House of secrets episode 10

House Of Secrets🏘️🏘️
Episode 10

Mark…’ Helen called weakly as she returned from the doctor’s
‘Mum? What did the doctor say? Is dad going to be alright’? he
rose to his feet.
‘He’ll be fine, he just nee-ds some time’ Helen sighed with relief.
The doctor as-sured her that he would be fine, but he would be
unconscious for some days as the accident affected his nervous
‘I’m glad mum’ Mark squee-zed her hands.
‘Me too’ Helen replied. She was really glad she hadn’t lost her
husband, that wasn’t what she’d planned, the boys failed her and
she was going to deal with them for hurting her husband, they
had failed to adhere to her instructions.
Earlier that day, she’d contacted some as-sas-sins and s£nt them a
picture of Nelson, the plan was for them to follow their car, then
block them and get Nelson out of the car instead of crashing into
the vehicle.
Nelson couldn’t live, he knew too much about her family and that
was very dangerous for their reputation.
I was restless, I prayed to God to save the pastor, if the man died
then my days in the mansion were numbered because Helen
would s£nd me out that very same day. It wasn’t easy being
fatherless, it was a great burden to bear.
I had alre-ady prepared lunch and cleaned up everywhere, so I ha
nothing doing and was a bit bored.
I still wondered about Mark and Grace, those two must have reall
been close, but why did she suddenly pack up and leave, it wasn
right and that ignited my curiosity.
Was Mark a bad lover? I shook my head, he seemed like a caring
and ro-mantic type of guy. A smile pla-yed on myl-ips as I realized
the obvious reason of her mysterious dep@rture: Helen must’ve
been the reason.
She must have found out about their affair and must have
become very mean to the poor girl, that was the most likely
‘Or what if she was pregnant and he denied it’? I spoke aloud.
I rose to my feet and fetched her albu-m once again, I nee-ded to
watch those pictures, maybe they could help me find my
‘House of secrets’ I repeated the words of the note I’d found days
I dropped the note aside and kept watching the pictures, it’s eithe
Grace was a very good writer or she was crazy, the mansion I
lived in was owned by a man of God and there were no dirty an
dark secrets.
‘Who do we have here’? I found another picture of her smiling
with a handsome young man, they seemed well acquainted with
each other. I couldn’t discard the picture that easily, I noticed
something about it, she wore the n£¢klace I found in the garden,
and on the picture was written : ‘ROMEO’, had she been cheating
on Mark? What if he found out and killed her? I went wild with
‘Open this goddamn door and bring me my food’ the ban-ging o
my door brou-ght me to reality, Rose had woken up.
‘Okay, I’m coming’ I slid out of be-d, Mark had not told her about
their father’s accident, maybe that piece of news could humble h
a bit, she was so arrogant, I wondered briefly how Grace coped.
‘Where’s my brother’? she asked dryly and settled on a chair.
‘He went out’ I replied and offered her a plate of jollof rice.
‘To’? she raised her brows.
‘I don’t know’ I answered.
‘How would you know? Dummy’ Rose fetched her buzzing
‘Hello darling, it’s been such a long time, Romeo’ she paused and
gulped some water.
‘Yes baby, how are you and the family’? he asked.
‘Fine, you forgot about me’ she sounded sad.
‘Well, I remember you now, you kept pushing me out of your
life, saying your family wouldn’t approve of us, I still want you
Rose’ he said.
‘Well, that was then, my family don’t hold the aces no more, we
should see soon’ she replied cheerfully and brou-ght the call to an
‘What are you looking at dummy’? she sneered at me and I
scurried out of the kitchen. She’d call the man ‘Romeo’, that
reminded me of the inscription on Grace’s ph0to with the
handsome guy, could they be a connection?
‘I nee-d more’ she called me back.
She thought about Romeo briefly, she had turned him and many
guys down because of her father, but he no longer cared about
her, he no longer loved her like his own, so she had to find new
outlets to re-lease her inbuilt de-sires.
