Identical Episode 17 & 18

(Kind, crazy & cold-hearted)
Episode 17
Mi cha (Cold-hearted)
He snapped his f!ngersand the door opened with two boys dragging Jin into the room.
She had blood all over her face as they dragged her into the room.
Holy God!
They dragged her to where Josh was and made her kneel in front of him. She was so weak and looked all beaten up.
The boys left the room afterwards.
“She helped you get it, right?” He
asked, showing the pills to me.
How the hell did this happen? How did he find out?
Immediately, he brou-ght out a gun and sh0t her in the head.
Oh my God!!
She dropped dead on the floor immediately.
I couldn’t help but blench.
“She had no idea I was going against you” I said bitterly.
“Then you shouldn’t have had her involved” he said gruffly as he c@m£ closer to me.
I was scared – of course – but didn’t move.
“Why did you do It? I thought I made the instructions clear enough?” He asked angrily, looking into my face.
“I nee-ded to take them” I chewed my words and a resounding sl@p followed it.
I flin-ched and t©uçhed my cheek.
“So, you decided to disobey me?!” He rasped and sl@pped me again.
I tottered backwards.
“How dare you?”
He sl@pped me again with the back of his palm and pushed me to the wall, holding my n£¢k.
“You know I hate being disobeyed, Mi cha! Why did you have to do it??” He yelled into my face and punched me on my belly, ma-king me gr0@na little.
He was choking me and punched me again.
Then, he pushed me to the be-d, ma-king me fall ha-rd on it. I was bleeding from the side of myl-ips.
This is what I’ve always been scared of – this beastly p@rt of him.
He got ont©p of me and pinned my hands to the be-d.
“You’re mine Mi cha, always remember that” he said and sl@pped me again.
This time around, I let out a small whimper.
“Let me go” I said fraily and he lifted me r0ûghly by the hair.
“It seems I’ve been too easy on you and you’ve probably forgotten what it means to disrespect me. Maybe you nee-d a ret©uçh” he said and dragged me out of the room.
Kim nana (Crazy)
I kept jogging behind him, finding it difficult to catch up with him because I was so tired alre-ady.
I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to st©p. What kind of nons-en-se is this?
“Hey! Don’t you get tired?” I asked after him, p@n-ting heavily and he st©pped and turned to look at me.
“I didn’t ask you to follow me” he said bluntly.
Why’s this guy being such a di-ckhead? He completely lacks manners. I’ve never seen anyone as disrespectful as him
“Come on, I know you’re just doing this because you don’t want to be close to me. Whatever. I’m not here for you either. Its not like you’re important to me, anyway. But you nee-d to rest before you completely dry up the bones in your b©dy” I told him and he shut me a stare.
“Will you st©p calling me that?? My bones are not dry” he snapped.
“Well, what do you call a guy without six packs??”
He scoffed angrily and sat un-der the tree close to him while I did same, sitting un-der the tree close to me.
We were about a stone throw away from each other.
I looked at him as he opened his bottled water and drank from it.
Aigo! What have I gotten myself into? I’m so thirsty and don’t even have a drop of water with me.
I watched as he drank deliciously from it, ma-king me more tasty.
When he was done, he co-rked it and kept it beside him.
“Um…can I have some water?” I asked anxiously.
“No. You’re not here for me” he stated bluntly and I g@sped.
What the hell?
“You’re so rude, you know that?” I told him and he scoffed.
He’s just lucky I like him. Else, he’d have been ma-king use of three teeth by now.
“Why didn’t you come for the excursion?” I asked, trying to strike up a conversation.
“I thought you were a quiet girl? I mean, all the times I’ve seen you, you looked so quiet and innocent. I never knew you were actually a parrot” he said and my eyes wi-de-ned In shock.
Hold on; did he just call me a parrot??
I picked up a lot of wood beside me and stood up, going to meet him.
“Hey! What do you take me for, huh?” I asked peskily, pointing the wood to his face.
