His v!rg!nbride Episode 55 & 56

👰🏻❣️HIS v!rg!nBRIDE❣️👰🏻
❣️(Betrothed to my worst nightmare)❣️
❣️❣️Episode Fifty-Five
‘Ahhh you’re hurting my arm what do you want from me??’..I cried out as the masked man dropped a bowl in front of me and dragged me to the ground..
‘You know why we captured you Queen Elena’..He replied and Elena scoffed..
‘I don’t know why you guys captured me I don’t even want to be here!!’..
‘Ohh well then you’re not as smart as we thought you were,well anyways we’re going to Rithfold so eat up quic-k’..He said and i frowned looking at the sloppy oats…
‘Not even milk?? Jeez’..I muttered and he chuckled softly..
‘Just because you’re a queen doesn’t mean you’ll be treated like one sweetheart’..
‘Really?? So you mean I can’t even get a royal kidnapping treatment or something??’..
‘Cause you’re not a queen here’..
‘Cause i and my men kidnapped you and we could treat you however we like’…
‘Would you plea-se shut up?!!’..The masked man screamed so loud that my ears rang..
What do they even want from me??..
I’m sure they work with the council of doom or something but why do they want me??..
I’ve got nothing else to do with Javier and—
Oh no!!.
Oh no no no!!..
They want to use me as bait!!.
Oh I’ve got to get out of here really quic-k..
Twenty minutes later❤️
‘I don’t want this!! I want chicken stew!!’..I bur-sted into tears as I pushed the sloppy oats to the floor….
‘You insolent!!..’..The masked man yelled gr-abbing my hair and dropped it trying to control himself…
‘You’re really testing my patience Queen Elena’..He added..
‘Then kill me!! Kill me is that so ha-rd to do??’..I yelled in a shaky voice..
‘No matter how ha-rd you try to provoke me I won’t kill you Queen Elena,we nee-d you and until we’re done with you no harm would come to you’…He said..
‘Okay then so plea-se can i have chicken stew I’m allergic to oats’..i begged and he frowned…
‘Fine I’ll get you the chicken stew and then you shut up okay??’..
‘Okay’..I murmured and my eyes narrowed to the knife on the table..
I’ve just got to get out of here..
If they find out that I’m pregnant then it’s more of a hvge problem…
🎼Ohhh here we go..
plea-se let me know..
Off here we go..
Don’t leave me in the cold…
🎼If I take you everywhere then well you wouldn’t know how to walk..
If I spoke on your behalf then well you wouldn’t know how to talk…
If I gave you everything and everything is what I got..
🎼I can take it all back i never cared about what you thought..
‘Could you plea-se shut up?! I’m trying to track someone here!!’…I snapped as Jonas sang on the horse..
‘Hey I’m easing the the tension here and besides I feel like Lil Nas on this horse’..he replied and I shook my head..
‘Where did you learn how to ride like that??’..I asked…
‘Elena taught me how to,we used to go ri-ding when we were still together but i guess we st©pped when I started acting like an a*shole’..He replied and somehow I felt a stab of jealousy in me..
‘Really?? You both must have been happy then’..I murmured..
‘Yeah we were but I think we’re better of as friends now cause I really hurt her,I’m glad she’s yours now’..He said..
‘She hates me now so don’t count on it and besides I don’t think we’ll ever be together cause I can’t even forgive myself for doing that to her’…I said and sighed..
‘Really?? You really think Elena won’t forgive you?? Well that means you don’t really know her well —Elena has a heart of gold and she’s stubborn no doubt but she never keeps a grudge’..He said as we both stepped into the ruins of the Viero mansion..
‘But she left me didn’t she??’..
‘Yeah cause you hurt her real bad and she thinks you would continue that’s why,I’m not a relationsh!pexpert but i know when two people love each other..Have you even seen the way she looks at you??’..
I winced seeing the damage done to the house Elena stayed and coughed aloud as i avoided the sha-rd s of glas-ses…
I went down and saw hoof tracks and t©uçhed them..
‘Ewww that’s disgusting’..Jonas reacted..
‘They’re hoof tracks Jonas and they’re still fresh and that means it hasn’t been long they’ve left’..I replied and he wrinkled his nose..
