Identical Episode 11 & 12

(Kind, crazy & cold-hearted)
Episode 11
Kim ji (Kind):
Mum flin-ched and looked at me.
“Kim?” she called, confused.
“What job are you talking about?”
“I…overheard both of you talking about it. Sorry for eaves dropping. But, I’m really interested in the job. I want to do it” I said desperately.
“What’re you talking about, Kim? This isn’t an art job where you have to draw. She’s talking about being a cook..”
“I know mum. I heard everything”.
“You heard everything and you’re talking about doing it? Are you forgetting you don’t know how to cook? Do want to burn down someone’s house so they can finally have me locked up?”
“Ha-nuel” the woman cut in calmly.
“I think you should let her try. Besides, they’re going to be interviewed and tested. So, if she’s not good enough, she’ll definitely be s£nt away and you can have your peace”
“No; I know what I’m telling you, Hannah. She might end up roasting the house during the test” mum jibe-d.
“But just let me try” I cut in, hopefully.
“Like she said, if I’m not qualified, I’ll be s£nt back and you’ll be sure I wouldn’t be burning down the house”.
“But what about your education?” She asked.
“Well…she said its for two weeks, right? And I’m on suspension. So, I can just use this as a means of ma-king money and not being idle. plea-se mum.” I placed my hands together and said and she laughed and shook.
“You can go ahead and do what you want. But I’m sure you’re just wasting your time because you can never be taken.” She said with confidence.
But good thing she agreed
“Okay dear” the woman turned to me.
“I’ll be here to pick you up by 7 tomorrow for the interview. Make sure you’re re-ady on time, okay? 7:30 is the time for the interview. So, we nee-d to get there before time.”
“Okay ma’am. Thanks a lot”.I beamed
“Alright dear. Bye” she said and left and mum laughed again and accompanied her out.
Kim nana (Crazy)
I woke up the next morning, feeling so excited…although I couldn’t tell why.
I sat up on my big soft be-d and itched my eyes.
Hmmm. It was such a long sweet sleep 😴
I didn’t get to see *dad* last night because he didn’t return home before I felt dizzy and decided to go to be-d.
Gosh! Is that how busy he always is? No wonder Kim ji complained about those steps things always Intimid@t!ngher whenever he’s not around.
Hmph. Too bad they met her exact opposite
I left the be-d and went to open the window so I could get some sunlight.
Oh my God!! I saw him!!
Mr Perfect!!🤗
I giggled and opened the window properly so I could have a clear view of his face.
Wow! He was looking as handsome as I imagined.
He was putting on a short and T shi-t with a pair of black sneakers.
He looked like someone going for workout.
So, he also works out🤔
I watched him as he started jogging away, going down the street.
I wish I could work out too. Maybe, I have to learn😋
Jeremy…He was so handsome – just like his name.
I can’t believe he works out every morning before going to school…
Suddenly, an idea entered my mind.
Yes! Perfect.
I laughed and changed into something sweet – but causal.
Then, I left the room and went downstairs. There was no one in the sitting room and I pas-sed throu-gh it and went out of the gate.
I stood un-der a shade for a long time and kept looking at the direction he had taken. I couldn’t wait for him to show up.😊
I stood there for a long time but there was still no sign of him.
Why’s he taking so long? What kind of workout is he doing? He doesn’t even have six packs yet he’s working out😏
I placed my hand on my w@!st and was beginning to feel tired of waiting alre-ady.
Aigo! Where’s he? I nee-d to get re-ady for school.
I mean, we nee-d to get re-ady for school😋
Finally, I sp©tted him coming.
Hah! Finally.
He’s here!💃🏼💃🏼
Episode 12
By: Faith Lucky.
Kim nana (Crazy)
I tried to hide my smiles as he drew closer. He looked tired and sweaty.
Finally, he got to where I was, his eyes fixed on the floor. He wasn’t even looking at me or any other place. He just kept his eyes fixed on the floor.
“Hey” i called when he was about walking pas-s me.
He st©pped and looked at me
Hm. I love his hair band.
He didn’t say a word but just kept staring at me.
Come on, Kim.
“Um…do you live around? ” I asked.
“I mean, I’m kinda new here and I’m looking for something”.
The expression on his face changed as he stared at me in a ridiculous way
Doesn’t he talk?
Oh, my gee! Kim!!
I shouldn’t have asked him that question! I shouldn’t had said I was new around here because Kim ji said they knew each other alre-ady.
Damn it! I just ruined it. He must think I’m crazy now.
He scoffed and shook his head and started walking away.
“Hey! I asked you a question!” I said after him and he st©pped to look at me
“Go ask someone else” he said brusquely and walked away .
