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July 24, 2021


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His Virgin seductress Episode 5 to 8

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***(she’s hot but innocent….) ***

💖💖ON GOD💖💖

Written by Clement Ruth




Brianna ran into the hotel and into the workers room where she proceeded to change out of her work clothes and into normal wear

Oh my god, oh my god…

Her mind was in a whirl

She swallowed hard as she remembered the way his eyes bored into her in the lobby, the same way it had that night

She had left the strip club the next morning without a word to Isaac who was still sleeping soundly

Strangely she didn’t regret what she did and only the thought that she would never see him again saddened her

A week later, the memory still burned bright in her head and she could not get his name out of her head

Isaac Simmons, Isaac Simmons….

And now he had appeared right in front of her

And what had she done?

She had run away from him, that’s what she did

She changed out of her clothes and checked out of the hotel just as get phone began ringing

Her heart beat increased when she saw that it was the hospital

“Hello! ”

“Miss Adams, can you please cone to the hospital? “A voice said”Your mother’s had another seizure, your presence is needed before surgery”

God, no!

She gripped the phone and ran all the way to the hospital

She net the doctors wheeling her non in the way to the theater

“Doc.. Doc.. M”she called and the man stopped and pulled her aside ordering the nurses to carry the patient in

“Miss Adams, we thought it ended with the last surgery but we have a bigger one”the doctor said”we need to do this one fast to save your mothers life. Do you have the hospital fees? ”

Brianna blanched

She had most the doctor in a bigger problem but she returned when he asked for money

“Please.. Doc.. Just do the surgery.. First”she pleaded “you know i’ll pay.. ”

“Brie, you know if its in my hands I’ll help you”he answered”but the head doctor introduced a new policy recently and its eating deep. Do you have insurance? ”

Brie shook her head, tears spilling over

She grabbed the doctor’s hand again

“Please, she’s all I have.. “She held on “maybe I can talk to the head doctor… Please doc… ”

“I don’t know brie.. ”

“Please.. ”

“Do the surgery”a voice boomed and they turned to stare as Isaac strode towards them”I’ll pay for everything so do the goddamn surgery”

The doctor and brianna stared at Isaac, then at each other,then the doctor nodded

“Of course sir”he said and walked say after giving Brianna a warm reassuring smile

Brianna couldn’t believe her eyes or her ears as she slowly turned to Isaac who was already looking at her

“Thank you”she murmured, wiping tears off”Thank you so much”

“You are welcome”isaac said as he brushed her hands off and cleaned her tears with hi pristine white handkerchief

“Why are you doing this? “She asked after a while”you barely know me”

“Oh I think we know each other well”isaac answered putting away his handkerchief “Even biblically ”

She blushed and he was delighted

“But that still does not justify your doing this”She continued”You could have just easily forgotten me, why did you have to find me? ”

“Did you forget about me.. Hmm.. Brianna? ”

“No”she answered in a small voice”did you? ”


“Why not? ”

“Because sweetness, you are mine ”

“What do you mean, she Is fired? “Falcon asked, his lips barely moving as he stared at his erring receptionist

“Well after miss Adams unacceptable conduct this afternoon “the receptionist answered smugly”we called the agency who referred her to us and fired her”

It was all falcon could do not to break the neck of this chubby woman and dumped her body in the sea for the fishes to have a feast

“On whose orders? “He asked instead, still maintaining his cool

“Sir? ”

“Last I remembered, miss Phillips, I was placed as the C. E. O of this hotel by my uncle “falcon continued”so who ordered you to fire my staff? ”

“I… I… I’m… “the receptionist stuttered

“Do you know how hard it was for me to bring her here?! “Falcon yelled, his low sexy voice breaking into a high pitch, like a scream and the poor receptionist trembled and fell to her knees

“I… I’m sorry, sir. ..I’m so so… ”

“Fire her”falcon said to his secretary and walked past them to the door

He slammed his fist on his desk and pushed everything on it to the ground ad hr vented out his frustration

That little bitch was playing hard to get

“Oh you want me to be the bad guy? “He laughed cynically to no one in particular “fine then I’ll be the bad guy



***(She’s hot but innocent…) **

💖💖ON GOD💖💖

Written by Clement Ruth

Brianna woke up in a strange bed in a strange room

Strange and beautiful

It was like the home place was covered with glass and the view of the skyline was breathtaking

The bed seemed to be made only of pillows, it was so soft

Having no idea where she was, she slowly picked her way out of bed and into what she thought was the door but instead found herself in a huge closet

It was filled with mens clothes and her fears was confirmed

She turned and finally went out the real door into the most lovely sitting room she had ever been in