‘Huh?? So you’re a king and a tracker??’..He asked..
‘Kind of,i was an as-sas-sin before you know so I track the people i kill’..i replied and almost laughed seeing the bewilderment in his eyes…
‘As..as-sa…you were an as-sas-sin??’..He stuttered..
‘Yeah but I’m not into it anymore but that doesn’t mean I can’t kill you’..I responded and got on my horse…
‘Get on your horse I think they headed north from here’..
‘I don’t think I want it anymore’..i blatantly said as my kidnapper dropped a plate of chicken stew on my th!ghs…
‘Do not take my meekness for granted woman!! I could kill you if i wanted to’..he said and even though i was scared to death i still kept a defiant look in my eyes..
‘Well I’ll kill myself if that’s what you want me to do’..i said and he sm-irked..
‘And what are you gonna do?? Talk yourself to death??’..He asked..
‘No I’ll use this knife instead’..i murmured and the next thing he knew I brou-ght out the knife..
‘What?!! D..drop the knife drop it!!! Drop the knife!!’..He screamed as i cut off the ropes on my b©dy and leg..
‘You thought you were smart huh?? Kidnapping me for a cause that would affect you and your kingdom!!! You know fully well that the council of doom would do away with you!!’..i yelled pointing the knife at him..
‘You..you don’t un-derstand Queen Elena..they..they have my wife’..He stuttered and then every single anger in me disappeared…
‘Your wife?? They have your wife??’.
‘Yes my queen and she’s pregnant,that’s what they all do—Going around and catching people and their families.Half of the Council of doom army aren’t doing these bad things willingly,we’ve got our families to save’..he explained…
I never thought about it like that before..
It’s exactly what they did to Gregory,taking his loved one and coercing him into doing terrible things..
‘You don’t have to do this sir,plea-se just let me go and I’ll make sure no harm comes to your wife’..i said extending my arm..
‘I’m sorry my queen’..he said with pain in his eyes and hit my head with a large stick..
Jonas and i trotted across the river as we followed the hoof tracks that led dee-per into the woods…
‘I’m hungry’..he grumbled..
‘Then eat’..i murmured in reply..
‘I’m all out of food supplies’..he said.
‘You’re all out?? Jonas we’ve only been out for ten hours!!!’..i yelled..
‘Yeah and I ate so?? Look i think we should call it a day it’s obvious Elena isn’t here,by tomorrow we continue our search’…He implied and i frowned..
I knew bringing him along wasn’t a good idea..
‘Well if you’re going to back out so quic-kly then there’s no use keeping you here’..i muttered..
‘Okay Adios!!’…He said and turned around galloping away…
‘Jo…Goddammit!!’..I gro-an ed..
I sighed de-eply and turned around to follow him but then confusion wavered it’s way into my head…
Great just great ..
Now i don’t know where to track or move from here now that it’s totally dark..
‘Blasted bastard’..i murmured un-der my breath and then something sharp t©uçhed my skin..
‘Move an inch and I slit your throat’..someone said and then the voice struck me ha-rd ..
That voice..
That voice..
I know that voice…
‘Elena??’..i managed to say as i turned around only to see her beautiful face stained with blood on it..
‘Ja..Javier??’..She also stuttered and the next thing i knew tears streamed down my cheeks..
I must be dreaming..
‘Javier..Ja..Javier what are you doing in the woods??’..She asked..
‘Looking..for..for you that’s What..Elena I..
‘There’s no time for a reunion your highness we’ve gotta go somewhere far cause they’re gonna find out about what i did’…She said gr-abbing my wrists and as i mouth opened it dropped back…
‘Elena can we plea-se…
‘This isn’t the time for talking sir,we’re both lost in the woods again and we nee-d to go now’..she cut in rudely..
It’s like she’s a whole new person now..
‘Elena it’s great to see you’..i said..
‘Yeah Javier plea-se let’s find somewhere to hide i can’t risk anymore running cause of my baby’…she replied and I g@sped as she ran off..
Did she just??..
Did she just say baby??..
❣️❣️Episode Forty-Six
Seeing Javier made things a little bit complicated but I was still relieved to see him anyway..
