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April 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His Virgin bride Episode 57 & 58

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❣️(Betrothed to my worst nightmare)❣️
Rated 🔞

❣️❣️Episode Fifty-Seven

(The End of It all🥺)




🎶We let the waters rise..
We needed to survive..
I needed you to stay..
But I let you drift away..

🎶My love where are you?..
My love where are you?..

🎶Whenever you’re ready..
Whenever you’re ready..
Whenever you’re ready..
Whenever you’re ready..

🎶Can we??..
Can we??..

🎶Can we??..
Can we??..
I surrender..

‘You remember the first time we stayed on the same bed??’..I asked icily as my hands wrapped around Elena’s body…

‘Yeah i remember and you just couldn’t sleep without me by your side I remember all that clearly’..She replied with her voice the same tone as mine…

‘Those were good times weren’t they??’..I murmured…

‘Yeah good times but let’s not talk about it or else I’m going to cry’..She whispered and I felt the sob in her voice…

‘Elena I’m sorry’..

‘I know you are’..

‘Then why won’t you come back??’..

‘Cause it’s a lot more complicated than you think,I can’t trust you with my heart anymore Javier I just can’t’..

The Next Morning⛅
My eyes opened the moment I heard rustling of leaves and voices..

‘Elena wake up’..I murmured..

‘Mmmmh??’..She yawned and immediately the cabin’s door bursted open..

Seven men with guns and swords surrounded the both of us and I dragged Elena behind my back..


‘Elena don’t move’…I murmured

grabbing my sword..

‘We’ve got you now Javier Orlando!! This is the end of it all and this is your end’..One of the masked men said and I smiled..

‘Do you know who you’re messing with??’..I asked and before they could give me an answer I threw a dagger at one of them..

‘Javier!!’..Elena cried out as I killed three of the men and as I turned around one of them grabbed her by the neck..

‘Leave her alone!!!’..I screamed as he held a knife to her throat..

‘One more move from you and I’ll slit her throat wide open your highness now turn around and keep your sword on the ground’..He ordered..

‘Ja..Javier don’t do it!!’..Elena cried out but I sighed and went down on my knees..

‘I can’t bear loosing you Elena,I just can’t forgive myself if anything happens to you’…I replied already in tears…

My hands were tied behind my backs and in anger one of them kicked me straight in the gut..

‘Is that all you’ve got’..I muttered with blood splattering all over my mouth and I received kicks on my belly face and punches on my nose..
‘Leave him alone!!! You bastards leave him alone!!!’..Elena screamed and little by little her voice began fading..

‘He’s dying stop hitting him!! He’s dying you bastards!!’..She screamed and then I felt like my whole world flashed before my eyes…

‘Javier!!! Javier!!’..The words spun around my head and slowly i drifted off into oblivion…


Seeing them hit Javier so hard on the gut almost made me want to tear my

ropes apart and devour each of them without pity…

He’s the man I love for crying out loud!!..

How was I so stubborn to think that I could live without him??…

‘You are all cowards!! Tying a man up and beating him to death you are all motherf**king cowards!!’..I screamed and their leader turned to face me..

‘Cowards?? You call me a coward?! Your Javier is the coward’..He said and I spat on his face..

‘Javier is not a coward!! if he wasn’t tied up and beaten up by you men he would kill you all!! He would kill you all and bury you alive!!’…

‘You b*tch!!!’..He yelled and yanked my hair so hard that a ripple formed in my throat…

I glanced over at Javier who was already unconscious and cried relentlessly as he looked so lifeless…

‘Please he’s dying let him go,take me instead’..I begged as Javier’s body was dragged outside on the floor…

He shouldn’t have to suffer all this..

He doesn’t deserve all this..

Almost everyone in the kingdom were present outside all in shackles and in tears..

‘Finally!! The council of doom has won!!’..I heard a loud voice say and turned around only to see a man about my father’s age jump down from a horse…

‘Wh..Who are you??’..I forced myself to ask..