She walked around admiring every piece of furniture and the artworks on the wall, careful not to touch anything because from the kook of them they must be very expensive

Her eyes fell on a framed picture on the mantle place and she walked over to it and picked it up

It was Isaac and a very beautiful woman

The look they were giving each other as they held on to each other was one of pure adoration

It was obvious they were into each other

Brianna stared hard at the woman in the picture

She had seen her somewhere before

“My wife”a voice said and Brianna turned sharply towards Isaac, almost dropping the frame

He was dressed in white slacks and a pressed shirt which was unbuttoned at the base of his throat

Brianna swallowed

‘She’s very beautiful “she said

“She’s dead”

“I’m sorry”and she truly was

“So am I”isaac said”want some coffee? I’ll fix breakfast ”

Brianna shook her head

“Why am I Here? “She asked instead

“Well, I couldn’t very well leave you in the hospital “isaac replied”The surgery was over and you were sleeping like a baby in my arms”

He grinned at her and she blushed prettily

Well, sleeping in his arms was better than returning to her cramped one room apartment at midnight

“Thank you”she said softly

“You are welcome”he replied”so how about that coffee? ”

Brianna shook her head

“I’ve got to get going”she said”my shift starts at nine…. ”

She stopped in mid sentence as s message entered her phone

Exclusive royal hotel had fired her and the temp agency had terminated her contract

Brianna was weak immediately and she down hard on the sofa

Isaac was immediately by her side

“Are you OK? “He asked and brianna sighed rubbing her temple

“I just lost my job”

“If its that sleazy job, which I saw you doing, then thank goodness”he replied and brie glared at him

“Alright I’m sorry”he said’but I really don’t like you doing such work”

“Do you have anything for me? “She snapped back

“Really Brianna, there’s no reason for you to work anymore ”

“Oh really”she asked smiling fakseky”well then explain how I’m going to eat, sleep, pay my rents and clothing and let’s not forget my mom”

“I’m serious brie”isaac said”you’ve got me now”

“What? “Brianna was stunned”you barely even know me”

“You keep saying that but you and I both know that isn’t through”isaac chuckled

Brianna lowered her eyed again

“I… I can’t just stay Here”

“Oh yes you can”isaac answered and kissed her forehead

Falcon sat back in his swivel chair, eyes close mind whirling as he read out the information that was just faxed to him, on that bastard who always managed to steak his brie


What goes around, they say actually does comes around

He chuckled then burst into full laughter as he squeezed the document

Isaac Simmons

Now who would have thought that such a thing would have happened? He asked himself

No wonder he felt such animosity towards the bastard and he was always one step ahead

Isaac Simmons was Diana’s ex husband!



***(She’s hot but innocent…..) ***

💖💖ON GOD💖💖

Written by Clement Ruth


“Listen babe, I’m going to meet you at the airport in 20mins time “Diana said into her phone with laughter in her voice”C’mon darling, you know how long we’ve been planning this. I’m finally leaving my husband.we’ll be together in no time”

“Really? “Falcon asked in his low voice”Did you divorce him like I told you to? ”

“No, that’s too much stress”

“But how in the world is he going to believe that.. ”

“You know what babe? “Diana stopped to open her trunk and place her bags in it. She flipped her long blonde hair and pressed the phone with her eyes to her shoulders as she performed the heavy task”i don’t care what he thinks. I never loved him falcon. My heart’s with you”

Falcon smiled

“Alright”he answered “if you say so”

He quickly dressed up and prepared to go to the airport

He had known diana since college and had loved her ever since but Diana was a restless spirit

She jumped from one man to another, unsure if her next move, falling into mistake and this tine she had realized her mistake

She never should have married Isaac Simmons when falcon was there but now she was coming back to him

He got into hid car and drove to the airport where they planned to elope to one of the world’s most beautiful country, Paris

He got there in good time and waited anxiously for 20mins, then an hour then two

Finally, she cane in through the door but his beautiful Diana was in shambles

Her makeup was streaked across her face and she looked like a panda and she was trembling visibly

He hurried to her and she melted in his arms

“Diana… ”

“Falcon.. Oh falcon.. What do I do? “She asked weeping profusely “what have I done? ”

“What? What is it?”falcon asked frantically and waited for the tears to subside before she looked at him with terror filled eyes and whispered

” I think I killed someone”

When Diana had ran to him with her sob story five years ago falcon was immediately galvanized into action

His beautiful Diana must not suffer over this

He had arranged to have her shipped to Paris instead, yelling her he would join her soonest

That sane night he ordered his men to batter her car and render it unrecognizable and threw it into the sea

