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June 18, 2021


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His Virgin bride final Episode

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❣️(Betrothed to my worst nightmare)❣️
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The blur in my eyes cleared out a little bit as I opened them and found myself on my hospital bed..

‘Is the baby okay??’..i heard from beside me and when i turned around Javier was right there…

He was right there with a bandage on his head and arm…

He was right there on a wheelchair looking good even with the bruises on his face.

‘Is this a dream?? Cause if it is then you better go back to where you’re coming from’..I said touching my second arm and he rolled his chair towards me…

‘If it’s a dream would i be doing this??’..He asked as he softly brushed his lips against mine…

‘Ohhh my God it’s really you Javier!! It’s really you I can’t believe you’re still alive!!’..I screamed hugging him tightly and when I heard him wince I quickly removed myself from his embrace..

‘Sorry I’m..I’m just excited that you didn’t die because of me’..I murmured quickly wiping away the tears that formed in my eyes..

‘Because of you?? Elena what are you even talking about how can you say that?? How can you even say that you’re the reason I almost died?? You’re the reason I’m alive and sitting here!!’..He replied with a frown on his face and my little sobs escalated..

‘It really is my fault Javier! It really is my fault!! If only I

had told you I…’..my voice trailed off as he crushed his lips to mine…

‘Don’t you ever say that!!—Ever.Don’t you ever say that again you hear me?? I was the reason why I almost died and you are the reason I’m alive today Elena..it’s okay you don’t have to feel guilty’..He said after I nipped my bottom lip and I nodded..

‘So when are you leaving??’..He asked and my mouth went agape flabbergasted at the question..

‘What..What do you mean Javier??’..i asked..

‘I mean when are you leaving for New York??..Elena i don’t want you to leave me cause I can’t possibly see a future without you’..He said and i almost gave him a jab in the gut if not for what he’s been going through…

‘I..I’m not going Javier!! I’m not going anywhere you hear me?? I’m never leaving you again…if we have problems we tackle it together for better or for worse I would never leave your side and besides our child needs someone to teach him Karate’…I said in a shrilled voice and he chuckled softly holding my hands and looking into my eyes..

‘Have I told you how much I love you??’..He asked..

‘Yeah you have,you’ve told me every single time and just

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so you know…the feeling is mutual’..I replied linking my arms around his neck and he smirked..


‘You didn’t say you love me too’..

‘But you know I do right??’..

‘Yeah but i wanna hear you say it to me’..He muttered adamantly and i snickered..

‘I love you King Javier’..I said nuzzling his nose with


‘And i love you too Queen Elena’…he replied kissing my forehead…


‘Awww look at the both of them’..I exclaimed blushing fully as Duke Viero and I walked in on Javier and Elena all wrapped up in each other’s arms and sleeping on the same hospital bed…

‘Yeah we are great parents Queen Ariel’..He replied smiling at the two lovebirds..

‘Cheers to that and uhhh Duke Viero don’t you think Elena should know??’..i asked resting my head by the doorway..

‘Huh?? Know what??’..He rhetorically replied and i nudged my head towards Elena’s direction…

‘It’s time for Elena to know that she has a younger sister Duke Viero,i know this is hard but i think she’s matured enough to understand’..I said and he sighed..

‘She’s not ready Queen Ariel i just know it,she’s just not ready to know that she has a younger sister.I’m not even ready to meet my second daughter yet cause i only knew about it recently..This is hard for me and Elena isn’t in the right mind to know about it’..He replied and i nodded in agreement..

‘You are right Duke Viero,Elena isn’t ready to know that she isn’t the only child but you have to tell her eventually??’..

‘Yes eventually’..



7 months Later❤️

‘Javier!!! Javier!!’..Elena screamed as she barged into the room and I rolled my eyes..

Heavily pregnant and almost due for delivery Elena has been a total pain in the a*s..

One minute she’s happy and the next she’s crying..

The mood swings are just so annoying that once I screamed at her..

And the crazy combination of food…

Once she told me that she wanted boiled rose soup and roasted bananas…

Even the maids get frustrated at her endless demands…

‘What is it this time sweetheart’..i asked as she paced around the room angrily..

‘Jonas called me fat Javier!! Jonas called me fat!!!’..she yelled and i arched my brows..

‘Jonas called you fat??’..

‘Yeah he did!! Like can you even imagine Javier!! He called me fat!! Do i look fat??’..She asked and i shook my head vigorously..

Anyone who would call my wife fat just because she’s pregnant is obviously blind cause even though she’s heavy with child she still looks as pretty as hell..

‘You’re lying Javier!! You’re lying i look really fat don’t I??’..She sobbed and i sighed again..

‘Look in the mirror Elena?? Do you look fat?? Hell no okay?? You’re the prettiest pregnant lady I’ve ever seen’..I said stroking her hair…

knowing Jonas I’m sure its just a silly joke to toy with Elena..

He’s been living in the castle and helping me run things over ever since his career went down the slope line…

For a loud mouth he’s pretty good at sorting out things and according to him he wants to be near his son Theo who was born in the dower house…

‘Pretty?? You didn’t even say sexy Javier you just said pretty!! I hate this pregnancy!!’..She screamed..

‘How can you say that?? You were so excited for the baby’..i asked and she hissed loudly..

‘Well that’s before I started bloating up like a ball and looking like a birthday piñata’..

