Hospital r0m@nç£Episode 28 & 29

📹💕HOSPITAL r0m@nç£💕🏨
💉{Cold and crazy meets again}💉
Noah’s POV.
What’s happening here?
I looked at Blake and scoffed.
Is this a prank or what?
Mother was shedding tears non-st©p.
Anna couldn’t move.
Carla was astonished as I was.
I couldn’t believe it.
Father was just consoling Mother.
Chris and Theresa had a sad expression on.
“What kind of joke is this Blake?”I asked angrily.
“Tell me is not true”Anna yelled and the tears escaped her eyes.
So it’s true.
I lost my son! I lost my three year old son.
The person I just started to get to know.
My Diego. God!
What joke is this? It still feels like a dream.
Anna c@m£ to me hitting me on my che-st.
“Anna©p this”I said ba-rely audible.
I didn’t know when a tear escaped my eye.
The second time I have cried in my life.
First when Anna cheated and now I lost my son.
“Give me back my baby”Anna yelled crying and hitting my che-st.
“Anna calm down”Carla said sobbing.
“He is slee-ping right , he will wake up”She wishpered wiping her tears.
Before I could talk Anna entered Diego’s ward.
We all followed.
And there he was lying so pale with a white sheet covering him ex-posing only his face.
“Baby , Diego wake up”Anna yelled shaking him.
He didn’t bulge. So he really is dead.
“Anna st©p it”I said trying to st©p her.
“You said you love me right?”she asked and all I could do was nod.
“Then bring my son back”she shouted and I shook my head.
I left the ward and saw a familiar figure approaching me.
The figure bec@m£ clear and I frowned angrily.
I just lost my son.
I don’t nee-d any problems.
“What the h*ll are you doing here”I said gathering all the little courage I had to face him.
My sudden outbur-st attra-cted Carla , Blake and some other nurses.
“I wanted to see you”Damien said calmly and I snorted.
This isn’t Damien.
Obviously something is wrong.
“You are here to mock us right?”Carla asked and he frowned.
“Mock who?”he asked back and I scoffed.
He is pla-ying the deaf games.
“That’s not your business , why are you here?”I yelled Impatiently.
I just lost my son.
I don’t nee-d another headache.
“I deserve that , I wanted to apologise for all I have done to you”he said and my eyes wi-de-ned in shock.
What just happened?
Damien apologized?
He stretched a small ru-bber to me and I took it Questionly.
“What’s this?”I asked anxiously.
“Open it when am gone and there’s a letter there , forgive me after re-ading” he said and left.
I wanted to call him back but I restrained.
I opened the ru-bber with Carla and Blake beside me.
“What?”Carla yelled when we found a syringe inside.
It was the only thing that could save Diego.
My God!
Nala’s POV.
I was pacing around my room angrily.
How did my plans fail?
I nee-d to go to the hospital.
I have been abs£nt for a day.
Oh God! I have to talk to Hailey.
I heard a knock and I grumbled.
“Who is there?”I asked angrily.
“Ma’am someone is here to see you”a maid said outside and I scoffed.
Who is there?
Since Mother and Father no one has been here.
Who could it be?
I went to the hall to see Damien.
How did he know where I live?
“Hi Nala”he said with scasasam the moment he saw me.
I rolled my eyes and folded my hands looking at him.
“What do you want?”I asked angrily.
“I told Noah about what we did”he said and was shocked.
How could he?
What is wrong with him?
Why is he destroying all my plans?
I think his time is up.
🏥💕HOSPITAL r0m@nç£💕🏨
💉{Cold and crazy meets again}💉
Anna’s POV.
I watched as Diego sle-pt peacefully after eating some food and taking his medicines.
I nearly lost him!
Well a lot has happened during to his few hours.
The package Noah said Damien gave him contained a letter and a syringe containing a liquid that could save Diego.
He pleaded for the pains and misfortunes he caused.
He said he planned all this with Nala and am still surprised Nala was behind this.
I didn’t know she could be this evil.
Noah later injected Diego and he coughed out all the substance.
Well Noah and Blake are going to look for Nala.
Am still surprised Nala was behind my separation with Noah.
She was desperate!
She wanted Noah for herself.
I don’t blame Damien.
He was just manipulated.
And he was blinded by jealousy.
I hate it that my son had to go throu-gh death.
