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July 24, 2021


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His Virgin seductress Episode 3 & 4

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***(She’s hot but innocent…) ***


💖💖ON GOD💖💖

Written by Clement Ruth



Brianna sat in the crowded dressing room admist group of laughing, giggling girls

They were through with the night’s work and were getting ready to leave but Brianna wasn’t ready to leave yet

Her mind was in turmoil going over everything that she had done tonight

Did she actually strip in front of that man?

Her face turned red from embarrassment at herself and from the remembrance of the look in his eyes as she parades in front of him

Brianna groaned and placed her head down just as a woman walked to her

“You we’re really hot down there, you know “she said, twirling one of brianna’s curls

Brianna smiled a little, unsure of what to say next

“There’s someone here to see you “she continued

“Who? ”

“The one of who’s going to pay you”she said and started to walk away”Just go to room 8”

“Wait… Where’s Zoe? ”

“She’ll be there”

Brianna stared after her then got up and walked down a long hallway indicated by a waiter

Room 8,Room 8,Room 8….

Suddenly someone rounded the corner ahead of her and she gasped

It was the man she stripped in front of

Frantic, she opened the door next to her and entered, closing it fast and slipping into the shadows in the room

Her heart beat thudded with the sound of the footfalls and to her enormous astonishment, the door opened and he entered, quickly switching on the light

He stopped and stared at her, giving no indication of surprise

Brianna stared at him, eyes wide and mouth agape

“I.. I’m… I really am sorry.. ”

“For what? “He said and sat on the bed”you are quite early”

Brianna stopped

Early? What was he talking about?

“I… I.. ”

“What’s your name? ”


“Brianna.. “He repeated and she liked the way her name rolled off his tongue

Likewise, she was shocked at the way she blurted out her name and the next question

“What’s yours? ”

“Isaac”he said”Isaac Simmons”

He could see his name meant nothing to her and he liked that

Truth be told, she was quite different from other strippers, but he hadn’t met that much

But he needed no soothsayer yo tell him his body reactions to this girl

He stood up and walked slowly to her.

Brianna’s heart thudded and she stepped back as he came closer

“I’m… I’m just here to see Zoe.. “She murmured distracted by the way he was advancing on her”she ought to pay me”

“No you are not”he said as she felt the wall behind her and came up to it, hard”you are here to replay everything you did to me tonight. And more”

As he breathed the last words into her ears, Brianna shivered and instinctively gripped his shoulders

Immediately, their mouths collided and Isaac could have sworn something exploded in him

Brianna found her legs could no longer hold her and her hands came round his neck on her own before she crumpled to the floor

Higher and higher, faster and faster, the desire raged with neither of them caring

Isaac lifted her and when her back hit the soft bed, reality slammed into her and she shoved him back

They we’re both breathing hard

“Brianna… ”

“I.. “She couldn’t say anything. Words we’re useless at this point and they both knew it but it had to come out..

Somehow it didn’t and they ended up kissing again, this time with more heat than the last

When he entered her, she saw the look of shock in his eyes but smiled, regardless of the pain

She had never felt so… Right in her life

This was a one of a kind experience that she would give all to have again

And for some reason, she threaded her hands with his as they reached for that magical place together


“Where the devil is she?? “Falcon screamed into the receiver, his low sexy voice destroyed by rage

“What do you mean, Mr muldanno? “Zoe said, equally outraged but managing to keep her anger in check”o sent her up to you two hours ago

“Well, she isn’t Herr and I swear to God, if she’s not Herr in the next two minutes, this place is going down”

He slammed the receiver down and flung his expensive brandy to the wall

She always managed to evade him

God, he had never wanted any girl like he wanted Brianna adams

She was the friend of that stupid slit of his uncle and he had first saw her as a waitress at their housewarming party in new york

He had tried to get her attention bit to no avail

Her friend Cassie had come in on this dose offering help and support when falcon was about to do the unthinkable

She was almost in his arms tonight although she disappointed hon and went to another bastard

When she comes, he’ll make her do everything she was supposed to do to him tonight

Dammit, where the hell was she?