‘Just stay calm Elena in just few weeks our child is going to be…

‘Ahhhhh!!!!’..She screamed and when i looked to the ground there was wet fluid all over the place…

‘Elena did you just pee on the floor?!! My God Elena you’re acting like a ninny!!!’…i yelled..

‘You idiot it’s not..it’s not urine i..

‘You what??’..

‘I..i..I think my water’s broke Javier..the..the baby is coming’..

‘The baby??..The..the baby you mean the baby is coming now??’..I asked.

‘Of course the baby is coming now get a doctor!!!’…







Javier groaned loudly as he walked into his room only to find his two year olds on the bed jumping and giggling…

Who knew Elena was pregnant with twins??..

Her belly wasn’t so big??..

‘Ivan and Ivy get down now!!!’..he screamed at the top of his voice but the two year olds didn’t heed to his demands…

He placed his hands on his forehead obviously frustrated by the both of them and walked over trying to stop them from ruining everything…

Why did Elena have to go to New York??,he thought..

‘Get down Ivan!! No more playing tea party if you don’t come down Ivy’..He said aloud and his little terrors chuckled in their little cute voices…

No one told him that being a father would be this hard??..

He wanted just a girl and not a boy with the request package??..

‘Ya-yy-i loves mommy’..They began chanting and Javier couldn’t help but smile…

Truly he loved their mommy..

More than they could ever imagine but right now he wasn’t too happy with her..

He had a meeting to attend with his newly appointed royal council and not to be chasing toddlers around..

He could have hired a maid to help them but they were busy on their own..

Why did Elena have to go to New York??..

It’s been two weeks already and he was already missing her so bad but he just has to live with it..

She has a career outside her home and since he was the one who convinced her to go back racing he just has to live with it…

‘Ivy!!! Ivan!! I’m gonna get the both of you!!’..He yelled playfully as he ran after his two little troublemakers..


I sighed deeply in satisfaction looking at the trophy I won from the race..

Second place isn’t bad judging from the fact that i haven’t raced for over four years now…

My phone rang and i quickly grabbed it from my bag only for me to see Javier Video calling me..

‘I have to sleep’..I said over the phone as my hands rummaged through my hair..

‘Yeah and i can’t sleep’…Javier snapped in a way which almost made me chuckle..

I knew leaving him with the twins would be a hassle..

But luckily with a lot of persuasion from Jonas he decided to get a phone for better communication…

‘When are and coming back Elena??’..He asked and I smiled..

‘Very soon Javier and besides it’s only been two weeks??’.

‘Yeah and each day feels like hell!! I love our kids but seriously they’re giving migraines!’..He retorted darting a sultry glance at the opening of my robe..

‘I’ll be back soon Javier okay?? Love you’..I muttered and before he could protest any further i disconnected the call and laughed heartily..

His birthday is tomorrow and he doesn’t have a clue..

I packed my bags carefully along with my trophy changing into simple clothes and left the hotel room…

The sooner I get to Northridge the sooner I can breathe..

There was a time I used to love New York more than anything but now my body reeks to go back home to Northridge..

With warm air..


And beautiful carriages..

And fresh flowers…


The Next Morning i turned around only to see Elena beside me and quickly jolted from the bed..

‘Tell me this is a dream?!!’..I yelled and she yawned loudly..

‘Happy birthday husband’..She said handing a portrait beside her over to me..

I stared down at it and gasped seeing the portrait of the first time I almost told Elena i loved her..

A picture of Elena and I in the secret garden…

‘How did you??’..

‘Do it?! I’ve got a sharp memory your highness and besides this is just compensation for your last birthday’..she said and i grinned like an idiot..

Can I even love this girl less??..

‘I really love you Elena’..i said and quickly grabbed her by the waist kissing her hard on the mouth..

‘I love you too’..she replied with her arms still around my neck and I pursed my lips thinking of a naughty idea..

‘What??’..She asked..

‘What better way to be thirty than with you in bed with no one to disturb us??’..I replied..

‘You do know Ivan and Ivy would burst out that door any moment soon’..She said and I frowned..

‘Well we could tell the maids to drug them??’..

‘Javier??!! Really?!’..

‘Hey I’m just joking alright but seriously the only birthday gift I want is seeing you naked’..I whispered nipping at her bottom lip and slowly unzipping her dress..

‘You do know there’s already a party planned right??’…She asked.

‘To hell with the party I want some alone time with my Lena and besides I’ve been starved for three whole weeks!!! Three whole weeks!!’…I exclaimed and she guffawed..

‘Has anyone told me you’re such a clown??’..

‘Yeah but I’m your clown so where first?? The bed or the shower??’..i muttered and she darted a sexy glance at me as she walked over to the bathroom..

‘We might have a third child Javier’..i heard her say..

‘Yeah yeah —Huh?? You’re joking right??’..i replied and when she shrugged my eyes brightened..

‘Lena please tell me you’re joking!!’..

‘I love you King Javier’..

‘I love you too Elena please tell me we aren’t having another little terrorist in the family??’…i asked but she just winked..

Oh God..

I’m doomed..




Writer’s note◽:

It was a long rough journey..
A journey that has finally come to an end🥺….
A lot of you are going to miss JAVELE🥺❤️
I would also miss JAVELE but I have to end their love story🥺❤️…
As for Elena’s sister??
Well some things are left for you guys to figure it out..
As for Calla??
Well she’s having some mental issues and her son (Theo) is doing just fine with his father Jonas🥺❤️…

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