House of secrets episode 2

House Of Secrets
p@rt 2
“A maid”? She repeated and gazed de-eply into my eyes, I knew
she wouldn’t agree, but she had no choice, I had to do somethin
to help our family.
” Yes mother, plea-se don’t say no! , this is the only opportunity I
have, Joy has as-sured me that this Pastor is genuine and his wife
is a nice person too, so I’ll be fine” I replied.
I was sure of this, Joy had so much faith in her Uncle and his
family and I shared in her conviction that I would be fine.
“How can you think of being a maid? You don’t know these
people, I would not Let you out of my sight, Ajunwa, do you he
me”? She rose to her feet.
” Mother, I am not asking for your permission, you are being
difficult here, why do you want to stand on the way of somethin
that would help us out eventually?” I was slightly bitter about her
“How can you say something like that, I want what’s best for yo
but being a maid is out of it” her eyes brimmed with tears and thi
made me more uncomfortable.
“Mother, I nee-d money for us and for father’s burial and If
possible, I would save up for school, so just let me be, I’m leavin
with or without your cons£nt” I rose angrily to my feet and
stormed out.
I heard my Nokia phone ring and I rushed to pick it, I knew it
would be Joy, I was alre-ady prepared for the journey.
“Hello Joy, how are you doing”? I was nervous but I pla-yed cool,
prayed this worked out well.
” Aju, I am fine, there’s a little problem…” Joy paused and I
panicked inwardly, didn’t her Uncle want me anymore?
“What is it”? I asked.
” My Uncle couldn’t make it to the village, you know he is a pasto
he is hosting a program on his church, but he asked me to take
you there, if you are re-ady, we could live for town now” Joy
answered and I felt relieved.
“Wow, that’s good, I’m alre-ady packed, give me few minutes, I’ll
be there” I answered and threw the phone carelessly on the be-d.
I quic-kly changed my clothes and slid on my best looking ones, I
inhaled de-eply and carried my bag outside, I had to do this.
“Are you really going child”? My mother cried.
” Yes Mother” I walked away from her as fast as my legs could
carry me, I didn’t want her tears to dissuade me, I was doing thi
for all of us.
In my hurry, I failed to hear the words she whispered to herself
or the doubts that were buried in her eyes.
“Oh my God, is that a human hand”? Nelson leapt from his lover,
a strange stench filled the room and they both rushed towards it.
” I don’t know, let’s get out of here” Helen whispered fearfully.
“No, I think we should search the room, what if there’s a b©dy
here”? Nelson scanned the room, something weird was
” That’s not a good idea, I think we should leave, I’ll get someone
to clean up the room, let’s go” Helen sli-pped on her clothes and
urged him on.
What was a human hand doing in the old maid’s room?
They had a maid, Grace by name, but she packed up her bags
and left the house mysteriously, though she dropped a written
note, explaining her reasons for running off like that.
“Are you sure that’s safe? What if I clean this up myself? You
know your husband’s place in the society, if other servants shoul
see this, something may come out of it, so let me find a place in
the garden and bury it” Nelson ru-bbe-d her face gently.
“You’re always so considerate, I never thought about that, I love
you” Helen k!$$£d him.
“This stays between us, it’s our own secret” she quic-kly added.
“Really? Won’t you tell your husband about it”? Nelson was
” No, it’s just a hand, God knows where that c@m£ from, I’m not
really interested, just get on with the cleaning” Helen waved him
“Okay” Nelson replied quietly, she was not being honest with hi
She was about to speak when they heard a loud knock on the
door, they both exchanged glances.
Who was it?
Helen froze, she was quite sure they were home alone, her
husband was out and her kids were seldom home.
“Mum, it’s me, Mark” he ra-pped the door a second time.
“Okay Mark, I’m coming” Helen sighed with relief.
“Hide” she whispered to Nelson who un-derstood and fetched the
human hand and his behind the hvge cu-pboard.
“What are you doing here mum? I heard you talking to someone
I arrived few minutes ago, been looking for you, the gateman tol
me you were home’ Mark smiled and hvgged his mother.
” Welcome darling, I was just checking round the house, some
rooms nee-d renovation” Helen smiled. She felt more relaxed
knowing her husband was still far away, she would make love to
Nelson later.
“Let me see it” he tried to enter but Helen blocked him.
“Let’s have lunch first” she smiled and embr@ced him, she couldn
let Mark into the room, it was too risky.
Mark was the only one in the family who was unaware of Grace’
“Come to me baby, I really missed you, Helen is always at home
and I find it ha-rd to come to your room” the man closed the h0te
room gently and walked over to his lover on the be-d.
Rose wore a bikini and folded her legs across, she ignored him at
first, how could he abandon her like that for her old mum?
“Darling? Talk to me” he knelt beside her.
“What if I tell you mum has a lover? Would that make you leave
her side?” Rose asked,
It all started when she was a child, her father, had given her light
pe-cks, from light pe-cks to k!sses before he started tou-ching her
pri-vate areas and later ma-king love to her. She was scared at first
scared and confused, but she later begun to enjoy it.
“No, Helen is faithful, just forgive me, I’ll create more time for yo
he k!$$£d herl-ips and lifted her up.
“I want you to make love to me” Rose sighed and slid off her
They had been this way for many years, they loved in secret.