‘I am Edward…The father of the woman your so called king killed years ago!!’..He replied and everyone gasped..


He’s Kara’s father??..

But how is that even possible I thought they said he died years ago??..

‘Yes I know you’re asking how I’m still alive.Well it’s a long story and I shall tell you that story —My daughter Kara never liked Javier to be honest but Javier was so persistent on making her his!! He stalked her and bought her gifts she didn’t want—Expensive gifts that she didn’t want.So I took it as an opportunity.I told Kara to milk every information he knew about the Royal treasury and at the perfect time we struck…I…I stole all the money with the help of my men and when Javier found out he killed her!! He killed my Kara and also tried to kill me but i survived so you see—I just had to avenge my daughter’s death so I formed the council of doom and here we are now’..He said and I bit my lower lip…

‘You’re a psychopath!! Javier never killed your daughter on purpose I knew the whole truth!! Your daughter pretended to love him and betrayed him at the end!!’..I yelled and he slapped me hard across the face…

‘You can hit me for as long as you want but that won’t stop me from saying the truth!! Javier loved your daughter Kara but she never loved him!! She never loved him I tell you!!..He..He trusted her with his life,he defied his parents because of her,he received insults because of her,he even planned to run away from home just because of her and what did she give him in return?? Answer me!! What did she give him in return?? Pain,suffering,disgrace and hatred for himself!! Trust me I know Javier more than any of you here and I know that he’s been living in pure guilt ever since he killed your daughter knowing fully well that she deserved it!! Your daughter deserved it and you know it!!’..I added and spat on his leg…

He stared at me for a while and then kicked me so hard on the belly that I reached the side of the cabin….

I clutched my belly holding really tight as blood dripped down my nose..

‘I think that’s enough Edward you’ve gotten what you want haven’t you??’..I heard Lord Roland say and he pushed him aside..

‘Stay out of this Roland she’s going to die just like my daughter!!’..He said aloud walking towards me..

’Pl..plea…please st..please stop it..my ba..’..my voice trailed off as I gasped for air…

‘Your what?? Now you’re not so loud mouthed are you?? You see my daughter was just like you Elena,beautiful,smart,funny and feisty too’..He said crouching over to where I was and took my face in his sharp hands..

‘Yeah but do you know one thing she didn’t have??’..I muttered as a smile creased my face..

‘What??’..He asked..

‘A good father’..I replied and before he could ask what was going on bullets spread across the whole woods killing every single men of his on duty..

‘What the…’..He tried to say but was cut short as a bullet went to his right leg..

‘No one hits my daughter you bastard!!’..Dad said as he came out from behind the cabin with a gun by his side..

The moment i saw the red feather by the side of the cabin i instantly knew that it was my father..

He always called me Red as in Red in the ANGRY BIRDS movie cause i was always hot tempered when young so whenever we played hide and seek he always dropped a red flower as a clue..

‘How is this even possible who are you??’..Edward asked as he clutched his injured leg..

‘I am the one and the only Duke Viero and the person you tried to kill is my daughter’..Dad replied planting another bullet in his other leg..

‘Ahhh but..but aren’t you the same Duke Viero that moved to New York!???’..He asked and Dad chuckled..

‘I have my eyes everywhere just in case you didn’t know,even though those eyes are the ones I hate’..He said and all of a sudden Jonas came out…

‘This isn’t the end of Edward!! I would eventually have my…’..Edward’s voice trailed off as Dad shot him on the head..

‘Dad!!’..I yelled almost chuckling and dad shrugged..

‘What?? He talks too much!’..

‘Dad..Ja..Javier..He’s badly injured..he’s badly injured’..I gasped holding my belly..

‘Don’t worry everything’s going to be okay honey,you are both going to be okay’..He whispered and then I passed out…

Two Days Later❤️
I opened my eyes and turned around only to see myself in a white room with gadgets all around me..

‘Wh..where am I??’..i asked with my voice already weak..

‘You’re in the hospital Elena,Northridge isn’t as archaic as you think’…Jonas replied and I turned around sharply..

