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Holly High school Episode 3 & 4

(A vampire romance story)
Episode three
Everyone gasp.
Am still surprised, l didn’t just do that right! It was a coincidence.
Yes it must be a coincidence.
Her minions rush to her and help her get up. She is obviously embarrassed.
She gives me one last glare and storms off with her minons following her like robots.
Again, everyone started chanting, most of the students are pleased with what happened.They detest her.
“Alexa, what just happened?”
” I don’t know.”
” You are lucky girlfriend, l thought l will never see this again” she says and touch my hair, l roll my eyes.
This girl is so dramatic.
“Take, tye up your hair everyone is staring at you” she says and gives me her hair band.
“Thanks Beverly”
” Your hair is fine”
” But not as fine as yours” she replies.
I pack my hair to average length, we couldn’t even finish our meals before the bell was rung.
Break over.
All thanks to queen Elizabeth (Ariana).
I got home, ahhhh haaaa l yawn , what a hectic day.l drop my backpack, l need a warm bath.
I wrap a towel around my body and enter the bathroom.
I came out and there are missed calls on my phone, two from mom and three from Beverly.
” Who should l call first?”
I decide to call mom.
“Good evening mom”
” How are you?, I won’t be coming home tonight darling, something came up,take care of yourself, okay!
“Okay Mom”.
” I love you”
” I love you too” l reply and hang up.
Time to call Beverly, am beginning to like her alot.
” Hey girlfriend”.
” Hi Beverly, you called”.
“Yeah, want to invite you to a party.”
“Am not coming”.
” Come on Raphunzel is just a party it won’t kill you.”
“Raphunzel ! Seriously!” I ask.
” Am jealous of your hair girlfriend, the name suits you”
” So you are coming!”
” No”.
” Please,it’s gonna be fun, consider it as doing a favor for your best friend.”
” Best friend?, This girl is crazy.”
“I will come pick you up, dress best, kisses ” and she hangs up.
Have gotten a psychopath vampire as a friend.
Mom is gonna scold me if she finds out. She doesn’t allow me go out, am always indoors am now used to it anyways. But tonight am gonna explore and have a little fun, like the saying goes:
” Opportunity comes but once.”
Later in the evening, l change out of my pajamas, took my bath, l put on a new pair of jean. My shirt is simple, a black button up, sleeveless shirt with lace trim on the shoulder. I don’t do party Beverly will understand. I look at my make up not a fan of make up l apply lip gloss and wear a perfume. I take a look at reflection in the mirror am interrupted by the ringing of my phone.
” Raphunzel, where are you?,am outside your large compound.”
” Coming” l reply and hang up.
My hair is perfectly curled against my face, l push two Bobby pins in one on each side to keep my hair from my face.
I grab my purse and walk outside.
Beverly is waiting outside the building, on seeing me she gasp.
Raphunzel, are you wearing this to a party?”
” Yes, you should understand, am always Indoors, this is what have got.
” You v’e never been to a party?” She asks in surprise.
” My mom never allows me to leave the house to party, it’s always school.”
” What the hell ! For fuck sake you are an adult.”
” It’s fine, let’s just go, there are lots of things mom isn’t telling me but l hope one day she finds the courage to say it.”
” Who keeps an adult indoors?” Beverly ask.
” Let’s leave, l reply.”
We got to a building and the car came to a halt.
” We are here” she announce.
Rock music blaring from the building.
We enter the building and the first person l see is Ariana.
” What the hell is she doing here?” I ask.
“Breathe babe it’s a vampire night.”
” A Vampire what?”
” A Vampire night.”
“Are you kidding me you brought me to a Vampire party.”
” What the fuck we’re you thinking?’
” Are there even humans here?”
” No”
” Breathe Alexa , it’s nothing.”
” So that makes me the only human here in the mist of crowded Vampires”.
” What if they sense it”.
” No one will sense it, and beside l can’t percieve your scent and l can’t hear your thoughts, it’s wierd really wierd, anyways let’s not kill the vibe, let’s rock it babe.”
” Follow me”.
I take my time to observe my surroundings. It’s a huge two storey building,so big with over grown vines sprawling up the side.
There is a pool at the extreme,the lawn is full of people holding red glasses of wine or probably blood.
I follow Beverly inside the house, this house is the most beautiful house have ever seen, someone smile at me and hands me a red glass filled with blood, l try to say No, thanks but the person is gone, Beverly collects it and gulp it down.
” So gross”. I said out loud.
” Come take a seat let me give you a drink.”
“I taught Vampires are allergic to sun light, how do you come to school?”
“You are always curious,Alexa.”
” I thought you forgot my name.”
” We are pure Vampires that means we are day lighters , there are lot of vampires who are allergic to sunlight, that’s the purpose of this party to bring we the daylighters and the others together.”
“Wow, you guys are really United”
” Yeah , we are though there are some dickheads “.
“Let me get you a drink.”
” I need a clean drink not some bloody wine and please don’t keep me waiting for too long.”
“Okay Mom” she says in sarcasm.
I sit alone, although the party is lively am not just feeling the vibe maybe because l don’t belong here.
