His v!rg!nbride Episode 53 & 54

👰🏻❣️HIS v!rg!nBRIDE❣️👰🏻
❣️(Betrothed to my worst nightmare)❣️
Rated 🔞
👑❤️(My Queen Forever)👑❤️
❣️❣️Episode Fifty-Three
(Secrets Unraveling🧐)
‘What?!! Wait what?!! Jonas are you sure of what you’re saying??’..half shocked and in acute disbelief…
‘Yes of course I’m sure and how is it any of your business anyway?? plea-se call Calla out here and let’s talk I don’t want to waste anytime here’…Jonas replied…
But I don’t un-derstand..
Calla said she was R@p£d and now Jonas is saying she’s pregnant for him???..
Like this is so unbelievable I can’t even believe this!!!..
I just can’t believe this!!..
‘Madam Pat plea-se go get Calla’..i ordered and Madam Pat nodded heeding to my command..
I stared at Jonas and a frown crea-sed my brow as he tapped his feet lightly on the ground…
I mean this is the guy I was scared off??..
What did Elena see in him anyway??..
‘Lady Calla isn’t in her room your highness she’s at the market according to her maids’…Madam said after a moment of her dep@rture..
‘Market?? Calla has never gone to the market before that’s really strange’..i murmured..
‘Yeah cause she’s crazy King whatever!!! That woman is the craziest and most vile person I’ve ever met!!’..Jonas retorted and I frowned…
‘Watch your mouth Sir Jonas’..
‘Yeah,yeah where is Elena anyway??’..He asked…
‘She’s on a vacation’..I lied cause there’s no way I’m telling my enemy that I’m having problems with my marriage…
I’m just so confused about everything going on around me..
What the hell is he even talking about??..
What the hell is even going on??..
Why is everything so confusing??..
‘Uhhhh Jonas I’m surprised,how on earth do you even know Calla??’..I asked and he shrugged casually..
‘Well we met just after I left your villa or whatever—Sorry about that incident anyway I’m over Elena now,so back to the story—We met and she doesn’t like our Elena to be honest’..He replied..
‘Our Elena??’..I raised my brows..
‘Ohhh my bad,sorry about that dude’..He remarked…
‘Can you plea-se st©p calling me dude and finish your story?? I’m trying to get less confused here!!’..I snapped..
‘Okay sorry,so Calla and I met and she said that she wants a p@rtnersh!pwith me so we could ruin you and Elena’s relationsh!p…Sorry about that again cause I really thought I was still in love with Elena and you just looked too good for my liking I mean du—Sorry Javier take a good look at yourself!! You look like a Greek tycoon from one of those Mills and Boon novels’..He said..
This Sir Jonas is a parrot but he’s really unraveling secrets to me..
I never thought Calla was behind all the fights and banter between Elena and I…
What kind of a friend is she??..
‘So you’re saying that you and Calla were behind all the quarrels Elena and I were having??’..i inquired further…
‘Yeah we were,sorry about that again but to be honest she was using me!! Calla was really using me to get to you!! She’s in love with you dude and in fact love is an un-derstatement.She’s obsessed with you,you’re like a god in her room to be honest,there are pictures of you everywhere and when I heard her discussing with her father about poisoning someone or something I knew it was getting too far to I bu-tted out of the p@rtnersh!p’..He replied and I g@sped loudly..
Wait he said poisoning..
He said poisoning!!.
No it can’t be!!..
Calla can’t be behind Elena’s miscarriage too?!!..
I mean who would even do that to a friend??..
‘Javier you don’t look okay’..Jonas muttered as I slumped into the lounge chair with my hands shaking vigorously..
‘I’ve made a terrible mistake Jonas!! I..I’ve really made a terrible mistake!! I trusted Calla with my whole life you see??’..I stuttered and he sighed…
‘Life isfu-cked up Javier we’ve just gotta accept it’..he murmured..
‘You say she’s pregnant right?? And you’re sure the child is yours right??’..
‘How did you even know??’…
‘Someone s£nt me a voice recording saying Calla was pregnant,look I’m also shocked as you are but what can I do?? Everything is just spinning around my head’..He replied..
