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House 419 episode 4 -6

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~House 419(18+)~ 🍓🍆🔞🍇
Episode 4

Neighbor, neighbor, help, help ” rose stood at the middle of the compound calling everyone awareness ”

who be this JJC with tiny voice “ebuka came out with towel ” rose fold her hands looking worried ”

please, return my soup “I prepared it specially for my husband. My love, and happiness “am going to arrest whoever done this ” rose spoke softly looking sobber ”

Abeg, Abeg “where is Indian music coming from ” sugar boy and his friends came out of the room and sat down laughing ”

waw! So we already have new neighbor ” sugar boy spoke smiling.

She looks like angel, her hair is like that of oh! I forgot that girl that acted “city hunter ” Alex tease her and stood up to demonstrate

mumu how you go remember “Abeg keep shut let hear our neighbors news “what happened oo. Madam angel ”

hey am not angel “am rose.

Waw! Look at her flunt English .this girl go good for phone call oo”

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yes sugar boy. You make sense die ” rose, rose “wetin dey happen now “welcome to ” house 419″ na mad people dey leave for here oo”

what! Oh my God “rose held her chest ”

Hey don’t faint yet “even our landlord na mad man ”

you mean our landlord “rose ask looking serious.

Yes now ” Abeg no tell am ,I never get money for new apartment ”

anyway am not here for that “someone bump in to my apartment and stole my soup ” she clean her face with hahdkerchief”

heya! Sorry oo. Na greeting me dat” na so dey greet me and my guys too ” take heart”sugar boy and his friends kept making fun of her

am going to sue whoever done this to me” my husband would jail him forever ” rose left crying ”

this girl mumu oo” soup wey dey done forget say dey shop ”

wait o sugar boy ” na one mumu dey steal for this compound oo ”

I fit be two mumu oo” gold guy replied lighting cigarettes ”

whatever”abeg I get match with flora sugar “catch you later “sugar boy left his friends kept hail him ……

Who stole this beautiful lady pot of soup “oga landlord stood in front of the tenant shouting ”

non of them talk ” honey let it go ” we can just prepare another one right away ”

no baby. It took me several hours to get a lovely taste ”

do you hear that ” oga landlord fired in anger “several hours. Whoever stole her soup would never prosper ”

Yeeeeeeeh ” ebuka scream covering his ear ” oga landlord lay another curse ” ebuka stood up in anger “Wetin happen self ”

soup wey I just managed ” ginger too plenty self “do you just mentioned ginger ” rose came closer to him ”

honey call the police ” I found the thief ”

chai! Ebuka you fall my hand “(Chris stood up looking upset) guy you no supposed do that kind things now “you should have ask me for money

you no the kind of job am doing ” am the first coordinator, directing manger , supervisor and official owner of medal company ”

I no dey form that why ” Chris sat down adjusting his suit ”

can you here that “the landlord pointed to ebuka ” you need to be arrested ”

ebuka postrated to pleads “flora and her friends kept making Jest of him ”

are you not saying anything anymore “Chris stood up dusting his suit ”

you can go jare” oga landlord gave him permission to leave ”

sugar boy and his friends excuse from the meeting ” oga landlord hand ebuka to the police ******************

House 419(18+)
Episode 5
Papa chukudi where do you think you are going “mama chukudi held his clothes shaking her whole body “work of course(did you see me dress like a farmer)

Without food money abi” mama chukudi push him back ”

Woman you are looking for trouble ooo”everyone is hearing now, if I beat her up your would start saying am a woman beater ”

den no born you well ” mama chukudi held his clothes using her head to push his tummy ” if you are not heartless .you won’t leave me with seven children without anything ”

so you mean 300 hundred is not money ”

it is in your village ” foolish man ” she kept eying him and hissing”

you must be crazy for saying that ” papa chukudi push her from him ”

hey. you are not going anywhere without food money oo”she stood up retying her wrapper ”

mama chukudi it OK ” try to be patient now ” ngozi came out of her room holding her ”

ogini. Wetin be your own ” sheybi you see what you have cause ” my husband has run away “mama chukudi pursued her husband out shouting ”

she turned to face ngozi looking upset ” ngozi warn your self for this compound. no dey put your mouth for other people business ”

God bless you for what you said ” sugar boy came out with boxers “the day I would beat you ngozi “Yeeeeeeeh. You go die patapata ” he demonstrated clapping his hands

your mama go die, your last born and your aunty go follow ” sugar boy ‘ they send you to me nii. Abi Wetin happen self ”

they all went speechless when they noticed two couples drove in “excuse me where is flat 6″over dere “ngozi pointed staring at the guy ”

thank you “excuse me”

the second couples came down from car looking classic ” chai! See fine babe ” sugar boy whistles ”

hello please . where is flat 8 ” over there ” sugar pointed staring at her ass ”

lord help me, make I get money “so I go commot for one room “mama chukudi knelt down praying “she opened her eyes to discover sugar boy and ngozi gone ” she stood up and walk to her to room………..