She had met Romeo in Church, her father’s church to be précise
he introduced himself as a Blogger and writer, what drew her to
him was his cuteness, Romeo was a very h0t guy but he was
very broke, but he had not worsh!pped there for a very long tim
Thankfully, the pastor had two drivers working for him, himself
and some middle aged man, the other car had been badly
damaged, so the church driver had brou-ght a Sienna to transpor
them back to the house.
‘Good afternoon boss’ he hailed the man.
‘Nelson, I’m happy you’re all alive, God is in control’ the man said
‘Yes he is’ Nelson replied and walked some meters away from th
car, he nee-ded to warn the blogger.
‘Hello? Am I speaking to the owner of h0t gossips blog’? he waite
patiently for an answer.
‘Yes, my name is Kachi Romeo, can I help you’? the blogger
‘Hey listen up, I don’t know what game you’re up to, but I don’t
have any information to sell, just back off, even if there was
something to tell, I don’t snitch’ Nelson scowled.
‘Slow down, Mr Nelson is it?’ the blogger asked.
‘How did you know my name you freak, are you stalking me
now? I’m calling the police on you and your stupid blog’ Nelson
‘Well before you do, I’d like you to know the fact that I know
something about you, a big dark secret and if I’ve got proof, if I
leak it, you’ll lose your job even your life, so just listen to me first
I don’t want to coerce you into working with me, we could be
p@rtners, we could work this out real fine’ the blogger explained
rather confidently.
‘Are you blackmailing me or what? What do you know about me
and why do you want this family so bad’? Nelson asked, heat
crept up his n£¢k as he tried to recall all the bad things he’d ever
‘I know you’re slee-ping with the pastor’s wife’ he replied coolly
and Nelson froze where he stood.
‘Hello? Mr Nelson? I nee-d you to trust me, I promise your secret i
safe with me but to gain your trust, I must show you something
first’ he continued.
‘What do you want to show me’? there was so much fear and
panic in Nelson’s voice, what if the blogger had a video cl!pof hi
and Helen?
‘Someone made attempt on your life today but the wrong perso
was injured, I want to show you this person’ the blogger said.
‘You’re crazy, what are you talking about? I don’t even have
enemies’ Nelson ru-bbe-d his chin.
‘Everyone has enemies, you sle-pt with yours’ he replied and the
line went dead.
‘Nelson’ a shrill voice cried out his name and j£rked his from the
sea of his disturbing thoughts.
‘Madam’? he swirled and faced Helen and Mark.
‘We have to go’ she ordered and sli-pped into the car with her so
‘Okay then’ he replied and join the rest in the car. So many things
ran throu-gh his mind, first, how did the h0t Gossips blogger get
to know about his affair with Helen? The news crippled him, she
was going to kill him if she ever found out about it, she would
blame him for tarnishing her image.
‘So mum, now dad is down, who’s going to handle his
appointments’? Mark asked.
‘Not to worry, that’s why I’m his personal as-sistant, and we’re
holding a powerful tarry night this week, we have to keep
members on their toes for God’ Helen sighed.
‘Nice one mum’ Mark replied and was surprised to hear his
mother sound so spiritual.
‘Your father would be fine, everything would be fine and soon
we’ll live our normal lives’ she ru-bbe-d his hands.
‘Yes mum’ Mark replied.
She had this feeling Nelson was up to something, Mark and her
had stepped out of the hospital and met him on a call. She’d re-ad
his features as he spoke to whoever, something wasn’t right, tha
gave her courage to plan for his death another time, what if he
told the world about their affair? That wasn’t what troubled her, it
was her carelessness, letting him bury the decaying hand they’d
found in Grace’s room that bothered her, what if he had plans of
blackmailing her, how stupid she’d been.
‘Are you okay mum’? Mark noticed she was frowning.
‘Sure, I am’ she replied and took one last glance at Nelson.