Hospital r0m@nç£Episode 7 & 8

🤗 Episode 7 🤗
🎗️ Noah 🎗️
I walked to where she was standing and she looked at me with wi-de eyes.
Am I a ghost. I scoffed and moved closer.
I used my f!ngersto ca-ress her cheeks.
God! , How I missed her in my arms.
She looked at me and I sm-irked.
“What are you doing?”Anna said stuttering.
“What do you think?”I asked back.
“Noth …nothing”she said stuttering.
“Glad to know I still have an effect on you”I said.
“Um…I have to get going”she said and I smiled.
I k!$$£d her n£¢k and she whimpered.
“St©p it”she wishpered.
I was getting her.
This will be my revenge.
Torture her and break her heart.
I don’t care if she is still with Damien.
I moved back and looked at her.
She looked at me like I have grown two heads.
“What was that?”she asked trying to study her breathing.
“Thanks for the files you can go”I said coldly.
“Do you think you can toy me around?”she asked.
“Like the way you toyed my emotions?”I asked back.
“I don’t care what you think again”she said and I scoffed.
“You pleaded for Weeks not knowing you were pretending”I said and she frowned.
“What?”she said and I scoffed.
“Get out”I said and she nodded.
“You are still the cold being I met three years ago”she said and I snorted.
She left and I sighed.
God! , She gives me a boner by just looking at her.
My cell phone rang and the number was blake.
I picked up.
📲”Hello” I said on the phone.
📲”Noah”blake said.
📲”You are late”I said and he chuckled.
📲”I won’t be there today”he said and I sighed.
📲”Okay , is there a problem?”I asked.
📲”Yeah , not feeling well”he said and I snorted.
Is he serious?.
📲”Okay , get well soon”I said and hung up.
💋 Anna 💋
I left the office and I sighed in relieve.
I nearly fell for that.
Carla rushed to me.
“Hey watch your steps”I said to Carla.
“Anna , Diego”Carla said and I panicked.
“What happened?”I demanded scared.
“He…..he fell of the stairs in school and am afraid his blood sickness”Carla said and I nearly fell.
“Why the h*ll happened st©p pla-ying pranks on me”I yelled angrily.
“It’s true , Anna am not joking , the principal called me”Carla said worriedly.
My three year old son.
God! , No!
“Let’s go”I said and cleaned the tears that were falling.
We got to the receptionist to sign out.
“I can’t ma’am”she said.
“I will be back in an hour plea-se”I said.
“You have to ask for permission from the head doctor”she said and I panicked.
“My son is dying , okay”I yelled and she shook her head.
Oh God!
Diego stay strong for Mama.
“Anna let’s go”Carla said and pu-ll-ed me to Noah’s office.
When we got there he was working with Nala and Theresa.
“Doctor Noah we nee-d permission”Carla said worriedly.
“For?”he asked typing on his l@pt©p.
“We nee-d to get home”I said calmly.
Inside me I wanted to cry , yell and shout.
My baby was dying.
I wiped my tears.
“Explain your reasons”he said and I lost it.
“What fv¢king reasons do you want”I yelled and they all turned to look at me with wi-de eyes.
“Anna are you okay”Theresa asked and I shook my head.
“No !, So tell Noah to let me go now”I yelled angrily.
“Anna calm down , Noah plea-se”Carla pleaded.
“Explain your reasons or you can stay there”he said angrily.
“What are your reasons Anna”Theresa asked.
My cell phone rang and I panicked.
📲”Hello”I said and wiped my tears.
📲”Am I speaking with Anna Hudgens”a voice said.
📲”Yes , who is this?”I asked.
📲”This is Diego’s principal , I called a number a while ago telling her about your son’s condition”she said and I panicked.
📲”I will be there right now”I said”
📲”He is in the school’s emergency room”she said.
📲”how is he?”I asked.
📲”Am afraid he nee-ds a hospital”she said and I panicked.
📲”I am on my way”I said and hanged up.
“What happened Anna?”Nala asked.
I ignored her and looked at Noah.
His son is dying.
“plea-se Noah” I said and he scoffed.
“It’s Doctor Noah and you should go back to your duties”he said and I wiped my tears.
“Anna what is happening , why are you crying”Theresa said worriedly.
“Because her son is dying”Carla yelled angrily.
All three pair of eyes settled on me.
Noah had an expression on his face I didn’t un-derstand.
Theresa was shocked.
Nala was surprised.
But that wasn’t my business.
All I cared about was my Diego.
“Your son………”Noah wishpered.
🤗 Episode 8 🤗
🎗️ Noah 🎗️
I watched Anna with wi-de eyes.
A son!
The thought kept ringing in my head.
How did she get a son?
Or is this a sham?
So she can leave?
“I won’t repeat my self , go to your duties”I growled angrily.
“Noah , how can you do this?” Carla yelled.
I ignored her and faced my l@pt©p.
“Go to your posts now or you loose your jobs”I said.
Anna stood there shedding tears.
She can really act.
“Go Anna , go and come to work tommorow”Theresa said and I glared at her.
