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I can’t sell my heart finale

Rukayat couldn’t believe Khalid she
known as wheelbarrow pusher can
raised such amount of money for her
mummy health. Khalid couldn’t leave
them alone in the hospital. He stay with
them till evening before he went home.
Rukayat couldn’t keep her eyes on him.
Getting home, Deen was Shivering,
He rushed him to the hospital with the
total money left with him. The next day
Khalid left his brother at the hospital to
go and hussle as no nothing on him
again. His hands was still painning him
but he doesn’t have option than to use it
to work. Rukayat was the one taking
care of Deen and her mother as Khalid
introduced his brother to her. Khalid
managed to work for 2 days. The two
days he works, the site manager pity
him due to his hands.
The man also gave him extra 20k.
Khalid couldn’t stop thanking him. The
man told him to relax at home till his
hand get healed. From there Khalid went
straight to the hospital. His brother was
even eating when he came. Khalid joy
knew no bounds as he saw his brother
eating. It was Rukayat who bought food
for him. Khalid went to Rukayat mummy
to check on her. The woman looked at
Khalid as her eyes full of tears. She
couldn’t believe Khalid can still help her
after she maltreated him severally when
Khalid was carrying her load.
There was a day she slap Khalid 3 times
bcoz he fell her load. There was a day
again the woman beat Khalid tore his
clothe just bcoz her load was stain
when Khalid helped her to the market.
Despite everything the woman did to
him, Khalid didn’t mind. Deen was
discharged from the hospital after 3
days. Mummy Rukayat too was
discharged after a week of her
operation. Khalid went to the market
arranged some food stuffs for them and
also gave the woman 5k for her up
keep. The woman looked at Khalid
again, she don’t even know when tears
started flowing down from her eyes. She
was just begging Khalid to forgive her.
Khalid a soft minded person told the
woman he has forgiven her for long.
Throughout the period Khalid keep
checking on them. Khalid started saving
money again to make sure he replaced
everything his mom sold bcoz of them.
He was able to saved 150k. The day he
was going to buy mattress and some
other things, he met Rukayat crying
along the road. Rukayat what happened
again? Khalid asked. Brother Khalid my
mummy health has started again and no
money to take her to the hospital. Where
are you rushing to now? I was actually
coming from my uncle house and he
told me he doesn’t have anything.
Rukayat responded crying.
Rukayat should u have come to my , no,
you should have, no, I mean you should
have. Khalid was completely lost in
thought. He was ashamed of their
empty house. He couldn’t complete the
statement again. Khalid quickly followed
her and took the woman to the hospital.
The doctor did another operation on the
woman. The doctor collected 130k for
the operation. It was Khalid who paid
everything and also spent extra 10k for
her drugs. Rukayat was just looking at
Khalid, she don’t even know what to say
After they discharged them from the
hospital. Rukayat was trying to follow
Khalid at least to know their house but
he don’t want her to know. After like
2days they came back from the
hospital. Rukayat was looking for raw
pap to buy as her mom demanded for it.
She saw Deen by the road and followed
him to their house. She couldn’t believe
what her eyes saw. Mud house without
doors and a roofing. Khalid started
blaming his brother bcoz he brought
Rukayat to their house, Rukayat don’t
even know when she started crying like
a baby. She was just looking at the
building. She couldn’t believe Khalid who
safed her mummy,paid a huge amount
of money can live in that type of house.
Her believe Khalid has harmer.
Throughout that day Rukayat couldn’t
stop crying. She slapped herself 3times
whether it was a dream but it wasn’t.
After that day Rukayat became more
close to Khalid. That was when Khalid
told her how everything went that he
abandoned their house to safe her
From there, Rukayat develop feelings for
Khalid and after some time Khalid too
open up.that was how their relationship
started. They dated for 3 good years.
Khalid managed to roofed one part of
their house as he has a lot of
responsibilities to take care of. The
money he wanted give his brother who
got admission to the university, Rukayat
convinced him, collected the money and
gave it to her mom to start her business
back. During December period a man
called faruk lived in Lagos came to their
village with a latest Benz. He saw
Rukayat and developed interest on her.
The first day faruk came to Rukayat
house, he gave her mummy 200k and
also gave Rukayat 100k . Rukayat
started giving Khalid cold attitude. He
went to her mummy to report, the
woman pushd Khalid away and warned
him never to come their house again.
Khalid was speechless. He stood there
thinking whether he has done
something wrong. He was there when
faruk parked his Benz and open door for
Rukayat to come down. Rukayat held
faruk and planted a soft klzz in pres£nt
of Khalid without any fear. She looked
at Khalid and hissed. Khalid just left
without saying anything.