sugar boy came out in some minutes and noticed ngozi carrying water to the bathroom ” he stood up and watch her hang her wrapper

” he grabbed it laughing ” you think say you get Madness “na today the madness go stop ”

sugar boy you won die ”

come outside if they born you well “sugar left and excuse to his room “ngozi kept shouting and yelling ”

she noticed oga landlord voice and kept crying ” he wasn’t aware ” he drove out of the house ”

sugar boy came out to tease her ” she kept pleading ” he threw her wrapper and watch her rush out of the bathroom ”

sugar boy ran to his room ” she followed him ” he locked the door and watch her screamed for mercy ‘

he kept laughing and making jest of her ” rape, rape oo” ngozi shout loudly forcing the door to open

“everyone came out including rose and her husband and new tenants ” ngozi held her wrapper looking upset ”

chai! Ashawo done plenty for” house 419″ Beatrice tease her clapping her hands and dancing ”

Beatrice you dey craze” ngozi pick pestel and chase her around the compound ” they couldn’t separate them

rose kept capturing them ” love It my first time seeing a life wrestling ” Daniel grabb her phone and dragged her inside ”

sugar boy kept adding to the fight ” anyone that separate them would not prosper ” ********************

~House 419(18+)~ 🍇🍇🍓🍓🍇🍇❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍆🔞🔞🔞
Episode 6
Darling this house is even hotter than where we came from (eniola sat down holding hand pillow for support)

this one you calling me darling, I don’t understand “leave pretence and go straight to the point” ayo close the door and dust the chair to sit ”

is like ayo you always enjoy my whala” eniola turn to face him pointing ” if you don’t have brain ayo. I have ” she stood up and excuse to the room ”

your whole generation lacks brain “see let me make something clear to you , if you show your naughty character here “I would pack my stuff and leave you ”

ayo kilode (what happened) why are you shouting like dog” eniola demonstrated coming out of the room ”

your father is dog ” ayo throws her pillow ” am repeating myself again “eniola. You know this our 5th apartment ”

the longest time we use is”3 month because of your stupid character”am warning you eniola .for the last time ”

if you do nosence”yeeeh” ayo step on the floor making sound ” I would finally divorced you ” he pick his key to leave ”

Mr man who do you think you are threatening “you better be careful ,so they won’t know me and you in this house “eniola block him from leaving ”

leave my way animal ” he pushed her to the chair ” she threw him pillow and close the door In anger ” as if is my fault “she hissed and excuse to the room…..

Ha!ha”diana push Felix from him dragging her gown down ” he grabbed her close forcing a kiss ”

she push him away gently and excuse to sit holding napkin ” he sat close to her and force a kiss ” she push him away in anger “what is it self Felix “is it food. Didn’t you understand when a woman start acting this way she need rest ” she hissed dropping the napkin in anger ”

Felix followed her in calling her name” he met her staring at the mirror looking more upset ”

listen very good Diana. I can’t let you keep doing this to me “it unfair now, he tried to touch her ” Felix is it food “read my lip “na food.

Until you kill me abi ” she turn to face the door looking more upset ”

what do you mean kill ” it a normal thing now, you are my wife you need to satisfy me every moment I need you ” Felix grabbed her close ”

Felix you are looking for trouble ooo”help , help, help “she kept screaming and watch him push her to the bed ” Felix leave meoooo”no be food. Na food ”

fuck your Diana ” you know how many times I prostrated to have you , numerous of yam and palm wine” you now telling me nosence

Felix I would bite you if you pulled my pants down ”

go ahead now ”

help ooo, help oo ” help

keep shut. And stop making noise “Felix covered her mouth ” she removed his hand and kept shouting. ………..

ngozi rinse her cloth to dry and kept singing she paused when she heard noise and call everyone attention ” someone is dying, someone is dying” she kept knocking at everyone door and lead them to where the noise is Coming from ”

they where surprise hearing something else ” harder, harder ” I love it that way ” mama chukudi left hissing ”

eniola clap her hand hissing ” so as you fine reach na amebo spoil you (omo igbo )

omo Yoruba sho mad nii) ngozi came closer to her and spoke to her face

awo molebii mad ( your relative mad) see , I get craze for head ooo ” eniola removed her scarve and tie it around her waist ” for your life don’t ever carry your amebo come my door “shotiigbo (you done hear)

if not because my husband gave me strict warning “I for show you ” she push ngozi away and left murmuring to herself ***************


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