Holly High school Episode 7 & 8

💓(A vampire r0m@nç£story)💓
Episode Seven
Am sick and tired, if l get out of here alive l will sue him for kidnapping.
What am l thinking?
Did l forget he is a vampire.
He compels the Judge and tell him to forget the case.
The door opens and Draven walks in.
He threw some clothes at me.
” Get dressed,let’s take a walk.”
“Huh! a walk?
” You held me, be dressed in five minutes.”
This guy is wierd, who takes their captives out for a walk.
Isn’t he afraid l might run away.
I look at the dress, it’s a b©dy hvg go-wn.
I put it on, it st©p mid th!ghs and brou-ght out every of my curves.
It’s too ti-ght and revea-ling.
It’s just a walk not a p@rty, why will he get me this.
” re-ady” Draven ask as he enters the room.
“Yeah” l reply.
He stare at me for what seems like forever.
His face is expressionless.
” Come with me” he said.
After being locked up for so long.
I can finally see the sun.
This house is breath taking.l stare in awe at every single think.
Everyone we come across will all bow and say:” Greetings Lord Draven”, while some say: “Greetings My Lord”.
His he that powerful.
We got to a paved path, throu-gh some beautiful trees.
There was an odd s-en-se of deja Vu as l breathe in the scent of blossoming flowers.
Finally, the path opened to reveal a sparkling infinity pool that appeared to fall of the edge off a cliff and just before it were sun lounges.
I g@sp in amazement as l look at the view before me.
Have never seen a place like this before.
From the look of things, he comes here often.
The view here is awesome.
I stare at Draven, who look straight ahead.
” Thank you for bringing me here” l said sincerely.
He nods in response.
“Sit” he orders.
I seat in a sp©t, were l can get a clear view.
Draven sit beside me.
I look at Draven and can feel my heart race.
Why am l feeling this way?
I t©uçh myl-ips as l remembered the k!sswe shared the other day.
His looks alone is driving me crazy.
” Alexa, l want you to tell me the truth,
Who really are you?”
What’s with the sudden change?
He spoke softly and he even called my name.
” I said the truth alre-ady,am the only child of my mother, my mother and l live together here in Los Angeles.”
” St©p lying you are not human.”
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“But how, why do you think am lying?”
” I can’t compel you, l can’t hear your thoughts and l can’t percieve your scent.”
” But am telling the truth, l don’t even know what you are talking about.”
” plea-se believe me and let me go.”
” Fine am keeping you for seven days, if l can’t figure out who you are,l will as-sume you are a spy and s£nd you to my father.”
” plea-se don’t s£nd me to your father.”
( written ✍️ by Joan lkponwosa)
Why am l feeling this way?
Am not supposed to be like this.
Ever since l met her, have become unusually soft hearted.
I would have s£nt her to my father since the day l captured her but l just couldn’t and l don’t know why.
what is she doing to me?
She was able to break the barrier Ariana set on the pool and save Beverly the other day.
Immedaitely l knew she isn’t human.
Now she is begging me not to take her to my father and l just have the urge to hvg her and tell her l will never hurt her.
” Do you know my father?” I ask.
” Lord Badmus have heard of him, the most powerful Vampire that has ever lived” she reply.
” Yes my father is indeed powerful but there was someone more powerful than my father.”
” Why haven’t l heard of him.”
” He is dead.”
” I thought vampires don’t die.”
” Enough, l can’t believe have been answering your questions all this while.”
” Lord Draven, what do you think l am!”
” If am not human, then what am l?
A vampire!
” That l can’t tell, you are niether human nor vampire” he said.
” Am not so sure but l can’t percieve your scent so l don’t really know who the hell you are.”
” But my mother is human.”
” And your father?”
” I don’t know, but if he isn’t my mom would have told me”l reply.
“What if am a monster?” I wanted to ask but the pain in my head is becoming unbearable.
” Are you okay” Draven ask.
“Yes am fine” l reply.
” Ouch!
Why do l suddenly feel pains?
I hold my head, my heart is beating fas-ter than normal.
I am feeling pain all over, it’s like am being tortured.
“What’s wrong?” Draven ask.