‘Spinning??!! My whole world is crumbling down!!’..
I heaved a short sigh as soon as I c@m£ out of the bathroom and pressed my hands to my belly..
It’s no longer soft and plump but rather ha-rd and taut..
I’m carrying Javier’s child and it feels like a burden in my heart knowing that i can’t say anything to him..
How’s he doing now??..
Does he even miss me like i miss him??…
Does he think of me like I do??..
Does he have sleepless nights like me??..
I miss him so much and I just want him to know I’m carrying his child..
His future heir…
I want him to know that I still love him despite all he’s done…
‘Lady Elena a royal guard is here searching for you,should I tell him you’re not here??’..Mama sheila asked and I sniffed..
‘Yeah do that and uhmm lock the door behind you I want to be alone’..i said..
‘Alone?? No offense my lady you’ve been alone for weeks now don’t you think it’s time for exercising?? It’s good for the baby you know??’..She ch!pped in and I smiled..
‘Fine then maybe I’ll ride a horse for a while’..
‘Okay my lady’..She murmured and walked away..
Memories of Javier and I being in the woods all alone..
That was when our chemistry reacted..
I started falling in love with him more right from that day…
Even the first k!sswe shared..
Ughhh I’m having goosebu-mps thinking about it alre-ady…
‘The kingdom is alre-ady in shambles Lord Edward and the King according to intels inside the palace is a confused man without the queen’..The mess£nger who had a scar on his left cheek said as he stood before Edward…
‘The queen?? They’re separated I presume??’..He asked and the mess£nger nodded..
Javier being disoriented at the moment was exactly what he nee-ded to strike…
‘find and capture the queen and s£nd a message to the King that we have his precious’…He ordered..
‘But my Lord??’..
‘Are you defying my orders?!! Capture the queen and when he comes to find her we’ll strike and take North ridge as ours!!!’…
I emptied the contents of my belly onto the flowers in the garden..
Who knew dry gin could make someone feel so urky??..
‘The table has been set my lady,the king awaits your pres£nce and he said to wear something formal that there’s a special guest’..A maid said as I slumped into my be-d…
‘The king?? A guest??’..I asked..
‘Yes’..she replied and a sly smile spre-ad across my face..
Javier is inviting me to dinner!?.
That means he’s no longer angry with me for the other night…
Who knows he might even confess his feelings for me in front of this special guest.?..
I’ve got to dress up really quic-k..
Minutes later❤️
I paused staring at my reflection in the mirror and happy at what i saw I processed downstairs…
Javier was alre-ady at the table looking as handsome as ever and I smiled seeing his domineering self back..
‘Good evening your highness??’..I said in an exotic tone and he smiled..
‘Good evening Calla plea-se sit there’s someone you’d love to meet’..he replied and instead of taking the hint of his dark tone I sat down…
‘Oh and who would that…’..my voice trailed off as soon as my eyes set on..
Oh no..
Oh no no no..
He really can’t be the one…
Why on earth is Jonas even here??..
‘Uhh..wh..who…who is this??’..i asked disgr-untled..
‘Ohh now you’re pla-ying the dumb game now huh Calla?!’..Jonas replied with a scowl on his face…
‘Game..g..game??..I..I don’t even..
‘Not another lie Calla!! Not even another lie!! One more lie from you and I would forget the fact that we were friends and give you a back handed dirty sl@p!!!’..Javier yelled rising from his chair…
‘Javier?? Javier what’s going on??’..i asked still pla-ying the oblivious role…
‘Calla you weren’t R@p£d for starters!! Jonas is responsible for your pregnancy and now thanks to him i found out that you’re behind everything that had been causing problems between Elena and I!!’..He screamed..
‘Javier don’t believe whatever he’s saying!! I’m innocent,Javier I’ve always been a—
‘A what?? A friend or a backstabber!! I let my wife go because of you Calla!! I believed you instead of Elena!! Jesus Christ I even accused her of pushing my mother down the terrace and now I’m sure you’re also responsible for that!! I can’t believe you would even do this to me Calla and yet you claim to love me and be my friend!! You even resorted to killing my child Calla!! Elena was pregnant and because of you who knows if she would ever conceive again!!’..He cut in yanking my hair ruthlessly..