***(She’s hot but innocent…) ***

💖💖ON GOD💖💖

Written by Clement Ruth

Isaac sat back in his chair and closed the file in front of him In disgust as he realized he had read it four times

He sighed and rubbed his nose bridge In frustration

He just couldn’t get his mind to concentrate on the work at hand instead he found himself wandering to the activities of that night which to him was more important

It had been a week now and yet there was nothing more he would like than seeing her again

He just could not forget the shape of her face… The taste of her lips… The scent of her hair… The feel of her body beneath him… And the passion with which she had gripped him with…

Who in the world would have thought a stripper would be a virgin?

Apparently she had not been there for very long, according to the information he got when he went back there the day after

She was new and had quit immediately

And was nowhere to be found

But not for long, he would soon get her whereabouts, forge had hired a P. I(private investigator) two hours ago and was eagerly waiting for the phone to ring

He just wanted to see her again

The phone rang with a loud jarring sound and he dived for it

“Hello? ”

“I found her sir”the p. I’s voice sounded over the telephone

Relief and joy flooded through Isaac

“So quick? “He asked

“Well yeah”, the P. I answered “she’s not exactly low profile sir”

“Where’s she? ”

“I’ll fax you her whereabouts sir”he answered”nice doing business with you”

Isaac dropped the phone and In less than two minutes, the fax came up and he grabbed for it

Brianna Adams, 28,Works at Exclusive royal hotel :cleaner, Residence:15,knightson avenue…

He grabbed his car keys and jacket and flew out of the door with the fax

“Uhhh…. Mr Simmons… Your meeting with the board starts in ten minutes”his secretary called after him as he ran to the elevator

“Cancel it along with everything on my schedule today”he called back ‘I won’t be coming back to the office”

“Ok sir ”

Brianna mopped the sweat from her brow as she scrubbed at the gum on the marble floors in front of the receptionist desk in the exclusive lobby of The exclusive royal hotel

The receptionist was watching her with a sneer and of brie didn’t need this job so badly she would have dropped the brush and walked out but no, she can’t afford ti
A saucy guest had simply taken a haughty loom at her and the marble floors which she just cleaned and proceeded to drop her bubble gum on the floor then swept past Brianna triumphantly

She wrestled with the gum which was refusing to budge

Finally it gave in and she stood up quickly in triumph

Maybe too quickly, she thought as she bumped hard into someone as she got up

Strong hands held her from toppling and she found herself staring into blue eyes

Holy shit

“Brianna? ”

Brianna scrambled from his arms

Memories of what passed through them the other night flashed through her brain and she blushed a bright red

“I need to talk to you”he said his voice, calm and beguiling

She found hers quickly

“I don’t want to talk to you”she said and made to get away from him, as far as possible

“Wait.. Please”Isaac pleaded “I need to talk to you, brianna.”

“There’s nothing to talk about’

“Oh there’s a lot to talk about”

“That night was a mistake”brie whispered harshly”And a reminder of what I did, so let me go please”

“I don’t intend to”He said and Brie’s breath caught”I intend to keep you with me for a very long time”

“Why is going on here? “A voice said and made them both turn to face the intruder

A tall, dangerously handsome man stared at them then at the hand which Isaac grabbed Brianna with

“Is everything ok, miss adams? “He asked and without waiting for a reply”I would ask you to let my staff go, sir”

Isaac dropped hand and she turned and fled

“Brianna”he called and made to follow her but an arm held him back. He jerked off and turned to stare at the tall man

“Leave her alone”

“I would love to do so”Isaac kept his voice low as the other man. Low and dangerous “but I don’t usually let go of my most precious possessions”

The man flushed angrily and he clenched his fist like he wanted to take a swing at Isaac

Isaac seriously hoped he would because he was ready to release all the anger running through him but the man only smiled

“Let’s see if she’s really yours “he said”I won’t let her escape me again”

Finally Isaac recognized the man in the strip club

Falcon muldanno.

So he was really bothering him

Isaac smiled

“You lost her already”with that he was gone, as quickly ad he came, leaving falcon burning a hold through his back with his stare


Falcon watched as the man walked away from him

The proud bastard

Immediately he had discovered why happened that night, he had gone to all lengths to find out who Isaac Simmons is

And just as Brianna had captured him, she had also captured that fool as well

But falcon was not a man to back down in a fight so easily

If Isaac Simmons wants to go all the way in, falcon would be there waiting for him

With arms wide open




So heres another chapter

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