-tae. I’ve been trying to reach him on phone but his line wasn’t connecting. Where the hell could he be? Shouldn’t the [email protected] always be around on his birthday?
“I’ve been thinking Jeremy,” Kim broke into my thoughts, ma-king me roll my eyes.
“Since you’re really trying to avoid Natalie, why don’t you just threaten her with a knife or something? Don’t you think that’d work?” She asked and I scoffed in amusement.
“Are you serious or something? You actually want me to use a knife on someone?” I asked.
“Well, yes. I mean..”
Every other thing she said fell on deaf ears as I suddenly sp©tted Natalie coming in.
She dressed to kill and stood at the entrance, running her eyes around, probably looking
Then, our eyes ran into each other’s and she smiled.
What a bit-ch. I can’t believe she actually [email protected]£ to the [email protected]
She started walking towards me and an idea quic-kly popped into my head. I needed to do something to make her stay away from me.
I turned and looked at Kim who was still talking.
Oh, God! I really have to do this.
“Jeremy, have you been listening to me?” She asked and Immediately, I held her cheeks and reached for herl-ips, shutting her up with a k!ss.
Mi cha (Cold-hearted)
I parked my car in front of the [email protected] hall and reached for my veil.
Well, when going for an @[email protected] mission like this, I had to make use of a veil.
I covered the red veil on my nose downwards and that way, it looked just like fashion to me.
Then, I took my bag and stepped out of the car. Everything I needed was in the bag.
A lot of people were outside, drinking and chatting and I walked [email protected] them, headed for the door.
I opened the door and walked into the [email protected] [email protected] hall.
Hmm! What a great sight.
But, I didn’t come for that.
Without wasting any time, I ran my eyes around, searching for my target.
I had smart eyes and finally, I found him at the wine bar, drinking and talking with someone.
I smiled and stared drawing near.
But, I st©pped when he k!$$£d the lady…
And that moment, the sight [email protected]£ clear to me.
I furrowed my brows in array and watched. He was k!ss!ngher…But there was something wrong;
Something I couldn’t un-derstand.
I [email protected] and took a step back as conniption gr!pp£dme. What the hell is this?
It was more like…he was k!ss!ngme, but when I look at myself – I was still standing alone.
What was going on?
The lady he was k!ssing…she looked exactly like me
Episode 22
Mi cha (Cold-hearted)
I watched carefully and in shock. This wasn’t a dream. She looked exactly like me!
The only difference was the hair and dress. What’s going on?
The guy – my target – he st©pped k!ss!ngher and it [email protected]£ crystal clear that I wasn’t mistaken. It was real!
What?? How’s this possible? Why’s she having my face?
My eyes fli-ckered and my feet wo-bbled.
I couldn’t comprehend what was going on.
Suddenly, my phone started ringing, snapping me out of my thoughts.
I blinked ra-pidly before reaching for my bag and bringing out the phone. It was the boss.
“H…Hello” I stuttered on the phone for the first time.
“Mi cha? Mi cha, where are you?” He asked, sounding urgent.
My eyes were still fixed on the look-alike
“I’m…at the [email protected]” I replied.
“Has the target been hit?” He asked and I shook my head like he could see me.
“Mi cha?” He snapped me out of my thoughts.
“N…No; not yet” I gulped nervously.
“Okay; Good. I want you to leave him unharmed and return home. The client just called and wants us to abort the mission. He said he’s trying to reach an agreement with the boy’s father and he’ll get back to us for new developments, but for now, I want you to return home. Make sure you don’t t©uçh the boy. Is that un-derstood?” He asked and I nodded perfunctorily.
“Good.” He muttered and ended the call.
I sighed faintly and took my eyes back to the look-alike and this time around, she was staring at me.
Kim nana (Crazy)
I [email protected] when Jeremy k!$$£d me.
Whaaaat? Was this a joke or what? Why would he k!ssme??
I looked at him in shock and his face seemed to be filled with diffidence.
“I’m sorry, I…I had to do it. Natalie…” He spoke twitchily and I turned to see if I could have a glimpse of the Natalie.
I looked around to find her but instead, my eyes ran into something more alarming
I saw someone standing by the entrance – a lady – and she was putting on veil.
I was startled because she just stood at a sp©t, staring at me. Who was she? Why was she putting on a veil? And why was she staring at me that way?
Being curious, I decided to go and meet her.
I approached her with keen interest and she didn’t move. But when I got closer, she turned around and started walking away.
I st©pped walking and watched her leave, going throu-gh the door. Then, the thought niggled at me.
I wanted to know who she was and why she was acting all strange. So, I went after her.
Kim ji (Kind)
I was beginning to panic alre-ady. How do I get rid of these boys? What do I do?
Immediately, one of them snatched my bag from me.
“No; give me that!” I grumbled and tried taking it from him, but the other pushed me back.
“Let’s see what you’ve got here, huh?” The one with the bag sm-irked as he opened it.
Oh God! He might take my cab fare.
Immediately, a red car drove at a high speed and pu-ll-ed over in front of us. The driver’s door opened and…what? It was Koraine!!
“And what do you think you’re doing?” He asked coldly, coming towards us.
“You should be ashamed of yourselves, trying to [email protected]£ a lady. If you don’t step away right now, I’ll make sure you spend the next three months of your life in jail” he threatened and the boys exchanged glances at each other.
“What a kill-joy” the one with my bag muttered and threw the bag
“This isn’t over” the other gritted and they both walked away.
Oh, God!
I exhaled de-eply and turned back to look at Koraine.
“Were you hurt?” He asked before I could say a word.
“N..No; thank you” I said nervously.
“Yeah – it’s your lucky day. I was just on my way to get some snacks when I bu-mped into you. But who are they? And why were they [email protected]!ngyou?” He asked and I itched my hair.
“They…they’re just some troublesome guys from my area. They’re just good at bullying others. I’m sure it’ll [email protected]” I enthused, hoping my reply was convincing enough.
“Okay then. Come on; I’ll just give you a ride home to avoid further [email protected]” he said and my eyes beamed.
Huh? Really?
“Come on; hop in for a ride” he added and headed for the car and I took in a de-ep breath and followed him behind.
Jeremy’s Pov:
Oh, damn! I k!$$£d her! I really k!$$£d her. How could I make such a mistake?
Natalie…this is all her fault! She made me do this.
I turned around and couldn’t even find her anymore.
And kim…where’s she? Where did she go?
Kim nana (Crazy)
“Hey! Wait!” I called after her as she continued walking until she got to a place where different cars were parked.
“I’m talking to you!” I tapped her shoulder and she st©pped and tuned to look at me.
We stood silently, staring at each other.
Her eyes…
“Who are you?” I asked inquisitively but she didn’t reply.
She just kept staring at me
Her eyes were looking familiar but the veil wouldn’t let me un-derstand the rest of her face.
Slowly, I tried reaching for the veil, but she moved away.
I tried again but she still didn’t let me and I flin-ched.
Why’s she trying to protect her face? And why has she been cool and quiet the whole time?
Immediately, she opened a red car beside her and went in.
“Wait!” I called after her, but she shut the door and started the car, taking off.
Oh, cra-p! She left! I didn’t get to see her face!
Why do I have a strange feeling about this lady?
“Hello Mi cha” I heard a husky voice behind me and turned to see three grumpy looking guys, sm-irking at me.
Okay; who’s Mi cha?
I looked at them, confused.
One of them was holding a…what?
A gun!!! What the hell?
“Finally, we found you” the other smiled.

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