House of secrets episode 18

House Of Secrets🏘️🏘️
He’d woken up on a hospital be-d, slowly the memories of his
accident repla-yed in his br@in and he thanked God he was still
He had been surprised to see Joy, his niece, how had she known
about his condition? Had the news gone viral that the great pastor
Ita was lying on a hospital be-d? He didn’t like the sound of that,
but he trusted Helen, she was going to handle everything well.
He had enough time to reflect on his life as he’d come face to face
with death, what if he had died? He would’ve gone straight to hell
that was why he would shun everything evil and focus on God,
and live a righteous life in truth, but could God forgive him and
cure him of the unnatural attra-ction to his daughter?
‘Uncle, I’m sorry for taking so long, I left to receive a call from a
friend’ Joy pushed the door open.
‘It’s okay, how’s the family? I hope they aren’t afraid for me, I’ll be
fine’ Pastor Ita replied his niece.
‘We are not worried, you’ll pu-ll throu-gh, I can see it all over you,
you’re so strong, you’ll come out of this’ Joy ru-bbe-d his legs.
Her uncle was a good man, she couldn’t say much about his wife
and his evil seeds of children.
She hated Helen so much, that was one of the reasons she rarely
visited, and her kids? Well, they were just like their mother,
especially Rose, she was a snub and a very arrogant one.
‘Are you okay’? the pastor could see worry in her features.
‘I.. I am fine’ Joy replied. She remembered the incident vividly,
though her uncle never got to hear about it.
She had trusted Mark like her own brother, one day they’d been
together in a room and he’d R@p£d her, they were teenagers, she’
been so scared and hurt, so the only person she’d run to was
Helen, but Helen acted like nothing had happened, instead offered
her some money to keep mute about it.
‘So, why didn’t you come along with the new maid, you left her
to herself and she almost lost the job without your pres£nce’ the
pastor said.
‘I had to see a friend’ she lied. In truth, she never wanted to face
Mark or his witch of a mother, now she regretted it all. Ajunwa
was a very pretty girl, what if Mark tried to f0rç£ himself on her?
They had a lot to discuss. She wished she was financially
buoyant, Ajunwa would never have had the option of working at
a maid, she only prayed her best friend was safe.
‘You know the funny thing? She actually resembles our last maid,
Grace’ the pastor paused as he remembered what had transpired
between Grace and Rose.
She had found out about their affair and had taunted Rose about in
a fight ensued and Rose killed her, Helen helped them cover the
issue without asking for the real reason behind the fight, if Helen
ever found out, she would be heartbroken.
‘I never met Grace…’Joy replied.
‘You st©pped visiting me Joy, what happened’? Pastor Ita
suddenly asked.
‘Goodmorning sir’ the door bur-st open and the maid stepped in
with two plastic bags.
‘Ajunwa!’ Joy rushed and hvgged her.
The pastor just l@ysmiling as he watched the friendly exchange
between the girls, he felt more guilty, these girls were like his
daughter, but he’d defiled Rose.
‘I brou-ght your food sir’ Ajunwa set the table as she placed
steaming plates of pepper soup and rice before him.
‘Thank you my dear, where is my wife’? the pastor wondered
why Helen nor his kids weren’t pres£nt to see him.
‘She would be coming later sir’ Ajunwa replied.
‘Okay then, thank you’ he straightened up and worked on the
food, that was when the two girls left for outside.