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Hospital [email protected]ç£Episode 1 & 2

🏥💕HOSPITAL [email protected]ç£🍓🌋
💉 {Cold and Crazy meets again}💉
🙂Episode 1🙂
💋 Anna ❤️
” Doctor Jake wants to see you” Carla said barging into the ward I was working in.
” Okay, let me finish with the little girl” I said whiles fixing the drip into the little girl’s hands.
” So , lie down I will be back okay” I told the girl and she nodded slightly.
” Thank you Anna, don’t tell mom she will freak out ” she said and I ruffled her hair slightly.
” Okay ” I said and she giggled.
” Pinky promise?” she asked showing me her pinky f!nger and I showed her mine.
” Pinky promise!, but you will promise to eat everyday and early before sweets ,so that you don’t faint in school” I told her and she nodded.
I walked down the hallway with Carla , we have been friends since highschool and we stay together.
Well our story is the same .
I wonder why Doctor Jake wants to see me.
I knocked on his office door when we got in front of his office. I heard a faint ‘come in’.
” Good afternoon , Doctor Jake” Carla and I said.
” Good day to you to Nurse Anna and Carla ” he said and re-moved his stethoscope.
“I got a call from San Francisco head hospital , the cases there are getting higher everyday and their nurses are a little , so I was thinking of transferring five more nurses there including you and Carla” he said and Carla and I [email protected]
” Why us , we have worked here since we completed school, why not choose different set” Carla said and I nodded .
” No! , You , Anna , Olivia and some other ones I don’t remember their names” he said and put some files on the desk.
” Fill in the transfer files and sign , submit it before the close of the day and prepare for the weekend, today is the last day for you working here, start there on Monday” he said and I frowned .
” Doc, how is that possible , we have not yet booked our flights nor packed we just heard it” I said and he smiled.
” Your flights have been booked , just pack , you have to board the first flight to San Francisco on Sunday morning” he said and I nodded.
” Thanks Doctor ” I mumbled and he smiled .
” It’s for the best Carla , it’s a big hospital there” he told Carla and she scoffed.
Yeah I know why!, Her family is in San Francisco and she doesn’t want to see them.
We left his office with the transfer files and I sighed.
” It’s ok Carla , we will be fine” I said and she nodded.
” But think about it Anna , we have to change Diego’s school and hire a new [email protected] ” she said and I
” We will be fine ” I said , she nodded and smiled and we [email protected] ways to our duties.
🎗️Noah 🎗️
“They will be here on Monday, Doctor Jake said they are five of them ” I said signing some papers.
” Thank heavens” Blake said and I smiled.
Someone knocked and I sighed.
God! , am tired.
” Come in ” I said and Blake sat down .
The door opened and Nala entered smiling s£dûçt!vely, when she saw Blake she frowned.
” Can you excuse us doctor Blake ” she said and Blake nodded .
” Don’t forget our Men’s night tommorow Noah Stewart ” Blake said.
I smiled and nodded and he left and closed the door behind.
” What do you want” I asked and she frowned.
Nala has been like this since we both graduated , forcing herself on me and all that.
Her uniform was so short , you tell her she says she likes it like that.
” Noah” she said .
” Nala we are in the hospital , it’s Sir not Noah” I said and got up.
She held my [email protected]!st and crashed herl-ips on mine.
” Why don’t you want me ” she mumbled in between the k!sses.
I pu-ll-ed away and sighed.
“Nala I -” I tried saying and she gave me her puppy eyes.
” plea-se , let’s go tell our parents we are together” she said and I smiled.
” No! , I don’t love you and I can’t okay” I said and left the office.
I bu-mped into Theresa and she frowned.
Theresa is like a godmother to me she as old as my Mom.
” Doctor Noah Stewart , you are now been clumsy ” she said and we laughed .
” The transfer files have been brou-ght do you want to take a look at their profiles?” she asked and I shook my head.
” Well , Anna Hudgens is one of them” she said and I heard a loud ban-g in my head .
