Hospital r0m@nç£Episode 21 & 22

🏥💕 HOSPITAL r0m@nç£💕🏨
💉{cold and crazy meets again}
Episode 21
Nala’s POV.
I stared at Damien who was shocked.
He glanced at me briefly.
“How come you are pregnant , I thought you used pills”he said angrily and I scoffed.
“Yes! , I forgot maybe , I had the reports yesterday and it turns out it’s yours”I said angrily.
He smiled at me.
What’s with him?
“Get rid of it , I don’t want no kids”he said and I opened my eyes in shock.
“What are you saying?”I asked baffled.
“I don’t want kids”he said obviously pissed.
“My plans will be ruined you di-ck”I said angrily and he frowned.
“This was not p@rt of the plan”he yelled and I flin-ched.
Okay! , He is getting on my nerves!
“Noah knows about this”I said angrily.
“What?”he said in bewilderment.
“I told him it’s his , until I found out yesterday that it’s yours”I said and he felt relieved.
“You made it easier for us”he said sm-irking.
“Like how?”I asked.
I sat down on the couch feeling dizzy.
I closed my eyes and reopened them.
“Let’s finish with the kid first”he said and I nodded.
“I alre-ady exchanged the drugs”I sm-irked and he smiled.
Can’t wait to see Anna’s kid dead.
It’s going to be fun!
💛 Hailey’s POV.
We were currently in Nala’s parents house.
We were having lunch..
Of course very soon we will become a family.
“So how is Noah?”Juliana , Nala’s mother asked.
“He is good I think”I said smiling.
“Don’t you think Noah should marry Nala before she gives birth”Fred said.
“Nala said she wants to give birth first”I said and they all nodded.
My mind drifted of to the small boy who c@m£ into the room yesterday.
“Hailey”someone snapped at me.
I turned to see three pair of eyes staring keenly at me.
“You zoned out” Roberts ,Nala’s father said.
I smiled nervously and continued eating.
“I am sorry”I said.
“What were you thinking about?”Fred asked and I shook my head.
“Nothing”I said.
“So none of you knew Noah had a child with her ex girlfriend?”Juliana asked.
“No , were also suprised the day he told us”Fred said and I nodded.
“That who-re just c@m£ with a child claiming it’s Noah’s”I said angrily.
“But the child clearly looks like Noah”Roberts said and I gulped.
Dang it!
Nala’s parents are Soo stupid.
🙊 Anna’s POV.
I was packing our bags in the dressing room when Carla entered.
“You okay?”she asked and I nodded.
“Am fine! , Just a little headache”I lied.
I was thinking about how I fell in love with a beast like Noah.
Gave him my dignity and he called me a who-re.
I sighed and took our bags , our shift is over.
“Let’s go , we have to go pick Diego up”Carla said and I nodded.
We met Chris , Theresa and Blake in the hallway when leaving.
“You guys are going home?”Chris asked and I nodded.
“I was dying to ask , how did you guys know each other?”Theresa asked Chris.
“Well , she c@m£ to give birth in the hospital I once worked in”Chris simply said and she nodded.
“Okay see you guys tomorrow , and make Diego take his drugs”Theresa said and left.
“Carla can I see you in pri-vate?”Blake asked and I nurged her.
She shrugged and left with him.
“So his blood disease is still disturbing him?”Chris asked immediately Carla and Blake left.
“Yes!, but the drugs are helping a bit”I said and he nodded.
“I will come see him later”he said and smiled.
“Let me give you our address”I said and handed him a sheet.
“Woah! , You wrote it alre-ady?”he asked and I smiled.
“I knew you would not ask”I said and he chuckled.
We were still talking when Nala c@m£ in.
It looks like she is gaining weight.
I shrugged it off when she approached us.
“Hi there doctor Chris , hi Anna”Nala said and I smiled.
“Oh hi!”Chris said.
“Nala you look pale , what happened?”I asked curiously.
“Just pregnancy symptoms”she shrugged and my eyes wi-de-ned.
“Pregnancy?”I asked and she chuckled.
“You are a nurse Anna , don’t tell me you don’t un-derstand”she said smiling.
Nala is pregnant!
“Congrats Nala”Chris told her.
She nodded smiling.
“You are pregnant , wow! , I didn’t know you had someone”I muttered and she nodded.
But wait….
Why is she getting married to Noah?
Could Noah be……no!
“You are getting married to Noah right?”I asked and she nodded.
“And am pregnant for him”she said and I was shocked.
Chris also looked shocked.
Noah got Nala pregnant.
I nodded and smiled a little.