“Do you really think you’re worth my clas-s? You should feel honored that I get to talk to you because they’re millions of guys out there begging to see my face and here you are, acting like a rat king.
“Just so you know, I only see you as a neighbor and I’m trying to make friends because that’s just my lifestyle – I’m a free person and love ma-king peace and being friends with everyone. But, if you don’t nee-d my friendsh!p, you can simply back off”.
He stared at me speechlessly, probably feeling ridiculed.
“Are you seriously gonna hit me with that?” He asked, his eyes on the wood.
“Yes. Just say one more trash about me and I’ll drive this into your face!” I snapped and glared at him.
He didn’t say a word and I huffed and returned to where I was seated, keeping the wood beside me.
What a spoilt j£rk. Completely lacks home training.
He bent his head and didn’t say any other thing and I wondered if I had gotten to him that much.
“Parrot” I heard him say un-der his breath but I wasn’t sure.
Nah! It probably wasn’t me.
I mean, why would he repeat the same mistake??
Shortly, his phone started ringing and he brou-ght it out from his pocket.
📞What is it?
He asked grumpily.
📞Natalie?? She’s back?
📞What the hell? When did this happen??
📞Well, tell her I don’t want to see her anywhere around me.
And he dropped the Call.
Huh? He sounded so angry. Who’s Natalie?🤔
He stood up afterwards and I figured he wanted to resume jogging.
Aigo! I’m so tired.
“Don’t you think we should rest for a little more while?” I asked with a pitiful look.
“What do you mean *we?* you’re not here for me, remember? I’m not even your clas-s.” He scoffed.
“Hey; that wasn’t what I meant. I was only trying to say…we’re of different gender clas-ses. Like, I’m a girl, you’re a boy. That’s what I meant” I grouse
“Well, soothe yourself, parrot” he grinned and continued jogging.
“Hey! Did you just…Ahhh
This boy wants to die”.
I shook my head and stood up and continued following him behind.😂
☠️ThE GanG☠️
Moon’s Pov:
We all stood in the room, our heads bent in shame and regret.
“This is a joke” the boss said as he moved tho and fro.
“How can you possibly tell me that a little girl walked into the midst of six boys, made you sign a do¢v-ment and left unharmed? Are you that foolish?” He snarled.
The rest of the boys bent their heads in fear, unable to speak.
“The plan was to kill her as soon as she arrived so we can have the money to ourselves. But what the hell did you do?”
“We’re sorry boss. But she threatened us with a bomb…”
“A fake bomb! Afu-cking fake bomb. What the hell is wrong with you?” He snarled.
“We had no idea the bomb wasn’t real. Mi cha’s a very smart girl. We’re sorry for failing you”.
He gro-an ed and kicked the table.
“Mi cha!!!” He growled her name.
“That lady has bitten more than she can chew. She feels she’s in control, huh and the smartest? I nee-d her! I nee-d to teach her a lesson. I want her here” he said angrily.
“You…want us to abduct Mi cha?” I asked.
“Of course! That’s what it means. Ifu-cking nee-d that lady! Get her here!”
“Abducting her won’t be really difficult” one of the boys finally spoke up and we all looked at him.
“I had actually seen her yesterday. But…she looked different. She was in a school uniform”.
“Yeah – she was probably on another stupid mission. Get her here!!”
“don’t worry, boss. We will” I as-sured him.
Episode 18
Mi cha (Cold-hearted)
I felt so weak and pained as I was made to lie downwards on the table with my hands tied.
Two boys stood at the entrance while Josh walked in. I managed to see them cause my face was facing the direction of the door.
The boys remained at the entrance as he c@m£ to the table where I la-id weakly.
“Have you learnt your lesson yet?” He asked but I didn’t reply.
He picked up something from the other table and returned to where I was.
I couldn’t see what it was but he placed it on my back and it made me pas-s throu-gh excruciating pains.