Few minutes past and Beverly is yet to show up.
aaaaaaaah , my head , my ears , l use my hand to block my ears, am hearing voices , they are distant and loud too loud , l can’t feel my head, aaaaaaaah,it’s like someone is calling out to me. Save me it came rushing in. I stand and start walking not knowing where am heading to , it’s like there are lot of drummers who are drumming in my head.
I push past a lot of people, l think my head is about to leave my body, l use my both hands to block my ears, am loosing my mind, l find myself walking to the pool and l see someone struggling.
Beverly she is drowning.
Beverly l scream in terror and there came an heavy wind, trees starts to fall, the ground is shaking.
Is it an earthquake?
The voice in my head is alarming l can’t take it anymore, but Beverly l need to save her, with the last strength in me l dive into the water and pull her out. The voice in my head is gone, my vision is blurry, she is a Vampire she can’t die right, with that thought in my head l pass out.
Episode Four
Aaaaaaaah, l scream and wakes up,. waking up like this again, when will this ever end? , who is this person in my dream and what is there to ask my mother?.
What ! Where am l?
I observe my surroundings and stare in bewilderment, memory came rushing in.
My goodness ! Where is Beverly l ask aloud.
The door bust open and for some seconds l thought am hallucinating, Who is this?, an angel sent to rescue me?.
How can someone be this perfect, his hazel eyes they glister like a tiger’s, and am lost in them.
Then l notice his gaze is serious, doesn’t contain the lust l felt.
He clear his throat and ask ” Are you done eye raping me?, If yes l will like to know who you are, so who are you?”
“Beverly, where is Beverly”.
“Your vampire friend, am sorry l made her forget you” he says and l gasp.
” What! Why? How could you?”
” Who are you?”.
” Good question, but you have to be the first to answer mine because l ask first, so tell me, who are you?”
” Enough of this, will you please take me home”.
” Not until l know who you are, and it’s weird l can’t hear your thoughts, so for the last time, who the hell are you?”
“My name is Alexa Scott, l attend Holly High school, l went with Beverly to a party, which was actually the worst mistake of my life, and l woke up to find myself here and l want to go home so badly, so please take me home”.
” Is that supposed to be an introduction?” He asks and step closer.
” That’s not l want to hear” he says.
How can someone be this handsome, have never admired a guy before, but this dude here is distracting, with him this close, l can’t think straight.
” Breathe Alexa”.l mentally face palm myself.
” Please can you move back a little”, l ask politely.
” Now look at me” he says and use his hand to raise my chin to look at him eye to eye, am melting inside, those hazel eyes are enchanting.
” Tell me all l have to know , tell me everything about you.”
” Will you please take me home, l want to see my mother she must be very worried.”
He shift back in surprise and run his hand through his hair in a fraustrated manner.
What ! Is not like l said anything wrong.
“Fuck me, l can’t even compel you, who the hell are you?” He ask through greeth teeth.
” I don’t know what you are talking about, please take me home.”
” Well until l find out who you really are, you go no where” he walks out and slam the door shut.
What have l got into, l should never have went to the party,he made Beverly forget me, he says he can’t hear my thoughts and he wanted to compel me.
Which means one thing, he is a vampire, but how did he make Beverly forget me?, What does he want to know about me?, I just told him my name, what else does he wanna know.
When l escape from here,l will always remember not to disobey mom again.
Who knows what he is gonna do to me.
Mrs Scott( Alexa’s mom)
” Please you have to help me find her, please Irene , for the sake of our friendship help me find my daughter.”
” Beatrice my hands are tied, l can’t even track her, but l know she’s not in danger, l can sense it, the vampire Lords are searching for her, they sense it already, since she turned Eighteen”.
“You are my friend, l will advise you to tell her the truth before it’s too late, Nothing last forever Beatrice, you keep performing spells to conceal her identity but it won’t work now that she is Eighteen , everything will change, spells can’t work on her anymore. So make a good decision now that is not too late, l will call Selene to help us find her before the vampire Lords.”
“Thank you Irene.”
“But l can’t tell her the truth, not yet.”
” What will she think of me?”
” I can’t let her hate me, l can’t”.
” She won’t Beatrice, she will understand.”
” I hope so”.
The door opens and a maid walks in with a tray of food.
” Ma’am l brought your food.”
” Thanks but am not hungry.”
” Am sorry, but my boss instructed me to make you eat the food, so please try eat”.
” I said l am not hungry miss”. I half yell.
“Okay, now look at me”, she says and did the same thing Mr handsome did”
” Eat the food and forget l brought the food” she says.
” I said am not hungry, and why should l forget you brought the food, did you poison it or something.”
She is shocked, is clearly written on her face, that’s same look Mr handsome gave me earlier.
What’s wrong with them?
She takes the tray and leaves in haste.
The door opens, did she come back?
Oh! His Mr handsome.
He walks in with a tray of food, did he come to personally poison me, he is so bent on poisoning me.
“Your maid couldn’t do it so you came yourself to poison me right?, for fuck sake what did l do wrong.”
” Was someone here?”
” Off course your maid the one you sent to poison me, why are you pretending ”
He walks to a chair in the room, the same chair the maid sat on, he stare at it for some time.
Mitcheew , what is he doing?
” Damn, its Ariana.”
” She definitely is the one,” he says


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