Anna and Carla rushed out before I could speak.
“Theresa what was that?”I demanded.
“Just give them a break”she said and left.
“Noah , what’s wrong”Nala asked.
“Nothing , can we go out for coffee?”I asked her.
I just nee-ded to get my mind off her.
And the son she is talking about.
Nala nodded and we went to the cafeteria.
😔😔 Carla 😔😔
Anna and I alighted and paid the cab man before rushing into Diego’s school opposite our ap@rtment.
We got to the school emergency’s room.
I saw Diego lying down and paled out.
“Miss Hudgens , the reports says that he doesn’t have any bone fracture”the principal told Anna when we asked about him.
“Anna , we have to get him to the hospital , he is looking pale”I said and she nodded.
“Does he have any sickness?”the principal asked and I nodded.
Anna just sat by Diego who was asleep and ca-ressed his hair.
“He has this sickness that comes once in a while”I said and she nodded.
“Excuse me”she said and left.
“Let’s take him downtown , there is a clinic there”Anna said and I shook my head disapprovingly.
“No! , We are nurses let’s take him to our hospital”I said and her expressions changed.
“No! , Noah can’t see him nor know about him”Anna said and wiped the tears falling.
God! , She has been throu-gh a lot.
I k!$$£d Diego’s cheek and sighed.
“Anna he nee-ds serious attention and he is just three years plea-se” I said and she shook her head.
God! , She is been stubborn.
“Carla , I just can’t”she said crying.
“I un-derstand but plea-se”I said and she nodded.
“What if_”she tried saying and I st©pped her.
“No if , he is going to get serious medical treatment there”I said and she nodded.
She carried Diego and he stirred.
We took a cab and went to the hospital.
We got to the hospital and my heart jumped.
What if he finds out.
I shook the thought and we met Theresa.
I was still carrying Diego.
“Oh my!”Theresa exclaimed shockingly.
I know! , Diego looks like Noah.
Actually a ph0tocopy of him.
He just took my eyes.
“Theresa is doctor blake around”I asked and she shook her head.
“Come”she said and we entered a ward.
“Carla let’s get re-ady for blood transfusion”I said.
“Go out Anna”Theresa said and I frowned.
“No! , I can’t leave my son”I said and she smiled.
“You will panick whiles working here , go get fresh air I will go and call the other doctor and some nurses”she said and left.
I k!$$£d Diego’s hair and cheeks and went to the cafeteria.
At least a cold jui-ce will calm my nerves.
I took some from the refrigerator and I bu-mped into someone and looked up.
I started at him and looked at his soiled coat.
I poured the jui-ce over it.
“Am sorry”I said and he scoffed.
“I taught you went home”Noah said.
“Excuse me”I said and he held my hand when I was about to leave.
“Come with me”he said and pu-ll-ed me.
“Let go me”I shouted struggling.
He pu-ll-ed me to the men’s dressing room and locked the door.
“I am going to ask you some questions and I nee-d answers”he said and I scoffed.
Diego is there battling with death and what?
He wants answers.
“I won’t answer anything” I said sternly and he held my w@!st.
“If you give me a wrong answer I will str!p you”he said and I gulped ha-rd .
“Let go me you di-ck” I yelled and he sm-irked.
“What was that stunt about a son?”he asked.
Such a prick.
I really wanna hate him but I can’t.
“Leave me”I said and he ignored me and clasped hisl-ips on mine.
I g@sped shocked and he used it as an opportunity to thrû-st his ton-gue into my mouth.
I didn’t know when I responded.
He k!$$£d me. With Soo much vigor.
Even if Noah has changed his k!sses hasn’t.
He broke the k!ssand I p@n-ted heavily.
“Now answer me what was that_”he tried saying.
“I will not tell you sh*t” I said and tried leaving.
He st©pped me and opened the Zi-p on my uniform.
“St©p this madness Noah” I yelled and he sm-irked.
He pu-ll-ed me to him self and k!$$£d my n£¢k.
“Now are you re-ady to talk or not”he wishpered against my n£¢k.
“Let me go” I wanted to yell but it c@m£ out hoarsely.
“You want it the ha-rd way”he said and started trailing we-t k!sses on my shoulder and n£¢k.
I bit my l!pto st©p me from m0@n ing.
But damn!
He knows my bu-ttons and when to press them.
I m0@n ed when we su-cked on my ear lobe.
He looked at me and I couldn’t re-ad his expressions.
Then it dawned on me!
Do I still love him?
Or does he still love me?
😠 Nala 😠
I couldn’t find Noah so I dropped our coffee in the dust bin angrily.
What was that son stunt Anna pu-ll-ed back there.
I called Damien and he asked me to meet him in his h0tel room.
When I got there he was lying stark n*ked.
He thinks am here for se-x.
“Did you sleep with Anna the day we faked the cheating scandal”I asked and dropped my car keys on the coffee table.
“No! , now come here baby”Damien said and k!$$£d me.
I pushed him and he was shocked.
“Anna has a son”I yelled and his eyes wi-de-ned.
“What?”he yelled angrily……