“Don’t you have manners?” I asked in a mutter but it seems he didn’t hear me as he didn’t even turn to look at me again.
I pouted myl-ips and folded my hands angrily. What nerves!
I huffed and returned to the house.
Kim ji (Kind)
I bu-ttoned my shi-t in front of the mirror, feeling so anxious. It was 10 minutes past 7 and Ma’am Hannah was yet to show up. Where could she be?
The door opened and I turned to see it was mum
Oh geez! Don’t tell me she’s here to discourage me again.
She stood by the door and laughed.
“I can’t believe you’re being so serious about going for the interview. You and I both know you’re nowhere close to being a cook.
“Anyway, I c@m£ to tell you Hannah’s waiting for you in the sitting room. She said its time to leave”. She said with a teasing look.
“Okay mum. Thanks.” I replied and she laughed and left the room.
I smiled and shook my head and nabbe-d my bag from the be-d before rushing out of the room.
Ma’am Hannah and I took a cab and after a long while, we got to the resident.
Hm. The house was big and beautiful and obviously, the occu-p@n-ts were rich.
Surprisingly, ma’am Hannah didn’t want to go in with me.
“I only wanted to show you the ap@rtment, Kim. I had no intention of going in with you. You nee-d to go in yourself” she said when I questioned her about it.
We were still outside the gate.
“But..I don’t know anyone. How will I go about it?” I asked, feeling nervous.
“Just go in and you’ll see the rest of the applicants . Stay with them until the interview starts. Come on, Kim. You’re running out of time. Go on” she said with a prodding look and nervously, I walked to the gate and knocked on it.
I looked back at ma’am Hannah and she was alre-ady walking away.
“Come on, Kim. You can do this” I as-sured myself as I heard the gate being opened.
A grumpy looking man showed up.
“You’re here for the interview?” He asked and I nodded.
“Okay; do come in” he said and ushered me in.
I walked in and the first sight that caught my attention was the pres£nce of some ladies at the facade of the house.
There were about six of them. Geez! Don’t tell me these are all applicants?
I took in a de-ep breath and started walking towards them.
They all narrowed their eyes at me as I did.
Finally, I got to where they were and joined the line.
“Hi” I said to a lady beside me.
“Hi pretty” she smiled and looked away.
Immediately, the gate opened and I turned to see another lady coming in. Geez! Are we really gonna be this much? 8 applicants now?
“He’s here” the lady beside me whispered and I turned to see a young familiar face coming out of the house.
He was dressed in all white and looked grumpy.
Hold on; I know this guy!
Of course! How can I forget him??
He’s the guy at the mall! The one I accidentally bu-mped into and made him spill drink on his dress.
Oh my! Is he the one in charge or what?
All the applicants suddenly bec@m£ quiet and organized, trying to put up a good impression. It seems he’s really the one in charge.
What If he recognizes me?
The last lady rushed in and joined us and coldly, he walked to where she was which was next to me.
“Do you know what the time is?” He asked, his hands crossed behind his back.
“I’m sorry. I was…”
“You’re late. Get out” he said and the lady g@sped.
She looked at the rest of us and ran away pathetically.
God! I was the third person on the line.
He left the sp©t and c@m£ to stand in front of us. He had a pretty gold chain around his n£¢k.
“In case you’re wondering” he started calmly.
“I’m going to be the one in charge of the interview. And doing it my own way, you’re all gonna prepare a meal on your own in in just 30 minutes. And when you’re done, I’ll have a taste of it all and the best wins.
“Well, just so you know, I have a very high taste for meals and I doubt if anyone of you can impress me. As a matter of fact, I’m looking for a way to make my pres£nt cook stay because she’s the best. So, I’m really hoping all of you get to fail the test”. He said blatantly.
He spoke with so much confidence and superior.
Suddenly, he st©pped talking and fixed his eyes on me.
No; no; no.
Don’t tell me plea-se.
I bent my head to the floor immediately but he drew closer and stood in front of me.
“Tell me I’m mistaken” he said with a scoff and I slowly lifted my head from the floor to look at him.
His sweet perfume overwhelmed me.
“This is unbelievable” he said vacuously.
“Do you recognize me?’
“Yes” I muttered with a nod, feeling so nervous.
I really don’t want to lose this opportunity.
“So what? You’re here to spill more drink on me?” He asked and I shook my head sideways.
Then, he scoffed and moved away.
He backed us and didn’t say a word for a while. The rest of the applicants were alre-ady throwing glances at me.
“Okay, Its time. Let’s go” he said and walked into the house without turning to look at any one of us.
The applicants rushed immediately to follow him behind and I took in a de-ep breath and also joined the cue.