“Nooo” I cried out -something I’ve never done in a long time.
“You should learn to respect me, Mi cha” he said and repeated what he did.
“Noo. plea-se st©p it” I cried.
“I won’t do it again. plea-se”.
I had no idea of what he was doing, but it was crazily painful.
“plea-se, I’m sorry…I’m sorry” I squealed.
Tears dr!pp£ddown my cheeks.
I couldn’t remember the last time I cried.
Then, he st©pped and c@m£ to stand in front of me.
“Are you ever going to disobey me?” He asked fiendishly.
“No – I swear” I whimpered, just wanting him to st©p.
The pains were far more than torture.
Kim nana (Crazy)
We kept jogging for a long time and I bec@m£ so tired alre-ady. Gosh! I nee-ded to rest.
But that di-ck head, he just wouldn’t st©p.
Suddenly, an idea niggled at me.
“Ouch!!!” I screamed and fell on the floor, holding my leg.
He st©pped and turned to look at me.
“Ahh…It hurts” I pouted like I wanted to cry.
“What’s wrong?” He asked with a huff.
“Are you seriously asking me that? Can’t you see I’m holding my leg? I fractured my…”
“Fine! Soothe yourself” he rolled his eyes and tried leaving.
“Hey! Will you st©p that! You’re too mean” I grouse and he turned to look at me again.
“Uh…just give me some water and I’ll be fine” I told him and he hesitated before handing his bottle of water to me.
I opened it and gulped every last drop.
Damn! I was so tasty.
“So, can I proceed?” He asked, stretching out his palm for his bottle water.
“Ahh. Come on; let’s wait for a little more while.” I said pitifully.
“You’re not with me, remember? I’m not even your clas-s”.
“Aigo! Are you still thinking about that? Come on, I’m sorry, okay? But it’s all your fault”.
“Really? You’re too rude”.
“Fine! I’m sorry. Just st©p being a di-ckhead alre-ady”. I gawped at him.
He scoffed and started walking away, taking the road back home.
“Hey! Where are you going?” I called after him.
“Home – of course. I just nee-d a break from you” he snorted and my eyes beamed.
Hah! At last! We’re going home!!
I sprang on my feet immediately.
“Wait up!” I called and ran to catch up with him.
“I thought your leg was fractured?” He asked and looked at me and I quic-kly thought of what to say.
“Uh…yes. The water healed it up” I shrugged and he shook his head and we continued walking away.
Hmph. I can’t wait for evening…so I can carry out my next plan😋
Mi cha (Cold-hearted)
I sat weakly on the be-d as the nurse worked on my back and bruises.
“Mmm” I winced as whatever she did hurt
“Sorry” she said, concerned and I just nodded.
All I felt were pains all over. I couldn’t even move my arm.
After a long while, the door opened and Josh showed up.
My heart skipped by mere looking at him.
I shut him a stare and quic-kly took my eyes to the floor as he walked in.
His steps alone were now ma-king me scared.
He got to where I was and stood in front of me.
“Excuse us” he said to the nurse who stood up immediately.
She bowed and left the room.
I was left with him in the room and he sighed and squ-atted in front of me.
“Mi cha” he called tenderly and held my hands.
I couldn’t even look at him in the face.
“I’m so sorry – I’m sorry for what happened – sorry for hurting you. I didn’t want to; but you pushed me. I’m sorry”.
I lifted my eyes to look at him.
Is this the same guy that was ma-king me scream out my lungs a while ago??
He bent his head and sighed.
“I hate it when I hurt you, Mi cha. So plea-se, don’t push me again. Okay?” He asked and I just nodded lightly.
He reached for myl-ips and k!$$£d me.
He was just ma-king me more confused.
Few minutes ago, he was hurting me. And the next minute, He’s k!ss!ngme. Why do I have to be the only girl that caught his attention in this institute?
Why do I have to fall into his hands?
