Holly High school final Episode

🌼(A vampire r0m@nç£story)🌼
Grand Finale
“Get me her blood” The demon Lord
Vivan charged towards Alexa with the dagger in her hand.
Alexa remain calm.
I must not be afraid she said inwardly.
In a blink of an eye Vivan was pushed back with great f0rç£ as she used her b©dy to hit the wall.
The dagger fell off her hand.
The demon Lord was enraged.
“Good for nothing witch” he cursed Vivan.
And ran to pick the dagger.
He threw a ball of lightening on Beatrice.
aaaaaaaah Beatrice gro-an ed in pain.
“Mother! Alexa called and squat before her.
“Watch out” Beatrice yelled as she saw the dagger being thrown at Alexa.
But it was too late.
He gro-an ed in pain and slumped to the ground.
“Draven! Alexa called and ran to meet him.
“Lord Draven! Beatrice called.
Blood was oozing out from his che-st.
“Draven! Alexa cried.
“Why did you save me?How am l supposed to leave without you.
“Alex, for you l have no regrets.” He said and coughed out blood.
No! No! No Alexa cried and there was heavy wind, the ground started choking and her hair started floating.
“Save Lord Draven, vivan save him l beg you” Beatrice said to Vivan who was lying weakly at the other end of the room.
“Azeezeel you dare to hurt the man l love? ” Alexa’s voice echoed throu-gh the castle.
Her eyes turned white.
Retreat the demon Lord said to his army who were outside the castle.
“No! No! No! Alexa cried as her voice echoed throu-gh
and all demons dropped dead.
All the witches rushed in.
“Save Lord Draven” Beatrice cried.
The powerful witch who happens to be the principal rushed to meet Lord Draven.
The witches surrounded him.
Alexa walked up to the demon Lord and slit his throat, he dropped dead.
The dagger won’t kill him but he is loosing a lot of blood he nee-ds to feed immediately.
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“Let him feed on his mate.”. An unfamilar voice echoed throu-gh the castle.
“Alva! Beatrice called.
“Beatrice now my soul can be at rest, my daughter didn’t end up like me
she found true love.
I hereby break the curse l placed on the vampires.
Not all vampires are like Dylan afterall.
“Mother! Alexa called.
“You are my mother?the woman have been seeing in my dreams?”
“My daughter! Am happy your life turned out different from mine.”
Am happy you now know who you really her.”
“Take care of yourself and cherish him
Now go feed your mate or he dies.”
“Beatrice you have done well in raising my daughter.”
“I break the curse l placed on you.
You can now live a free life.”
“I love you Alex”
She said and smiled geniunely and disappeared.
“Mother! Icalled and she was gone.
“He should feed on me” Alexa said.
Alexa bent over Lord Draven and placed her n£¢k on hisl-ips.
“Feed from me plea-se” Alexa begged.
But Draven nodded negativity.
“plea-se Draven.” She begged.
“Lord Draven you have to feed from her since she is your mate you will recover quic-kly.”
“But again he nodded negatively.”
“What should l do? He v’e insisted on feeding on me.
Alexa use magic to cut her arm and the blood dropped on Lord Dravenl-ips.
His b©dy tenses and his fangs were out.
He couldn’t control himself anymore.
He digged his fangs into her arm and fed on her until she bec@m£ limp and fell on the floor.
“Behead Azezeel throw his head in the furnace cut his b©dy into pieces and throw them into the forest” Alexa said and blanked out.
Her eyes fluttered open, she stared intensely at the handsome man lying beside him.
The man who was willing to l@ydown his life for her.
He coughed slightly and opened his eyes slowly.
“Draven! She called and help me sit up.
“Alex!where is she?” He asked.
“Am here Draven.”
“Yes am here.”
“Were you hurt?”
“How are you feeling?”
“Am fine, am sorry Alexa l couldn’t protect you.”
“How do you mean, how were you supposed to protect me?”
“You almost died Draven, you almost died on me” l cried.
“Am sorry l had to feed on you.”
“St©p it, you are hurting my feelings.”
“Thank you for saving me, l love you so much Draven.
“I love you too Alex.”
“Where is my father?”
“He is with his first wife, she has put to be-d.”
“What! How is that possible?”
“The curse has been broken.”
“My mother broke the curse because of you Draven because of the sincere love you showed towards me and she told me to cherish you.”
“Where is vivan?”
“She has been banished and they destroyed all her magic.”
“Where is your mother?”
“She disappeared afterwards.”
“I don’t think she will ever come back.”
“Draven l have something to tell you, when you become king l want you to make Holly high school a school for only supernaturals.”
“Sure l will, l will do anything for you.”
“I can’t wait to see Beverly again and tell her all what happened this past weeks.”
“When are we completing our mating.”
What? Now!
“Are you re-ady?”
“Am more than re-ady, l want you Draven l said and k!$$£d him de-eply.”
“Am all yours and will forever be” he said and hovered over me.
“I love you so much Alexa.”
“I love you too Draven.
“Now let’s make babies.”
They made babies and lived happily ever after.
The End.