We both crouched low and hid behind the hvge shru-bs and hundreds of the council of doom members rode past us on their horses..
‘How did you escape??’..He whispered and I sh0t a haughty glare at him…
‘This isn’t the time for this Javier we’ve got to find somewhere to hide plea-se’…I said..
‘Look Elena I know you hate me and I’m the last person you want to see but —
‘Javier plea-se let’s not talk about this now’..I cut in gulping ha-rd ..
‘So are we going to talk about it later if I take us to safety??’..He asked..
‘I don’t know’..I replied curtly..
‘I nee-d a yes or no answer Elena,are we going to talk about it?? Yes or No?’..He said and I rolled my eyes…
‘Okay fine but it doesn’t mean I’ll come running back to you like some pipsqueak,I had to kill three men just to get here and remembering it just gives me the creeps,plea-se find somewhere safe Javier’..i said and my belly growled in accordance…
I should have eaten that chicken stew…
‘Are you hungry??’..He asked and in obvious shame I nodded…
‘I think there’s a cabin just few miles from here,we can’t go back to the castle cause it’ll be too predictable and we might get attacked…Do you have enough strength to walk a few miles??’..He said and i shook my head..
‘Okay hop on my back’..
‘Javier this really isn’t necessary to be—
‘Elena plea-se i know you hate me but your legs are aching you i can see that and you’re a bit injured’..he said and i rolled my eyes again..
‘Okay fine’..
Minutes later❤️
We both approached a dirty cabin which was surrounded by weeds and moss.My nose twitched as stenches of we-t dead animals..
‘It’s still better than a cave though’..Javier muttered as if re-ading my mind and when he opened the door to the cabin I quic-kly went on the be-d to rest…
‘You surely look tired’..Javier murmured as he sat next to me..
I stifled a bit and moved away reaching for the lace of my boots..
‘Here let me help you with that’..He offered but I raised up my hands to him..
‘Thanks but I can do it myself’..
‘Elena plea-se you’re clearly having troubles with that let me help you’..He insisted and I frowned..
‘I don’t nee-d your help Javier thanks but no thanks,i can do it myself’..I said and he gro-an ed..
‘Elena you’re st©p proving stubborn you’re clearly tired so plea-se just let me help!!’.He yelled and I scoffed..
‘Now you want to help?? Now you want to help?? There’s nothing worth helping anymore Javier cause you weren’t there when I nee-ded you!!!’..I fired back and I felt the magnanimity of my words in his eyes…
He withdrew his hands from my leg and walked over to the stone by the wall and sat on it,ru-bbe-d his temple and slammed his fists to the wall..
‘You know getting angry isn’t going to solve anything’..I sneered..
‘Yeah i pretty much know that and I can’t st©p getting angry at myself for treating you the way I did’..He replied and my eyes traveled down to his b©dy..
He’s still as handsome as ever but he sure lost a great deal of weight…
Where was the tall, broad and muscled man i knew of??..
Was Madam Pat right when she said he’s been miserable without me??..
‘We don’t have to talk about this now Javier’..i murmured..
‘Goddammit Elena let’s talk about this now!! Kick me!! Bite me!! Scream at me! Do what you want to do and let’s trash this now!! You can say you hate me I won’t bite!!’..He yelled and tears began to form in my eyes..
‘I don’t hate you Javier’..I whimpered..
‘Then why are you doing this to me!?’..He asked. .
‘Cause I don’t trust you anymore’..i replied and he nodded..
‘Okay go to sleep then’..
‘I deserve every treatment you give to me Elena so I un-derstand,goodnight’..
I guess Jonas was right..
She really hates me but wouldn’t admit it…
I watched as she took off her boots with immense difficulty and shoved them aside..
Her feet was blazing red that i had to dig my hands into my pockets so as not to reach for her..
‘Come to be-d’..she whispered..
‘No never mind I’m okay here’..I replied sl@pping a mosquito off my n£¢k..
‘Javier I’m not heartless come sleep next to me,the be-d is warm’..She urged and i sighed climbing the be-d..
She turned over to the other side so as not to look at me and I ru-bbe-d my temple…
I just couldn’t sleep thinking about all the bad things I said to her,all the yells,all the insults I threw at her…
She was my queen for heavens sake and what did i do??..