In life, always remember that human
individuals are ends, do not use them as
a means to your end. No matter the
situation or no matter the problems try
move on and let things go. By let things
go is the best. The world is won by
those who let things go, when you try
and try,the world is beyond the winning.
Khalid just left Rukayat and her mother
without saying anything. He went home
thinking as everything happen like a
Deen his brother came in, talking but
Khalid don’t even know someone was
there. Deen tapped him. Brother hope all
is well? Deen asked. Deen nothing am
ok. The way Khalid responded you will
easily know something is bothering him.
All of a sudden tears started flowing
down from Khalid eyes. What pains him
most was the last 100k Rukayat
collected from him. The money he
suffered to gather for his brother who
got admission into the university.
Rukayat convincley collected everything
and told him to pend his brother
admission. Deen couldn’t believe
Rukayat and her mother can do such a
thing as Khalid explained everything to
The next day Deen convinced his brother
and took him to Rukayat place at least
to confirm. Immediately they got there,
Rukayat and faruk were klzzing each
other in their parlor. Khalid wanted to
turn back before Deen held him back. All
of a sudden Rukayat mom just came
from outside with dirty soap water and
pour on Khalid and his brother telling
them to leave her house and never to
come back again.
Deen I told you, I told you I don’t want to
follow u but u forced me here. Now u
have seen it urself. What are u people
still waiting for? Rukayat asked rudely.
Deen finally spoke up. Rukayat so u
have forgotten everything my brother did
for you and your mummy. Deen or what
is that ur name, let me tell you, Khalid ur
brother here didn’t do anything for me
neither my mummy. Rukayat mom
responded telling Khalid he didn’t do
anything for her and pushed them
outside. Deen stood outside like a
magnet. Even Khalid left him there.
In the evening Rukayat brought faruk to
Khalid place after she explained things
to him. Faruk looked at the mud house,
looked at the environment and said to
his girlfriend. Baby God really safe u, if
not u could have died in poverty and
your generation to come. Khalid was
inside sleeping when they entered
without even a knock. Faruk looked at
their empty room and started laughing,
asking Rukayat what made her accept
this poverty guy in first place in pres£nt
of Khalid. Still Khalid didn’t react he only
ask what brought them to his house.
Faruk ask Khalid to calculate all the
money he spent on Rukayat and her
mother. Khalid told them everything he
spent for the woman he did it for God
and as for Rukayat he told them he can’t
sell his heart and they left telling him he
would die in poverty. After 3 days Khalid
went to work to hussle so that his
brother can meet up his admission next
year. He was breaking down the rock
with p@ssion, everyone has gone for
break except him.
In that process a white man came. The
over all general of the construction
company met only Khalid working. The
man was impressed, called the site
manager that he likes Khalid and want
to take him to England to work with him.
At first Khalid told the man he don’t
want to go bcoz of his brother but later
the white man took Khalid and his
brother to England. When they got to
England, the man discovered Deen was
talented in football even Khalid don’t
even know. The man saw how Deen was
showing skills with ball in his house.
Deen was a great footballer both his
primary and secondary School.
He was a the game prefect in their time.
That was how the man took Deen to
Chelsea academy. From there Real
Madrid saw his talent and sign him. The
salary Deen was collecting, governor’s
can’t withstand him. Khalid too became
a supervisor in one of the construction
company. Rukayat on the other hand,
got married to faruk but all the money
faruk spent including the Benz was not
his own. Faruk was a security guard in
Lagos. He stole his boss briefcase full
of money and his Benz as his boss
Faruk was later traced, arrested and
jailed. Even Rukayat too was arrested
spent some weeks in the cell before
they released her. Her mom spent all the
money faruk gave them before Rukayat
was released from the cell. To cut the
story short Khalid and his brother came
back home after 3 years loaded with
money. When Rukayat and her mom
discovered Khalid was around they ran
there to beg him but Khalid told them he
can’t step twice into a river that almost
took him away. Khalid and his brother
built a mansion in their compound. Built
a standard hospital with free treatment
in their village.
Mummy Junior too things became h@rd
for them as her husband died. Khalid
don’t even want to see her before
Jimmy great one of Khalid best friend
talk to him, preach to him not to repay
evils with evils. What Jimmy said
touched Khalid heart. He gave mummy
Junior enough money to take of herself
and her children. He also filled an
appeal and bailed faruk out, gave him
money and Rukayat to start a business.
Even Rukayat mom, Khalid gave her
money for her business.
On getting to the hospital again he saw
the head mistress lying down lifelessly.
She was affected by br£@st cancer.
Khalid called Deen attention as only him
cannot afford everything. Deen took the
woman to England for her operation.
Khalid later got married to Ojone a
beautiful daughter of a woman who
sells cooked rice for them at the site
End of the story


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