Holly High school Episode 1 & 2

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🌺Holly High School 🌺 ,1/2
(A Vampire r0m@nç£story).
Alexa Scott a young beautiful teenager who lives with her mother in Los Angeles.
She grew up to believe her father died by car accident leaving her mother to fend for them.
Things start to change when she turns Eighteen and started attending the prestigious Holly High School. A school for humans and Vampires.
She had scaring dreams of a woman who always tell her this three word: “Ask your mother”.
Things even got worst when she fell in love with a pure blood Vampire and got to find out she is not Human niether is she a Vampire.
Then, “who is she?”
“What is her mother hiding from her?”
More truth are yet to unfold.
gr-ab your popcorn and follow along this thri-ller.
You don’t wanna miss it.
🌺Episode One🌺
Story ✍️ by Joan Ikpomwosa.
She is walking on a lonely path. The path is dark and gloomy, afraid she starts to run, but keeps running back to where she started. It’s like she is running in circles. She looks around in fear her feet are wobbling, she is confused, then she see a woman,a gold crown on her head,her w@!st and ankles are adored with gold and her dress is white as snow.
“Who are you?” She asks
“Ask your mother” she replies and disappear like lightening.
Aaaaaaaah l screamed and woke up,
beads of sweat on my forehead.
My name is Alexa Scott,am the only child of my mother, my father died when l was little so l didn’t get to know him.My mother is my everything l love her so much.
I turned Eighteen a few weeks ago and l attend the most prestigious school in Los Angeles, “Holly High School”.
It’s a school for humans and Vampires.l love Vampires alot but never knew l will be previledged to attend the almighty Holly High School.
Have been having that same dream every night and it all started few weeks ago.
Anyways it’s just a dream, l have to get dressed for school.
I get out of be-d and hurried to the bathroom.
“Open the door young lady”
“Am bathing mom, will be down in few minutes”
” Be fast, you don’t wanna be late”
“Alright Mom”.
I walk out of the bathroom, l dry my hair and apply lotion to my skin.l put on a crazy Jean and crop t©p,l pack my hair in ponytail and apply l!pgloss to myl-ips, and wear my snickers.
I take my bag and rush downstairs.
” Good morning mom” l greet and pe-ck her on both cheeks.
” Morning sunshine, how was your night?”
“Great mom, yours?”
” Let’s have breakfast so l can drop you off”.
“Alright Mom”.
After breakfast mom drop me at the front of the school,l alighted and wave mom goodbye. I enter the Compound and as usual the compound is filled and everyone is minding their business.l can’t even differentiate between vampires and humans.l look around for Beverly the only friend have made so far.
” And here she comes!
“Alexa” she calls then giggles.
” You look stunning”she compliments.
“Thanks, you don’t look bad either.”
“Come on l have something to show you” she says and drag me to a corner.
” Alexa am sorry l lied”.
The next thing l saw is shocking, she just showed me her fangs.
“Beverly” l call in surprise
” You are a Vampire!
“Yes sorry l lied, you see most humans here are afraid of our kind, l didn’t want to scare you away since you are new here because l like you alot.
” Am not afraid, l love your kind”
” What ! are you serious?”
“Yes l have always fantasized on having a Vampire as a friend. I love your kind that is why l chose to come here.”
“Wow, am relieved”.l thought l will lose a friend.
” You have super speed right?you can re-ad minds and can compel people”.
“Yes, we do have super speed and compel people to do what we want or forget about somethings, we re-ad minds too.”
” But it’s wierd, l can’t hear your thoughts, l don’t know why”.
“Hmm, but why are most humans afraid of your kind?
“Some Vampires bully humans alot ,so you have to be careful around here, have been wanting to warn you stay away from Ariana, she is the school queen and a deadly vampire, don’t get in her blacklist if you want your days in Holly High to be memorable”.
“I will try, but most students keep comparing me to her, they say am more beautiful than her, what if she finds out? and why is she like that?”
“Probably because she is d@t!ngDraven”.
“Who is Draven?”
“What! you don’t know Draven?”.
” Am serious l don’t know him”.
” Draven is the king of the school and the son of Lord Badmus, He is the heir to the throne.”
“Lord Badmus, the most powerful Vampire lord.
” You know him”
” How will I know such a prominent person, have only heard of how powerful he his.”
” Draven is very handsome, you might drop dead when you see him, he is too cute to be true and his b©dy is none to be compared with, he is h0t as fv¢k.”
” Do you have a crush on him?”