I trusted my best friend instead of her and she left me..
I totally deserve every treatment she gives to me to matter how bad it hurts..
‘You still awake??’..i heard her whisper..
‘Yeah and you??’..I replied..
‘Can’t sleep,you know it’s ha-rd slee-ping when there’s so much misun-der….’..Her voice trailed off..
‘Are you okay??’..i asked..
‘Yeah I’m fine it’s nothing serious—Now where was I,yeah it’s not easy slee-ping without..’..Her voice trailed off again and she gro-an ed loudly..
‘Elena what’s wrong with you and plea-se don’t say nothing cause you’re clearly not okay’…I asked and this time more adamantly..
‘C..Cramp..There’s a cramp here’..she said with her voice alre-ady strained as she pointed at her left leg..
I sighed de-eply and turned her over working my way up and when i got to her knees my hands went back down…
‘Javier seriously there’s no nee-d to—Oh that feels good’..She m0@n ed as I kept mas-saging her legs..
‘You’re purring like a cat’..I tea-sed and she smiled…
‘Feel better alre-ady??’..i asked and she nodded..
Her hands tucked her hair behind her ears as she put one leg down before the other on the ground..
‘So when are you planning on telling me??’..I muttered..
‘Telling you what??’..She asked..
‘That you’re pregnant or are you not??’..I replied and she pursed herl-ips..
‘Okay fine I’m pregnant but it doesn’t change anything does it??’.
‘Elena how can you say that?? Of course I’m happy you’re carrying my child isn’t that’s what you’ve —Sorry we’ve always wanted??’…
‘Wanted?? So a child is what you’ve always wanted from me huh?? Javier you literally stood back without saying anything as I left you!!! I was in tears Javier and all you did was stay back!! I really wanted you to call me back and say you’re sorry but no you didn’t and now you’re happy that your child is in my belly?!! Do you even think it’s a guarantee that I’d run back to you in open arms?!!’…She screamed with tears pouring out of her eyes…
‘I was hurt and angry Elena,I wasn’t thinking straight when I said those harsh words to you…I..I swear on my life that I wasn’t thinking straight when I let you walk out and you were right no doubt.A good king listens especially to the ones he loves and I didn’t,I wasn’t a good king and trust me the past months you left has been terrible Elena..Lo..look at me!! I’m all dried up and emaciated just because I couldn’t eat,drink or sleep ever since you left me!! This is ha-rd for me as it is for you too and you don’t know how sorry i am!! You hate me now so what’s the point??’..I yelled back with tears pricking my own eyes..
‘You don’t un-derstand JAVIER’..she said as she stood up to meet me..
‘Okay then answer this question —Do you really hate me??’..I asked..
‘Javier i—
‘It’s a yes or no question Elena,do you hate me??’..I cut in and she cried out…
‘Yes!! Yes Javier I hate you!! I hate what you do to me!! I dre-ad every single day I met you and I blame my father for all this!! I hate the fact that you don’t love me the way I love you so yes!! So yes you’ve gotten your YES OR NO question!! I hate you and when all this is over i can finally go back home!!’..She replied and the pain I felt in my heart was similar to the exact pain I felt the day I killed Kara…
‘Well then this is goodbye I think, I guess this is the last time we’d see each other…Take good care of our child once he or she is born Elena,tell our child that daddy loves his mother more than she thinks,tell our child of how our chemistry started in the woods Elena…I…I’m sorry for all I did to you and I can’t take back everything I said but I can as-sure you that I love you and I’ll always love you no matter what happens and no matter how far you go…I don’t deserve you Elena,i really don’t to be honest’..I said clasping my hands in hers and when she didn’t say anything I turned to leave..
‘Javier wait!’..she said…
’Don’t worry Elena you’ve made your point pretty clear so there’s no nee-d,go to be-d you look tired’..I whispered..
‘What if I said I don’t want to go to be-d without you,plea-se stay with me—Just for tonight??’..She husked and I sighed..
‘O..okay’..I managed to say..
I can’t believe I’m going to loose her forever..
This episode is kind of short and really emotional too so don’t be angry with me guys🥺…
Could this really be the end of #Javele??❤️