‘Jo..Jonas??…my..My baby…is my baby okay??’..I asked with my hands on my belly..

‘Yeah the baby is okay Elena,your baby is okay’..He replied and i heaved a sigh of relief…

‘And Javier?? What about Javier??’..I asked and his face suddenly went sour..

‘He’s still unconscious’..He said and tears streamed down my cheeks..

‘It’s all my fault Jonas!! I said some awful things to him’..I said and he smiled..

‘Well then you’re going to give him an earful when he wakes up or If he wakes up’..He said and I sniffed and then one of my dad’s bodyguard came in..

‘Your flight is almost here to New York my lady’..He said and I anger I threw a syringe at him..

‘You bastard my husband is in coma and you want me to leave?!! Are you out of your mind??!’…I screamed..

‘But!! But your flight was…

‘I don’t Care about any f**king flight!! If the father of my baby doesn’t wake up then I’m not going anywhere!!!’…


❣️❣️Episode Fifty-Eight





I panted heavily as my father’s man left and Jonas rested his hands on my shoulder…

‘You should lay low with your screaming you know,you’ve had enough stress for a grown up man Elena and Javier won’t forgive you if you loose the baby again’..He said..

‘I was so awful to him Jonas,I was so so awful to him and I don’t think i can forgive myself for what i did’…I replied in tears..

‘Elena please stop crying,you’ve got to be strong for him okay?? In all my 30 years of living I’ve never seen a man that loves his wife the way Javier loves you,he really loves you so you have to be strong for him’..He replied and I nodded but the tears wouldn’t stop dropping…

‘I want to see him Jonas,I want to see him please take me to him’..I begged holding Jonas’s hand and he sighed deeply..

‘I’m afraid you can’t see him Elena,he’s pretty roughed up and we can’t to anything about it’..

‘Roughed up?? Jonas please just tell me the damage done’…i begged as a shiver ran through my spine…

‘Look Elena you don’t have to know all the gory details okay?? You’re still not in good shape yourself so just rest Javier is going to be okay’..He said clasping his hands in mine and at that moment My father walked into the room..

‘Dad?? Dad I’m a monster!!’..I began crying all of a sudden again and he walked over giving Jonas the signal to leave..

I sniffed loudly as he sat next to me and rested my head on his shoulders still sobbing quietly..

‘You are not a monster Elena,what happened has already happened and we can’t change it…all you have to do is deal with the consequences okay?? Javier got beaten up by those men not because he deserved it but cause he wanted to protect you from harm’..He whispered..

‘Yeah i know he did all that but what hurts so bad was what I said before they found us.I told him I hated him dad,i told him that i regret the day I met him but he still told me he loved me,he said that he couldn’t do without me and that i should find a man that loves me more than he does’..I sobbed remembering the words from nights ago and a painful stab of guilt washed over me…

‘But you love him right??’..Dad asked…

‘Of course I love him!! I can’t even sleep without him by my side and just so you know I’m pregnant!!’..I retorted loudly and he smiled..

‘Can I tell you why I sent you here Elena??’..He asked..

‘Okay tell me’..I replied as he stroked my hair lightly..

‘Truth be told King Orlando and I never had a pact —Queen Ariel and I did’..He said and I gasped loudly..

‘What did—

‘Hold on sweetheart just let me finish—After the war and after i saved Javier’s father’s life Queen Ariel brought Javier along on a visit…you might not remember but you both played like you’ve been friends for years and at that moment I knew there was a connection—I began taking you to the castle and Javier would show you his collection of wooden toys and you both would play SLAY THE DRAGON.It was very funny to watch cause King Orlando and I would play as the bad guys,you always played the role of a princess in distress and Javier would act as the prince who saves the day’..He said and I gasped loudly…

‘So..so you’re trying to say that..that Javier and I were friends??’..i asked obviously shocked and he nodded..