“Chris I will get going , bye Nala”I said and left.
I couldn’t take it.
How could he?
How come!
The tears were threatening to fall but I blinked them back.
Why cry?
Carla c@m£ up to meet me outside and we boarded a cab home.
The cab pu-ll-ed up infront of our ap@rtment and we got down after paying the man.
When Carla and I approached the house I saw two familiar figures standing in front of the door.
It was Noah and Diego.
He picked him up from school.
I sighed and we went there.
“Momma”Diego said and hvgged me.
“Baby”I said and k!$$£d his cheeks.
“Daddy c@m£ for me”he said and I nodded.
“Diego let’s go inside , daddy has to go rest”I said and he nodded.
“Good bye daddy”he said and Noah k!$$£d his hair.
“Good bye Diego”he said , we made way to enter and Noah gr@bb£d my elbow.
Carla looked at me and nodded.
“Diego let’s go momma will be back”Carla said and they entered after opening the door.
When Carla shut the door I re-moved my hands from his grip.
💉 Noah’s POV.
She re-moved her hands from my grip angrily and I sighed.
I knew she would be angry.
“Anna am sorry”I said calmly.
“I un-derstand”she said and smiled a little.
“Look I mean it , I am sorry okay! , I let my anger get the best of me! , I was jealous and the day we made love in the hospital , It was the best day I had ever had”I said and she scoffed angrily.
“Noah you called me a who-re!”Anna said and I nodded.
“I know! , I was jealous am sorry”I said.
“There is nothing going on between us , why will you be jealous?”she asked.
Doesn’t she know?
I still want her!
“Because I still love you , I still want you and you are the mother of my first child”I yelled and she looked at me agape.
“Noah what are you saying?”she asked with with wi-de eyes.
“I said I still love you Anna , I never st©pped and I never will”I said and she shook her head.
“You want to lure me , you don’t love me?”she said and wiping her tears.
“No Ann I still love you”I said and hvgged her.
I wra-pped my hands around her securely.
How I missed this.
I buried my face into her thick black hair inhaling her strawberry scents.
She dis£ngaged from the hvg and smiled a little.
“I st…still love you Noah”she said , I k!$$£d her and she responded quic-kly .
We broke from the k!ssand placed our foreheads together.
“What about Nala?”she muttered and I clenched my jaw.
“Forget about her”I said and placed her head on my che-st.
“You are going to marry her right?”she asked and I smiled.
“Shhhh…. , keep quite forget about everything and listen to how my heart beats for you”I said and she nodded with her head still on my che-st.
We separated after a while and she looked at me.
“Nala is pregnant”she said grumpily.
“Tell me it isn’t yours plea-se”she said again and I sighed.
“It was a mistake Anna”I said and she rolled her eyes angrily.
“She is carrying your child”she said again and I nodded.
“But that can st©p me from loving you , can it?”I asked and she scoffed.
“Who is Chris to you?”I asked, I couldn’t hold it any longer.
I was jealous!
“My friend”she said.
“Wow! , What a reunion”we turned to see Damien sm-irking….
“Damien?”Anna wishpered……
🚶 Episode 22 🍓
Damien’s POV.
Noah and Anna looked at me.
Anna was shocked! Noah looked angry as usual.
“What are you doing here?”Noah gro-an ed angrily.
“I am supposed to be asking you that?”I said and he frowned.
“Damien what are you doing here?”Anna asked and I scoffed.
Time to pl@y, I thought.
“Seriously? , why are you asking me that?”I gr-unted and she frowned.
Noah gr@bb£d me and punched me on my jaw.
I gr-unted and t©uçhed my bur-stl-ips and he gr@bb£d my collar.
I pushed him and punched him to.
“Noah , st©p it!”Anna said frightened.
“Really? , Anna you are still with him whiles you have me”I said and she j£rked.
“What?”she said.
“Don’t pretend Anna”I said and she sl@pped me.
Noah held her and she scoffed.
“With you? , Since when Damien?”she asked and I t©uçhed my bur-stl-ips.
I noticed blood and wiped it off.
“Since the day I fv¢ked you in your ex b©yfri£nd’s house and on his be-d”I said and sm-irked.
I saw Noah clench his fists and jaw!
“Nothing happened Damien , you didn’t t©uçh me”she said angrily.
“I will ask again Damien , what are you doing here?”Noah yelled.
I sm-irked and chuckled.
“Noah don’t listen to him , he didn’t t©uçh me”Anna said pleadingly.
He ignored her and looked at me with murderous eyes and I scoffed.
“Aren’t you supposed to be preparing for your marriage?”I asked and his eyes wi-de-ned.