“My head , my head, it hurts.”
Aaaaaaaah l scream in pain, my hair started floating and trees started falling, the ground is shaken.
I can feel my clothes torn to pieces and my bones start cracking.
“Lord Draven plea-se help me” l yell in pain.
” No, it can’t be! He said and g@sp.
” You are a witch?
” A Tri brid.”
( A vampire r0m@nç£story)
Story ✍️ Joan lkponmwosa
Episode Eight
I woke up to the Ray of sunlight.
My vision is blurry and my head aches.
Memories of what happened yesterday c@m£ rushing in.
I g@sp in fear and ran to look at myself in the mirror.
But the mirror wasn’t there.
What happened, there was a mirror here.
Wait, what! Where am I ?
This is not the Maison.
I look around the room is old and unkempt.
What am l doing here?
Did Draven abadon me?
I could recall the look of terror in his eyes when l changed to an animal.
Not just any animal.
A wolf.
He called me a witch and a Tri brid.
A witch? A Tri brid.
Why did l change to a wolf?
What is a Tri brid?
I walked out of the room and look at my surroundings.
This place is awefully quiet.
I ran into the room frightened.
Why did Draven bring me here?
He left me all alone in this place.
What will mom think of me when she finds out l turned to an animal.
I didn’t know when l started crying.
” Why are you crying?” I heard a familiar voice.
The voice have been wanting to hear.
I felt relieved.
” Lord Draven, l thought you left me” l said and sob.
“Shush! St©p crying” he cooed.
I buried my head on his che-st and cried more.
How did my life turn out this way?
” I will never leave you” he says and pat my back.
I freed myself from his embr@ce and stare at him.
” What…. Did you say?” I stuttered.
” Never mind, l brou-ght something to eat.”
” Why did you bring me here?”
” Enough question,eat up” he said.
He use his hand to wipe my eyes, he stood up and left the room.
Huh, he so sweet, l said inwardly.
I stare at the food hungrily.
I was starving.
I uncovered the food and started eating slowly.
I ate little, l couldn’t eat much.
Draven walk in.
He stared at me for sometime.
” Sit” he orders.
I sat beside him on the be-d.
We both were quiet, and am tensed by how close are b©dy were.
“I know you have a lot of questions” he said breaking the long silence.
” Am l a witch, why did l turn to an animal?” I ask in a rush.
” I know you won’t un-derstand since you were made to live your life as a human.”
” Let me tell you a story.”
“Listen attentively” he said.
“A very long time ago.There was a vampire called Dylan.
He was earth’s original vampire.
Which made him the most powerful of all vampires.
And there lived a very powerful witch.
Her name was Alva.
She was very beautiful.
Alva has a best friend called Beatrice.
Beatrice was a werewolf
They told each other practically everything.
One day Alva told Beatrice to accompany her to a Vampires p@rty.
At that time, vampires hate the werewolves alot.
Beatrice refused on the excuse that the vampires hated the werewolves that she couldn’t risk going to the p@rty.
Alva persuaded her and agreed to perform a disguise spell on her.
The spell will mask her scent from the vampires.
They both agreed to attend.
They got to the p@rty, Lord Dylan who attended the p@rty fell in love with Alva at first sight.
He approached her and they become good friends.
Beatrice was furious because she had a one sided crush on Lord Dylan but never told anyone.
And moreover she was a werewolf, she couldn’t approach him because of the thousand years of hatred that exists between the vamps and werewolves.
Dylan and Alva bec@m£ inti-mate and Beatrice bec@m£ more envious.
She wanted so badly to end there relationsh!p, so she c@m£ up with a plan.
At that time Alva was pregnant and was planning on telling Lord Dylan about it.
Beatrice paid a male werewolf to f0rç£ himself on Alva.
She added a drug that weakens witches to Alva’s jui-ce.
She never knew the drug didn’t only weakens witches but kills them.
She left the house and went to meet Lord Dylan.
She told him that Alva was cheating on him that he should come see for himself.
Back in Alva’s house, she was struggling with the man that was trying to have his way with her.
But the more she fought the more weak she bec@m£.
The man str!p her off her clothes and immediately Dylan and Beatrice entered.