‘Javier ahh!! You’re hurting me!! How are you even sure he’s telling the truth!! Who contacted him??’..I asked trying to defend myself..
‘I did’..We all heard and when I turned around I got the shock of my life..
Queen Ariel?!!..
Queen Ariel was right there standing!!..
On her two feet!!..
❣️❣️Episode Fifty-Four
‘Mom?? Mom you’re standing?!! Oh my God mother you’re standing!!!’..i said aloud in disbelief…
Who can even believe this?!!..
My mother is standing right in front of me and talking!!!….
‘Yes Javier,although i was a little so-re after Calla pushed me down but I wasn’t paralyzed.The doctor was f0rç£d to tell you so,I had to keep up with the charade or else Calla was going to kill me cause I knew her plan and that she was pregnant for Jonas,don’t you remember Calla?? When you were talking to your dear diary?’..She replied and Calla whose hair was still in my hands scoffed…
‘So..so..so you were aware of Elena’s dep@rture??’..i questioned further and she frowned…
‘I’m happy Elena left cause you don’t deserve a person like her!! You don’t even deserve anything at all’..She snapped and my head hung low in shame…
‘Now back to my story—Since Calla was sure of my paralysis I had Madam Pat do some scouting and find out who Jonas was and guess who helped me Calla’…She added..
‘Lady Maddy’..Calla responded..
‘Good girl,I had to go somewhere far to s£nd a message to Jonas telling him to come here and now this is the result!! You have finally be caught in the your devious acts Calla!! No one would believe you now!!’..Mom said aloud and I bit my bottoml-ip…
Mother is right..
She’s absolutely right..
I don’t deserve a woman like Elena..
I don’t deserve her after everything I’ve done to her…
‘She’s lying Javier!! She’s lying i swear I’ve always been faithful to you.I really love you Ja-
‘Don’t you even dare speak that word Love Calla!! Cause no one causes pain to whom they love!!’..i yelled cutting her short and a stab of guilt hit me ma-king me feel like a hypocrite….
No one hurts the one the one they love and cause them pain but i caused Elena pain…
I didn’t trust her or believe when she said Calla was responsible,I was so stubborn to the extent that I stood frozen to my feet as she walked away from my life…
She was in tears…
She was crying as she left and i couldn’t do anything about it!!..
‘Javier plea-se don’t even believe them!! Don’t believe them you trust me remember?? You trust me your Calla’..She said and i yanked her hair so that she would look and see the anger burning in my eyes….
‘Look at me!! Look at me Calla!! Do you think I’ll trust you again after what you’ve done?!! You think?!! You’ve ruined my whole life Calla!! You made me loose the number one person in my life!! You made me loose my Lena and you’re saying this cra-p?? You’re telling me that i trust you?? Gosh I’m even getting sicker by the minute by just looking at your dirty face!! You make me sick Calla and you’re gonna pay for all you did!!’..i screamed and pushed her to the ground and she yelped in pain..
‘Hey hey be careful!! She’s pregnant with my child you know??’..Jonas ch!pped in holding my hands..
‘Yeah and that’s why her head isn’t yet on a stake!!’..i barked and he backed off holding up his hands…
‘Okay okay you can do whatever you want but plea-se don’t hurt her or the child!! Honestly i don’t even care about her i only care about my seed in her belly’..He said..
‘I won’t kill her Jonas you have my word on that and i also won’t let her go cause she committed a crime’..i said..
‘So what are you going to do to her??’..He asked..
‘You’d find out soon enough’…
The Next Morning⛅
‘Are you okay my lady??’..Mama sheila asked as i gro-an ed walking past her…
‘No I’m not okay!! I look a bit fat’..I replied..
‘Fat?? You aren’t fat my lady and in fact I haven’t seen anyone who still looks S-xy in pregnancy like you’..she remarked and i smiled…
‘Thanks Mama Sheila,is that a letter for me??’..i asked..
‘Yes it c@m£ this morning from Madam Pat’..she replied and i opened the letter…
Dear Queen Elena✍️,
You might be wondering how i contacted you or found you but I’m Madam P and you know that i know everything..