Oh sh*t!
Damn I just sold myself! fv¢k!
“How did you know I was getting married you s¢v-m bag?”He asked with blazing eyes.
“I have my sources , see you later Anna”I said and made to leave only for Noah to gr-ab me.
“How the h*ll did you know?”he said again and I chuckled.
I re-leased my hand from his grip and sm-irked.
“See you again and trust me when we meet , you will be asking for my help”I said and looked at Anna one last time and at Noah was still trying to recover from what I said.
Anna’s POV.
What just happened?
Why did Damien sound like that?
And how did he know Noah was getting married!
I looked at Noah and he shrugged.
“I will get going , say good night to Diego for me”Noah said.
“Noah! , you still don’t believe me right?”I asked and he frowned.
“It’s not easy Anna , I love you and all but I found you two in be-d , and my mother was drugged , it’s ha-rd “he said and I nodded wiping my tears.
“Then you don’t love me”I said and he chuckled.
“I love you okay! , So damn much”he said and wiped my tears with his index f!nger.
“But you don’t trust me , love is also about trust”I said and he smiled a little.
“It’s okay! , I know , I have to go”he said and k!$$£d me.
I responded s£nding my f!ngersinto his hair and kneeeding the dark curly strands.
He gro-an ed into my mouth in plea-sure and bit myl-ips.
He st©pped and k!$$£d my forehead.
“k!ssDiego goodnight for me ,will you?”he asked and I nodded.
I watched him enter his car and he drove off.
I smiled inspire my tears.
He loves me! But he doesn’t believe me!
It hurts! So much!
I entered and closed the door of our ap@rtment only to see Carla dressed.
What the h*ll!
“I bathed Diego and he has eaten dinner and taken his drugs”she said and I nodded.
“Where are you going to?”I asked baffled to how she was looking beautiful.
“I have a d@t£ with Blake”she said and I wasn’t that surprised.
“Is Noah gone?”she asked and I nodded.
Those two have a little chemistry.
I smiled and nodded.
“Where is Diego?”I asked and she while she was applying a red l-ips tick.
That’s with Carla!
She does not apply make up every day but does it on special occasions.
She looked at me and shrugged.
“He sle-pt immediately after giving him his drugs”she said and I nodded.
“That’s wired”I muttered and she nodded.
“Yeah! good bye!”she said and took her purse.
“Woah! , What says the time?”I asked her and she looked at her watch.
“Six pm”she mumbled and k!$$£d my cheeks.
I spent three hours outside with Noah.
“Good bye!”I said and she rushed out.
I didn’t tell her about Damien.
I went to Diego’s room and he was alre-ady slee-ping.
I k!$$£d his head and his cheeks before rushing out.
I nee-d a shower and a good meal.
But how did Carla do everything within three hours and even prepared dinner because the ap@rtment was cleaned.
Hmmph! Carla..
I sighed and undressed getting into the bathroom.
🍎Noah’s POV.
I was pondering about what Damien said and to t©p it all how did he know I was getting married?
I got home and took a shower.
After dressing up I ordered for a pack of chinese dish , I didn’t really feel like cooking.
I called Nala and she picked up almost immediately.
☎️”Nala”I said.
☎️”Noah , hey! ,You left the hospital without a word”she said grumpily.
☎️”Yeah ! ,I was busy ,where did you go , you weren’t in the hospital before I left”I said.
☎️”I..i.i didn’t go anywhere”she said stuttering a little.
Okay! , What’s happening to her.
☎️”Well I want you to come over”I said and she squealed.
☎️”Really?”she said happily.
☎️”Yeah!, You want to talk to you”I said placing the glas-s I was drinking water from in the sink.
I got to the hall and saw a brown envelope , I took it and glanced at it.
☎️”Okay , I will be there in a bit”sh said and I heard some ruffling.
☎️”And I think you left your reports here”I said taking it.
☎️”What?”she yelled……
Carla’s POV.
Blake c@m£ to pick me up infront of our ap@rtment.
We got to the restaurant he was taking me to and he got down.
He opened the door for me and I got down too.
“You look beautiful Carla”he said and I blu-shed.
“Thanks”I said.
We made way to enter and I bu-mped into a woman.
I looked up to apologise only to find.
“Mother”I said and looked at father who was beside her.
She looked down at me and smiled inspire of the tears gathering in her eyes.
“Father”I muttered and he smiled.
It’s been five whole years.
“Let’s go Blake”I said.
Blake was only watching us the whole time.
He nodded and we proceeded to leave when someone gr@bb£d me.
I looked up and frowned.
My elder brother….