‘Yes that was before we left,so where was i?? Oh yes—When we finally left Northridge I was still in touch with Queen Ariel and she told me stories of how Javier turned to a rebel just because of a girl which happened to be that Kara or whatever is her name is…At that moment I knew we had to do something and since you were also a rebel I decided for an arranged marriage to be taken place’..He said and I scoffed..

Like this is totally unbelievable!!..

‘So you trusted me into the hands of a man you don’t even know??’..i asked..

‘Ohh i knew that you would both get along eventually cause you’re both strong and funny,arrogant and strong headed and you are both smart..it was just a matter of time and now look at where my brilliant plan got us??’..He replied and I chuckled lightly..

‘Dad I can’t believe Javier and I knew each other right from when we were kids!! And most importantly that you and Queen Ari…’..My voice trailed off as two nurses ran past my door…

‘Dad what’s happening?? Dad what’s happening??’..i asked tapping him lightly on the shoulder..

‘I’m not sure I’ll go find out’..He replied but before he could do anything else I already bolted out the door..

I followed the trail of voices and tears flowed down my cheeks as an EKG machine was placed on Javier’s chest..

‘Oh my God!!! Oh my God!!’..I cried out and Jonas held me from behind..

‘Elena you have to go back to your room it’s not safe for you to be here’..He said and I shook my head..

‘You can’t tell me to go away he’s dying!! He’s dying Jonas I can’t go away?!!’..

‘Elena please just calm down everything is going to be just fine’..

‘No one should tell me it’s going to be just fine!!! Let me in!! You all should all should let me in!!’..I screamed banging on the ICU door..

‘Queen Elena you have to calm down we’re doing our best yo save him’..A doctor said from behind me and I pushed him away..

‘You don’t understand he needs me!!! I can wake him up!!’..I yelled and at that moment I felt a light prick on my arm…



My head spun and I drifted into oblivion…


In Comatose💨💨

‘Dad?? Dad what am I doing here??’..I asked as I walked through the lily patch…

‘My son,you are finally home’..He replied hugging my and tears almost fell from my eyes..

‘I can’t believe I’m seeing you dad!! I can’t believe I’m seeing you right here!! Where’s mom..where’s Elena??’..i asked looking around his his face went sullen…

‘They are not here Javier we are the only ones here’..He murmured..

‘Huh?? Why?? Why isn’t Elena here??’..I asked and he chuckled..

‘Elena and your mother can’t be here they’re still alive’..He retorted and I gasped loudly..

‘Alive?? Alive?? So you’re insinuating that I’m dead?? Dad am I dead??’..I asked and he smiled again..

‘No you aren’t dead Javier but you are between life and death—It’s up to you to choose’..He said and before I could even respond I was taken to an unknown darkness…

‘Hello?? Hello?? Hello who’s there??’..i asked as I walked into the inner darkness but then something stopped me dead in my tracks…

Elena’s voice..

‘He can’t die leave me alone I want to see him he needs me!!’..I heard her screamed and when I turned back there was a pin pointed light..

With every step I made towards that tiny ray the darkness pulled me back..

A part of me wanted to succumb to the darkness but Elena’s voice gave me strength to fight the seductive temptation and slowly the pin pointed light grew bigger…

‘Doctor!! Doctor he’s waking up!! Doctor he’s waking up!!’…i heard a faint voice from beside me say..

‘Oh my God this is a miracle!! Nurse run full diagnostics on him now!!!’…A male voice replied from behind the beeping noise..

‘Where’s Elena??’..i asked still breathing heavily..

‘Your highness you have to relax you’re not stable enough to go anywhere or worry’..A nurse replied…

‘I said where’s my wife?? Where’s Elena?? Is she okay?? Is the baby okay?!! Someone please tell me where my wife is!!’…i yelled faintly..



Aww he came out of coma and the only think he could think of is his wife and child??😅😅..

Javier is an all in all yes or no??.

Who else is shocked at Duke Viero confession??

It was all planned

Two More episodes go before the story comes to an end guys😭..

Who’s ready for the Finale??..

A huge secret is going to be revealed soon..

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