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July 30, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His Virgin seductress Episode 18 to 20

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***(She’s hot but innocent….) ***

💟💟ON GOD💟💟

Written by Clement Ruth



“How stupid can you be?!”falcon screeched at diana as soon as his uncle was out of his office

Diana could not answer

She was skull shell shocked from what just happened

She was almost arrested just now if not for falcon’s timely interruption

“I did tell you to stay put right?! “Falcon was still raving “if you had had a little more patience, you would be out of the country now”

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“Was there evidence? ”

“What? ”

“I… Falcon… I don’t want to go to jail “she croaked”tell me, is there any evidence? No one saw me that night, right? ”

Falcon looked at her in disgust

He was really losing his patience with Diana and right now, he had to kiss any chance he had of being with Brianna goodbye

Diana had ruined him and he didn’t know why he wasn’t helping her, except for old times sake

He was even turning his family against himself by being with her, yet he can’t back out now

He was already too involved with this case now

He just had to settle this quietly and try to worm her way back onto his family’s grace

He looked at Diana and sighed

“No, you fool, there was no evidence. I got rid of your car remember? “He snarled “there’s nothing, except Brianna who thinks she saw you but she didn’t because we’ve provided a perfect alibi for you ”

Diana shuddered in relief

“Just stay down and I’ll get you safely out of the country ”

She shook her head

“I’m tired of running away, falcon”she uttered “i’m not leaving ”

It was all falcon could do to not shove her head against his desk

The nerve of the bitch!

He leaned forward

“Are you saying you don’t want my help? “He asked, testily

She looked up at him defiantly, a determined line in her mouth

“Do I have to run away again?”she demanded”can’t You think of any other way? ”

“You seem to forget that you have no say in the matter “falcon replied, his fingers itching to hit something “do you know that I’m under no obligation to help you? ”

Diana glanced away

“If you don’t want your pretty little ass in jail, then shut up and do as I say! “He spat “and since you like this office so much, you will stay here till I say otherwise ”

Then, he was gone leaving Diana in misery

If only Brianna hadn’t seen her then, she muttered, things wouldn’t be so bad

That nosy Bitch

She should be grateful her mother wasn’t dead but instead she had to dig deeper

Oh if only she could have a chance to deal with her before being thrown into captivity

Just a chance

“What No ? “Brianna asked “Steven, why didn’t you tell me all this before? ”

Steven was silent

They were going to the store in front of which her mother had that accident. There has to be a way to know what happened five years ago

The idea that he had 7not arrested Diana but instead allowed falcon to talk him out of it was notorious and it had slipped out by mistake

“You still haven’t answered my question? “Brianna pressed, then stopped when he slowed his pace

She looked up and knew the reason

Isaac stood outside the store alongside Zeke who was holding a phone to his ear

When they saw them,they approached

“Isaac “Brianna said as they both neared “hi Zeke”

“Hi Brie, you also working on the case? “Zeke asked then looked at Steven “don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure?”

“Oh this is detective Steven Ross “She said “of course I’m willing to help and Steven was just telling me how he managed to let Diana escape again

“Brianna, I told you we need evidence”

“It will be a bit hard to get those “Isaac said finally “The st👴ore has no record of what happened five years ago. The cameras were broken that night ”

“Your testimony is credible brie, but it needs something to back it up “Zeke said….

Brianna was aghast

And tired

Tired of the way everything was crawling and the slow measures of the men

Maybe she should take things into her own hands




The secretary had seen her before

Although then she had secretly admired her beauty but she didn’t think so now

Brianna was not smiling as she stood before the woman

“I need to see Mr falcon”she said”is her in?”

“Uhh….Mr falcon isn’t here now “the secretary replied”moreover he asked me not to let anyone in..”

‘How can he say that unless he’s trying to hide’Brianna thought”he knew this was going to hit him back”

She stared at this hindrance to her plans

She had planned to come here,meet falcon and demand,politely or rudely,if situation requires it,what the hell he was doing at the police station

She doesn’t give a damn if he was there for sow thing different entirely but the way he had tired and looked at her was strange

And then there was the way the way the mayor had suddenly turned on Steven

And also Diana appeared in his office

He definitely had something to do with it

The sound of her ringtone made,her jerk with surprise


She answered the phone cautiously

“Where are you?”he asked as soon as she answered

She started to lie then decided against it

“I’m at the exclusive royal hotel”

“What?!Brianna,what are you doing there?”Isaac asked,pensive”come back please”

“No,Isaac,I have to end this”she said

“There are more than capable people for the job,brie”a muffled voice said,which she recognized as Steven’s”Zeke and I have got people digging into that night.calm down”

“If I wait anymore for your digging,we might never get anything thing done”she snapped”I’m tired of your incessant wait….”

“Well,well,well,who do we have here?”

