House of secrets episode 16

House Of Secrets🏘️🏘️
EpIsode 16
I had prepared breakfast for everyone and now I was preparing
myself to go see the pastor at the hospital. I had alre-ady made
something h0t for him to drink, I hoped he was okay.
I decided to go throu-gh Grace’s things once more, I had never
met her in person but I felt I had known her my entire life.
I fetched her albu-m and stared at her pictures again especially the
one she stood with Romeo, they looked so great together, I was
sure Mark started ra-ping her when she fell in love with someone
‘Bastard’ I cast the albu-m aside and wept on my be-d.
I cried for about fifteen minutes, my eyes were all foggy and
swollen, I st©pped the minute I heard a strange sound. You know
when your battery is about to be exhausted and it makes a sound
exactly what I heard, but I was quite sure it wasn’t from my
I rose up immediately, what if Grace had left her phone behind, I
heard the sound again, it c@m£ from the cu-pboard where I’d
found the ph0to albu-m and the note, how come I’d never seen or
heard it?
As I pu-ll-ed out the last drawer, a hvge rat climbe-d out and I
screamed for my dear life.
‘Jeez, that wasn’t funny’ I laughed for the first time that day.
‘Here you are darling…’ I wondered what it was, it wasn’t a phone
I realized it was a mini sized video c@m£ra.
‘What’s this’? I pressed a bu-tton and waited for the device to show
me something, but it didn’t, so I tossed it aside.
I sli-pped on my shoes re-ady to move when I heard sounds that
resembled m0@n s from a woman in pain, this time, pain wasn’t
the case, what I saw was going to haunt me for eternity.
My phone rang and I picked it up hurriedly.
‘Hello’ my voice was shaky from what I’d just seen, how could
that happen?
‘Ajunwa? Have you forgotten me so fast? This is your friend Joy’?
‘Joy, I’m sorry, I’m just not feeling too well’ I lied, how could I
have forgotten Joy, my best friend whose uncle I worked for.
‘I’m sorry sweetheart, guess what’? she sounded excited.
‘Wow you sound happy, what’s that’? I asked.
‘I know my uncle just had an accident, the news is everywhere s
I am at the hospital with him, later I’d be at the house and we
would gist throu-ghout the night’ she replied.
‘Wow, I’m coming there soon’ I replied and dropped the phone in
my bag.
Joy was in town, I wondered if I could let her in on what I had
encountered in the house. I turned the video c@m£ra off and hid it
safely, I had watched enough. Pastor Ita was ma-king love with his
daughter Rose, truly, this was a house of secrets.