Jeremy’s Pov:
I returned home from the workout, feeling a bit tired. That girl’s really crazy. I mean, she’s unbelievable.
At first, I thought she was quiet and gentle. I had no idea she was a psycho.
I shook my head as I walked pas-s the gate into the sitting room.
“Hi Jer! I’ve been waiting for you” Nari c@m£ running into my arms the moment I stepped into the room.
‘Nari!” I called in surprise.
I wasn’t expecting her here.
“Uh…how’re you? What’re you doing here?” I asked and she frowned.
“Are you trying to tell me I did wrong by visiting my brother?”
“Of course, not! I’m just…well, you know? The Nari I know loves slee-ping all day at home during weekends. So, I’m kinda surprised…”
“Well,I just wanted to surprise you!” She said happily and pe-cked me.
“Um…are my parents still at home?” I asked,walking fully into the house.
“Nah! I didn’t meet them” she replied.
I noticed she was kinda acting nervous.
I was about taking the route to my room when I turned and saw a nightmare.
Hold on; what’s this?
I flin-ched as I looked at her.
‘Natalie??” I called out in shock.
She was standing at the entrance, looking pretty and pitiful.
I turned back to Nari
“What’s this?” I demanded.
“She insisted on coming with me” she whispered, fiddling with her nails.
I scoffed and turned back to Natalie.
“What the hell are you doing here?” I snapped.
“Come on Jeremy; is that the first thing you could say to me after six months?” She asked and c@m£ closer to me.
“fuc-k you, Natalie! I don’t want to see you anywhere around me” I growled and walked away, headed for my room.
“Jeremy! Jeremy! plea-se” she ran after me and caught up with me just when I was about opening the door.
“What do you want from me, Natalie? You left me six months ago to go stay with your b©yfri£ndin Miami. So, why the hell are you back?” I snarled into her face.
“Jeremy, will you just listen to me?” She asked pathetically.
“I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry for leaving you. But I told you back then, I was just being confused. Fine, I know I went to Miami, but now I’ve gotten to realize that I’m really in love with you. plea-se Jeremy…”
“Are you sick?” I scoffed.
“Just admit it, Natalie! Your stupid b©yfri£ndbroke up with you and now you’re back here to use me as a backup plan?”
“Of course, not! I love you, Jeremy. I swear with my life”
“So, you left me for six months and expect me to be single and waiting for you? Am I stupid? I’ve moved on, Natalie! I’ve moved on with someone
else” i said angrily and she laughed.
“You and I both know that isn’t true, Jeremy. You’re not in love with anyone. Even Nari told me herself” she sm-irked.
‘Well, she’s lying to you. I’ve found someone else who’s more pretty and s-en-sible. So, stay away from me” I said and tried opening the door.
“You know me,Jeremy. When I love someone, I can kill for it. I know I’ve hurt you, but I’m sorry and I hope you can forgive me cause you’re mine” she blurted, increasing my anger.
“fuc-k off!” I grinned and opened the door, going into my room.
“Damn it!!” I growled and kicked the door as I whacked it close.
What the hell is this? Why’s she back?
Natalie – I loved her with my entire being; but she betrayed me. She left me like a piece of trash for someone else and now she’s back to do what exactly? Does she really expect things to remain the same between us?
I nee-d her to stay away from me. If she keeps coming close, I’m afraid the feelings might return because I had loved her like mad. I can’t find myself falling for her again. But that girl’s a bit-ch and she’s re-ady to do anything. How do I scare her away?
Yes, I nee-d a girlfriend – a fake girlfriend at least.
Perfect! I can scare her with that. If she sees me with someone else, it might make her back off. Well, I hope she backs off. She has to.
But who do I use? How do I get a girlfriend? I nee-ded to do it urgently. I can’t spend another second around that lady.
I nee-ded to make a deal with someone – someone’s that re-ady to be a fake girlfriend. But who’s it gonna be?
Who else is thinking what I’m thinking?