The next morning, pictures of it was blazoned across television screens across the country


Her husband was just devastated and falcon was satisfied

But somehow he never joined Diana in paris

Brianna stumbled into his life

Brianna could not remember eating such a good meal in her life

She must have but it must have been a long time ago

Isaac really was a good cook

Well it figures, having lived as a bachelor for five years, he must have learned how to cook

How devastated he must have been

She understood how it was to lose someone precious to you and was sorry Isaac had gone through it

“Will you eat and stop looking at me? “He asked suddenly, giving her a lazy smile

Brianna jumped and faced her breakfast

“What ate you doing today?”he asked ad they continued eating

Brianna looked up with a blank look

“I don’t know”

“How about you go shopping? “He said and placed something in front of her”you need more clothes”

She stared at the check the figures not quite coming together, then she gasped and grabbed it

“A $100,000 check?! “She sputtered


“For just clothes? “She continued”this is too much for clothes! ”

“So get something else”

“Like what! ”

“Maybe shoes, and more clothes”

Brianna stared at him in amazement as he got up from the table and went into the room

A few minutes later, he came out wearing a suit

“I’ve to get to the office”he strode to her and kissed her”ill see you tonight”

Brianna sat staring after him, then smiled happily



***(She’s hot but innocent…..) ***

💖💖ON GOD💖💖

Written by Clement Ruth

“Isaac! You are not going to believe this! “Brianna yelled excitedly as she ran into the house”mom moved”

She stopped dead when she saw Isaac with three other men

The men stars at her in astonishment then at Isaac who sighed and stood up walking towards her

“I’m sorry… I didn’t know.. Anyone was here… ”

“Brianna”Isaac said in a calm time that belied what his eyes we’re saying. He took her arm and led her to a seat beside him

“This are my friends”he continued, pointing”Dominic Bryan ”

“A pleasure”Dominic said raising his wine glass to her

“Zeke Winston”Isaac went on

“How do you do? “The attractive chocolate skinned man said and Brianna smiled

“And the last but not the least”Isaac concluded, “Chris xanders”

The handsome blue eyed man went on one knee and kissed Brianna’s hand as Isaac glared at him

“Nice to meet you, miss brianna”his eyes laughed up at her in amused mischief and she couldn’t help laughing back

They we’re all very good looking and amiable.

With the way Isaac allowed them into his home,she was sure that they we’re his trusted friends

“Alright that’s enough “Isaac growled, prying Brianna away from them “let go of her hand”

“You look very familiar”Dominic said, with a reading look at Isaac “have we met before? ”

Isaac glared at them and they laughed

They knew she was from the strip club, buy why they didn’t know was that Issac was into her

Zeke had gone isaac’s office and his secretary had informed him that Isaac had gone home

By 6:00pm?

That was an improvement’Zeke thought delightedly but was even more delighted that the reason was because of a mystery woman staying with him

Zeke had quickly called his other friends and they had confronted Isaac with this piece of good news but he was denying or rather giving no comments to their questions

He had perhaps managed to convince them when Brianna barged in looking for all the world, like the most beautiful thing on earth

The light in her eyes was enough to blind a man

Well, they had to find out sooner than later and they seemed to get pretty well along with the way the guys we’re making her feel at home

He regretted not telling them about her sooner

It wasn’t as if he was ashamed of brie.

He just didn’t want his friends to think of him as being weak

Weak enough to m not realize what was good for him until he was shown the way

***We are approaching the Jefferson airport. Please fasten your seatbelts as we prepare for our descent. Thank you for flying with us… ***

Diana leaned forward and tapped the stub of her cigarette against the ashtray before laying it down gently as she listened to the instructions overhead


Has it really been five years? And she was back home in New York?

She glanced at the window beside her, trying to look at the new York skyline but instead she found her reflection staring back at her

She raised a manicured hand and pushed at the bangs of her short blonde hair

She must have changed a lot

She was sure falcon wouldn’t recognize her but she didn’t care now

What she wanted to know was why he left her in Paris for five years without a word.

Paris was a wonderful place but she wanted to be home

She got off the plans and stood presently at the baggage claim area, a figure to behold

Diana was tall, with very striking looks, Blonde hair, dark eyes and a very sensual mouth

She would have been a very good model or actress

Now dressed in red bikers jacket,,red mini skirt, red knee high-heeled boots and a black inner wear, she was more than striking with a dark goggles on

She walked briskly out of the airport, heels clicking against the marble floors and into a taxi

“Exclusive royal hotel “she said to the driver and relaxed on the plush seat as the driver sped on

Diana Simmons is back.




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