God! I didn’t know what I would have done.
The door opened and I turned to see Hailey coming in with her husband.
“How is he?”she asked and I smiled.
“He is fine , he just finished eating”I said and she nodded.
“Am sorry”she said and I glanced at her.
“Pardon?”I asked and she smiled lightly.
“I saw the letter , I can’t believe I wanted my son to marry Nala , the girl who was behind your separation and wanted to kill my grandson”she said and k!$$£d Diego’s cheeks.
He stirred and went back to sleep again.
“It’s okay Hailey , it’s all fine”I said and we hvgged.
God! I am so happy right now!
Carla and Blake c@m£ in and we dis£ngaged from the hvg.
I hvgged Noah’s father to and he smiled before hvgging me back.
“Can’t wait for him to call me grand father”he said and I smiled before we dis£ngaged.
“Where is Noah?”Hailey asked.
“He has gone to look for Nala with Chris”Blake said and she frowned.
“Okay”she said nevertheless.
“Can’t believe I almost lost you”Carla said k!ss!ngDiego’s hair.
His eyes opened and he squirmed on the be-d.
He gro-an ed in pain and I smiled.
“Will someone take of this drip it’s hurting him”Fred , Noah’s father said angrily.
Blake nodded and went to take it.
“Ouch!!!”a V¡rgous tiny voice said when blake re-moved pu-ll-ed the pin out of his hand.
“Sorry!”Hailey , Noah’s mother said and I smiled.
How loving!!!
“Momma”his tiny voice croaked and I smiled at him.
“How are you?”I asked and he frowned.
“You’ve asked me that a thousand times Momma”he said and I smiled.
*You won’t un-derstand…I almost lost you* I said in my mind.
“Grand mother and Grand father”his voice croaked a bit.
They smiled and went to him.
Chris’s POV.
Noah and I entered the house of Nala.
I never knew she could do all the things Noah told me.
She must be very evil.
How can she think of killing a three year old kid because of her selfishness.
We entered when she was about to stab the guy who brou-ght the letter with a knife.
Damien I think?
“Nala”Noah screamed shocked.
“Oh look who is here , the ro-mantic doctor , Noah Stewart , the man I have always loved”she said sacras-stically.
Noah motioned for me to help Damien while he took care of her.
I quic-kly dialed the cops number and talked to them.
I helped Damien up , he was badly bruised and tortured.
Did Nala really do this?
“You okay?”I asked after taking him outside.
He nodded and smiled a little at me.
He sat inside the car we brou-ght and I went back inside.
“Nala what has gotten over you?”Noah asked anxiously.
She was still holding the knife and smiling pathetically.
“You Noah! , You! , You made me this way , I fell in love with you in highschool , you chose that why*re over me , I made up the sham cheating scandal with Damien , I thought you would notice me but no!”she said and laughed sadly.
“It was obse-ssion Nala”I said and she turned to look at me.
“Oh see who is here , Chris!”she said and Noah walked towards her.
“St©p it Noah , come back”I said and he shook his head.
“Anna then brou-ght a child you two had together and boom I faked a pregnancy ,I was desperate , I also wanted you for my self. , I loved you”she said and Noah kept moving towards her.
“Put the knife down Nala”Noah said and she scoffed.
Just then we heard the cops siren and she frightened.
“You bastard”she and pointed at me.
I grinned , she wanted to go upstairs but Noah caught her.
Due to the process Noah’s arm got a cut.
He winced lightly.
“Drop all weapons”we heard a cop say whiles one went behind Nala handcuffing her.
“What the h*ll is this , why am I been arrested?”she screamed and they collected the knife from her.
“Miss Nala Roberts , you are been arrested for attem-pted murder”the cop said dragging her away.
“Let’s go , your wound is de-ep”I said and Noah nodded.
Together with Damien we left the house.
The car was awkwardly silent.
Noah won’t st©p glaring daggers at Damien.
“Hey guys why don’t we get a some burgers here”I said whiles driving and they looked at me.
“I adm about to die any moment from now”Noah hissed and Damien chuckled.
“What about me?”Damien said and I laughed.
“Look at how badly a woman beat you”Noah said and we all laughed.
“She hit me from behind”Damien said and I laughed.
I looked at Noah and at Damien.
Could they be best friends again?
I sighed and continued driving……