🙂Episode 2🙂
I got home feeling bored and angry.
Noah is such a j£rk , I hate him!
I have tried s£dûç!ng him for many years now.
Why doesn’t he want me , I need him for myself.
He is rich , handsome and the head doctor of San Francisco biggest hospital.
I can’t let anyone take him.
He is mine , he has been mine since that incident in highschool happened.
We were all friends before Noah and that Anna girl started [email protected]!ng.
I , Carla , Noah , Damien and Anna.
I entered the sitting room and met Mom and dad.
” Hey ! , Nala , come watch the movie with us” dad said and I shook my head.
” Baby , how was work ?” Mom asked and I scoffed.
” Boring as ever” I said and went upstairs to my room.
Those nurses coming on Monday , I always have a bad feeling when I think about it .
I went to take a shower and lied on my be-d thinking.
How do I take Noah Stewart.
A plan [email protected]£ into my head and I sm-irked.
“Let’s see how you escape this one” I said to my self and went down for lunch.
I heard a loud ban-g in my head and scoffed angrily.
Just her name and I want her.
I hate that feeling , is like am still in love with her.
No! , She is a devil.
She betrayed me , broke me and shattered my heart into pieces .
In high school she didn’t want to become a nurse or doctor , she wanted to be an accountant.
” No Theresa , maybe is another person , Anna wanted to be an accountant” I said angrily and ran my f!ngersthrou-gh my hair faustratedly.
” Yeah ! , am sorry , maybe is another person ” Theresa said and k!$$£d my hair and left.
Anna Hudgens ?
That name and that innocent face !
I entered blake’s office without knocking and he gro-an ed angrily.
” Are you lost or what?” he said and scoffed.
“I just wanted to rest” I said and sat down on his couch .
He shook his head and continued typing.
I closed my eyes and all I could think of was her , our memories.
The ones we made together and sma-cked myself angrily.
🚑🌄🌄🌄🌄2 days later🌄🌄🌄🌄🚑
Carla and I together with Diego arrived in San Francisco on Sunday evening.
We went to the [email protected] we rented online with the address.
When we were unpacking I saw Diego sketching a man and I smiled.
Well Diego is only 3 years but he is really smart.
“Diego who is that” Carla asked and I smiled.
” My papa” his tiny voice said and Carla and I [email protected]
Where does he even know his father .
I am his parents , his mom and dad at the same time.
” Where do you know your papa” I asked angrily.
” Anna!” Carla said and I scoffed
” Diego , go to your room , it is re-ady , tomorrow we will go for ice creams and toys shopping ” Carla told Diego .
” Ok aunty Carla , good night mom , goodnight aunt Carla ” he said and I pe-cked his forehead and he left.
” What was that about?” Carla asked packing all the empty boxes to the balcony
” Nothing” I said and she scoffed.
” I know you Anna , he made you remember him” she said and I laughed.
” Carla am hungry okay” I said and she kept quiet.
We arranged everything and swept the room.
Carla mopped it and the house [email protected]£ clean.
I was folding our clothes into our closet whiles Carla was ma-king dinner.
We ate dinner and took a shower and we retired to be-d.
Carla and I share a room with two different be-ds whiles Diego has his own room.
Well Carla and I have been like that since school.
” Anna?” Carla called me when I lied on my be-d.
” Yes” I said and turned to face her.
” Has Diego eaten?” She asked and I nodded.
” You need a [email protected] surgery, you have forgotten you fed him sushi when we got here” I said and she [email protected]
” I forgot, goodnight ” she said and i nodded and turned to sleep.
🌄Next Morning 🌄
I left Noah’s office after having breakfast with him.
He always comes early so I prepare breakfast for him and we come and eat together at the cafeteria.
I was going to the next ward and I bu-mped into two nurses.
“I am sorry ” they both said at the same time.
I looked up and I [email protected] at what I saw.
Goodness! Karma is a real bit-ch.
What do I do now.

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