There’s been a new development in the castle and even though you’re no longer here i still want you to know..
Lady Calla wasn’t R@p£d as she claimed,instead she’s carrying Sir Jonas’s child.The King found out yesterday when Sir Jonas c@m£ in screaming at the t©p of his voice and he also found out that she was responsible for your miscarriage…
Queen Ariel isn’t paralyzed as you think,she’s perfectly fine and was the reason Lady Calla was caught…
The King is pronouncing her judgment very soon and I hope you’d be here to hear it cause she’s the reason you left…
He misses you a lot my queen and he hasn’t sle-pt well since the night you left..
He’s a total wreck my lady and from a humble servant to you plea-sE COME BACK…
Madam Patricia✍️
‘Lady Elena!! Lady Elena are you okay??’..Mama sheila asked as i slumped to the ground..
‘She has finally been caught Mama Sheila!! Now he knows i wasn’t lying,now he knows I’ve been right all along’..i replied in tears…
‘Are you going to go back??’..She asked..
‘No’..I murmured..
‘Why my lady?? You obviously still love the king’..she asked again..
‘Well I’m not so sure about that,I’m not sure if he loves me at all’..i said and crumpled the paper un-der my fists…
‘You can’t keep me chained here in a Dower house?!! I’m not even a widow!!’..I protested with tears in my eyes as Javier dragged me into the dirty building..
‘Ohhh this is only temporary Calla,you’re going to live here like a prisoner until the child is born’..He replied..
‘Javier I’m your best friend!! You can’t do this to me! I love you’…I cried out and he scoffed..
‘The maids would give you whatever you want Calla,you would be given food,water and clothes for your nine months of living and when the child is born you would go to jail’..
‘Javier plea-se!! Javier plea-se what if I kill the child?? What if—
‘You try killing the child Calla and I would end up killing you instead’..He cut in and walked away..
My life is finally over!!..
I’m finally doomed!!..
My life is finally over!!..
This is all because of Elena Viero!!..
This is all because of her and i won’t st©p until I get Javier!..
This isn’t over yet until Calla says it’s over!!..
Hours Later
‘What?!! What the hell are you saying?!!’..I screamed as I jo-lted up from my chair and the middle aged woman who has a striking resemblance to Madam Pat bur-sted into tears…
‘They’ve taken her your highness!! They have her!!’..She said..
‘Tell me who has taken Elena!! Tell me!!’..i yelled..
‘They call themselves the council of doom your highness and they trashed the Viero Manor’..she replied…
The Viero Manor??..
She was there all along??…
Why didn’t I even think of there??..
‘When they took her what did they say??’..i asked taking off my jacket..
‘They said to s£nd a message to the king that they have her now’..She said and i winced loudly…
They caused uproar in my kingdom and killed most of my subjects..
They infiltrated my castle and caused mayhem..
Now they have Elena??..
It’s time to end this all!!..
‘Where are you going??’..Jonas asked equally concerned..
‘To get my wife what do you think??’..I snarled..
‘Wait on Javier,let’s be p@rtners cause you can’t do this alone’..He said and I st©pped dead in my tracks..
‘You mean you want a p@rtnersh!p?? What’s in it for you??’…I asked and he shrugged..
‘I got nothing to loose Javier seriously but I just can’t stand and let Elena be in danger,she was my first love you know!?’..
‘I’m sorry what??’..
‘All I’m saying is that with a p@rtnersh!pwe can save our Elena’..he muttered..
‘Hey she’s not our Elena she’s my Elena and plea-se just shut up if you want a p@rtnersh!pokay?!! You talk too much!!’..I said aloud..
‘And you’re a stormy person jeez don’t you even get tired of scowling?? You’re always grumpy Jesus Christ of Bethlehem’..He said and walked downstairs…
‘Let’s go p@rtner!! Let’s go save our wife!!’..
Wait did he just say our wife??..
Sorry it’s short guys…
This p@rtnersh!pbetween the husband and the ex is damn funny🤣…
Was Javier a little bit lenient with Calla and will Elena be safe again??..