Brianna turned towards Diana coming towards her with a smile on her face but glittering hatred In her eyes

“I was so looking forward to seeing you”she said and Brianna smiled

“So was I”

Isaac was perplexed when Brianna told him she was …


He just had a bad feeling and good thing he had called her

Steven had dropped by to say she had suddenly left the station and if she was there

And of all places,she was in the one place he didn’t want her to be

He was about to hang up and go to his car when he heard her

That voice could only be Diana’s

But something about her tone made him not to hang up and listen to every horrible word

The women stared at each other so heatedly that the secretary wondered why she didnt burn up

Well,she could not stand this battle,shy person that she,was,but she could not also leave the office of her boss

An idea sprang In her head

“I’ll get us some coffee”she uttered and practically bolted through the door,leaving the women in the room

Diana waited for a heartbeat and smiled

“Who would have thought you would come back to haunt me?”she said”maybe you were the one I should have run over”

“Maybe”Brianna answered”but you didn’t and I didn’t just come back to haunt you but also make,your life a living hell”

“Oh yea,what are you going to do?”she taunted”or haven’t you done enough by stealing my husband and my boyfriend”

“Your husband…and boyfriend”Brianna was aghast”you have no conscience.how dare you do that to Isaac?And how dare you do that to my mother?Turn yourself in…unless I won’t go easy on you.The streets should be rod of people like you ”

“And filled with your slutty kind?”Diana’s face,was a mask of an ugly scowl”you deserve everything that has ever happened to you,bitch”


“Yes,you took everything from me the night I ran your mother over”Diana snarled”I lost my boyfriend and future and now you think,you can do it all over again?No way”

Brianna was shaking with outrage

“How dare you?”

Diana smirked

“Falcon’s working on my leaving the country and I’ll escape within the blink of an eye”she uttered”and you will be so sad and sorry you ever messed with me”

“Stop”Brianna said,anger and outrage grating her voice but Diana mistook the sound for defeat and went on to say

“Aww,your life would be so much worse than it is now”she said”You know what I wish I had ran into your mother properly”

Rage made Brianna’s throat close up

“But since I didn’t”Diana continued”I wish she never wakes up”

That did it.

Brianna saw blue murder and without warning ,she hurled herself at Diana

A second later,A bloodcurdling shriek echoed down the building





Steven drove in a frenzy as Isaac held on

The phone was placed strategically on the dashboard where they could hear every single word

When Isaac had recognized his ex-wife voice,he had quickly notified Steven who had made him hit the record button and pray that Brianna never ends the call

Now here they were,hurrying to exclusive royal hotel ,hoping there was enough time to nab the criminal

Steven could not believe their luck

Confession from the prime suspect herself was one of the most sought after evidence and it would satisfy any jury

He just hoped Brianna held her long enough till they got there

They were in the parking lot of the hotel when they heard the scream

It came loud in the car and the phone gave it a shrill sound

Isaac looked at Steven and then they bolted upstairs,leaving the receptionist in disarray

Some of the guest in the hotel,disturbed by the scream,came out of their various rooms to know what’s going on

When the men got to the office,they stopped dead in their tracks when they took in the situation

The women were on the floor,tussling with each other,pulling at their hair and clothes,while the secretary floudered around them trying to separate

Diana was shrieking as Brianna clearly had the upper hand

“Help!!”she shrieked and the men came to her rescue

Isaac’s lifted Brianna bodily from Diana while Steven attended to the crying woman

“Brianna”Isaac said,trying to calm the enraged woman”that’s enough, sweetheart”

“I’m going to kill her”Brianna said as she lunged again at Diana who had collapsed in Steven’s arms,weeping copiously

“Keep her away from me!”Diana shrieked”she just attacked me and I did nothing wrong”

“Of course you didn’t”Steven said,smiling balefully”except you were the hit and rum driver who ran her mother over five years ago and tried to escape justice”

“I don’t know what you are talking about”she replied looking at him with terror filled eyes”I need to get away from this woman”

“Of course”Steven said”yo are coming with me to the station”

“What?!”she shrank back”why?!I did nothing wrong!”

“You were caught on tape, Diana”Isaac said”every detail of your dirty little secret was revealed”

“You did?”Brianna asked from his side, breathlessly

“Yes”Isaac answered”and you will be punished dearly”

Diana stared at them in horror as Steven placed a cuff on her

“No!…please ..don’t do this!…I’m sorry”she shrieked”I don’t want to go to jail..Falcon!!!”


Steven walked into the mayor’s office and wasn’t surprised when he saw falcon seated there

“Detective,you have gone way too far with this case”the mayor started barking”how dare you lock up an innocent citizen?! Release her immediately!”

“How do you do,Mr muldanno?”falcon asked,directing his question to falcon who raised an eyebrow at the unexpected question

“Listen to me, detective”the mayor continued”you are….”

“If I listen to you any longer,I’ll have you in the same cell as him,Mr mayor”Steven said and the door opened and two sergeant came in

They walked to falcon and stood behind him

The mayor looked from the sergeants to Steven then to falcon and knew immediately that the game was up

Falcon was still seated and glaring down at Steven who smiled at him

“We were actually thinking of coming to get you, Mr muldanno”he said”nice of you to come meet us”

He nodded to the sergeants

“Take him away”he ordered and falcon smirked

“How dare you”he spat as the sergeants laid hands on him and proceeded to lead him away

He looked frantically at the mayor who was trying to reassure him but Steven cast him a look that made him cower

“You will pay dearly for this”he said as he was led away and Steven followed him put after one last look at the mayor




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