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June 23, 2021


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House of secrets episode 13

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House Of Secrets

Episode 13



I was panting by the time I reached my room, the memories of

what I’d seen in the garden haunted me and I wished I never saw


‘Where are you coming from? I’ve been looking everywhere for

you’?i gasped in fright as Mark neared me.

‘Whoa slow down tiger, I don’t bite, what’s with you, you look

like you escaped a group of soldiers, what’s going on’? he asked.

My mouth felt glued, I couldn’t say a word to me, how could I tell

him that I’d seen his mother having S£x with Nelson? How would

he take it? What if he hated me forever? I couldn’t risk it so I chos


‘Are you okay Ajunwa’? he asked.

‘I am fine, I need to get some sleep’ I quickly yawned to prove it.

‘You’re a very bad liar, and you’re not leaving here till you tell me

what the problem is’ he replied.

‘I am fine Mark, I really am’ I wished he could just leave me alone

‘Your phone is ringing, you should pick that’ I pointed to his

phone in a bid to distract him so I could run into my room.

‘Okay, it’s a message’he checked it out.

From the look on his face it wasn’t something nice, I decided to

peep, that’s when I saw her picture, the one I’d seen earlier, the

one she stood with her

‘romeo’ but that wasn’t what got to me, it

was the words that accompanied the picture that disturbed me.


words of the text.

‘She is really crazy, she runs off without telling me, leaves her

necklace in the garden, the necklace I got at a very expensive price

and now she’s trying to play mind games with me, I hate her so

much right now’ he was furious.

If only he knew why Grace had eloped, he wouldn’t be that angry

I decided to tell him the truth, maybe he’d understand, maybe

he’s stopped feeling so bad but he had to promise he wouldn’t tell

no one.

‘Mark’? I called him gently.

‘Yes’? he answered.

‘There’s something I must tell you, please promise you wouldn’t

act on your feelings, just keep it to yourself okay’? I pleaded with


‘Sure, go ahead, tell me anything’ he replied.

‘Your mum is having an affair with Nelson’ the words came out in

a rush.

His eyes twinkled in surprise then they dimmed like he’d heard

something of that nature before.

‘What is it’? I asked.

‘That was what led to my quarrel with Grace, she said something

like that and I doubted her and she got angry, oh my God, she

was right, how did

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you know this’? he asked.

‘i…I saw them making out in the garden’ I stuttered.

‘Oh God, how could mum do this? Knowing how important dad

is in the society? I am disappointed in her’ Mark fumed and I tried

to pacify him.

‘Please don’t do anything stupid, I think Grace must have

stumbled on this

secret and had decided to run because of that

and because you didn’t believe her, and as she did, I’m equally

leaving’ I informed him.

‘No you can’t leave, I now understand why she pushed me away

and left me like that…’ Mark rubbed his face deep in thought.

‘Yes, I’m so scared’ I whispered.

‘Don’t be, I promise to take care of you’ Mark whispered to me,

before I could know what was happening, he scooped me up into

his arms and took me into my room.

‘Mark? What are you doing’? I was terrified.

‘Making sure you don’t run away the second time’ he locked the

door and began to undress.

‘What are you talking about’? my lips trembled.

‘It doesn’t matter, I know Grace is gone, but I’ve decided to love

you like I did her’ he replied and forced me on the bed. I

screamed, i fought him with all my strength but he overcame m

and I felt powerless.

‘No Mark, please don’t’ I cried, but he was deaf to my pleas.

Shock and fear were the only feelings I experienced as Mark rape

me, how could I have been so blind? How could I have trusted


I vowed that moment, to bring hell to the Itas family



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