” Who doesn’t, every girl in this school have a crush on Draven, but he has been taken by a she – devil. I bet their relationsh!pis just a show off.”
” Beverly let’s leave we are almost late for clas-s”.
” fv¢k, let’s hurry”.
” I think we nee-d your superspeed”
Before l say Jack, we are in front of the clas-s.
” Wow! that was awesome, we should be doing it more often” l say and we laugh.
Am happy , l finally got a vampire as a friend but the smile faded immediately l remember mom’s words:
” It’s your birthday wish, so l will let you attend and moreover you are an adult now, but you have to promise me you will never make friends with vampires, promise?”
” I promise.”
Episode Two
Off course l lied, that was the only way mom was going to let me attend my dream school.
” Why does mom hate vampires?”
Beverly is cool though,l thought as we enter the clas-s.
(Somewhere in Los Angeles)
“My lord we v’e search the whole city but there are still no traces of them.”
” What the hell are you saying?”
” Am sorry my lord”.
” Sorry to yourself, she is definitely here in our clan, l can feel it the powerful aura of her daughter. ”
” I want you to find them before Lord Badmus. This is very important to us, Lord Badmus must not find them before us, l know he s-en-se it alre-ady.”
” Yes my lord”.
” Leave”.
” Yes my lord”.
” Wait,they once lived in oceane lake search the place and find out if there is anything we can use to trace them.”
” I will my lord”
“You may now leave”.
” Yes my lord”.
It’s lunch break, Beverly and l went to the cafeteria together.l order for French fries and gr@p£ jui-ce, Beverly ordered for beacon and orange jui-ce.
” So what do you when you are thirsty?, l mean when you want blood.”
” We buy blood, we don’t kill humans”.
“Here, take a look” she says and gives me a pail.
“Open it.”
I open it and it’s filled with blood.
” Holy baby Jesus! Beverly l call in surprise.
“Don’t be too surprised, this is what every single vampire does beside there is a penalty for killing humans, from what l heard l think they are un-der a oath not to kill humans, so it has been st©pped a long time ago.”
” This school was built by lord Badmus to form a bond between humans and vampires and it’s working”.
” Oh! Do you d@t£ humans or marry them?”
” Off course we do” she replies and her face turn tomato red”.
“Whats with that look, are you d@t!nga human?”
” Not yet but l have a hvge crush on a very handsome human”.
“Is it Draven?”
” No, Draven is a vampire and he is alre-ady taken, it’s hurts a little though.”
” Then who?” I ask but she is lost staring at something, l follow her gaze and it lands on Ariana the school queen.
” What’s with this Ariana l thought to myself, she is very good looking, she is too beautiful to actually be what they describe her as”.
” Alexa we are in trouble, Ariana is coming to our table she says in panic.
” Isn’t she the kitten that wanna be in the sp©t light and who told you to use the same band like mine” she says and re-move the band holding my hair.
Seriously that’s the worst mistake of her life.
My hair fall freely and it st©ps right below my knee.
“Wow! Everyone in the cafeteria exclaimed.
” Her hair is beautiful.”
” My goodness! have never seen a hair this long is she ra-phunzel or something.”
“She is more beautiful than Ariana.”
” Look at her eyes, so beautiful”.
” She should let loose her hair more often it suits her”.
They all kept chanting. If looks can kill , l will be in six feet alre-ady from the glares am receiving from Ariana and her minons.
” Bring the scissors” she tell one of her minons.
“The fv¢k! Beverly says as she g@sp in shock.
Like seriously she is gonna cut my hair, l remember when l was still very young l always complained about how long my hair was but mom told me never to attempt cutting it,but l disobeyed l went to a barbing shop when she went to work but all the cli-ppers st©pped working, l went to different places and same thing happened.l have tried all possible means to cut my hair but it all turns bad and l end up not cutting my hair.
Am still trying to find the mystery behind my hair, but mom always tells me it’s a gift so l should appreciate it.
Now this bit-ch thinks she can do what l wasn’t able to do for ten years l thought as l laugh.
” And why are you laughing? Do l look like am pla-ying around ?” She says and sm-irk.
” Hold her down”she tells her minons.
They rush to hold my both hands.
” Now am gonna use you as a scape goat to teach others a lesson, those who are trying to steal my sp©t” she says and step closer.
Beverly looks like she is gonna start crying very soon, l un-derstand she loves my hair a fv¢king lot.
wish she can miss her step and use her bu-tt to hit the floor ha-rd l thought to myself.
And am shocked by what happens.
Ariana miss her step and land on the floor with a loud thud and everyone g@sp.