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His v!rg!nbride Episode 42 & 43

👰🏻❣️HIS v!rg!nBRIDE❣️👰🏻
❣️(Betrothed to my worst nightmare)❣️
Rated 🔞
Episode Forty-Two
(I want my baby back🤱)
‘She…she lost the baby?? Doctor are you sure about what you’re saying?? You mean my Elena was pregnant?? She was alre-ady carrying my child I her and we both didn’t know?? And now it’s gone??’..I asked confused,angry and at the same time shocked about the whole situation..
She was pregnant??..
Now we’ve lost the baby??..
‘I am so sorry your highness,some pregnancy doesn’t usually show signs in the early stage,plea-se accept my condolences..we..we were able to neutralize the effect of the poison but we weren’t able to save the child that’s why she bled’..The doctor said and with all the anger in me i threw my shoe across the wall…
‘Javier plea-se you have got to calm down!’..Mom said and tears flowed freely from my eyes..
‘We were just arguing about a child mother?? She said she wanted to be pregnant with a boy and I said I wanted her to be pregnant with a girl..She wanted to teach him how to ride horses and I wanted to teach our daughter how to fight like her father,i wanted to [email protected] and the knight with her,i wanted to [email protected] [email protected] with her mom and now maybe a he or she is gone?? I want my baby back mom,i want our baby back’..I said and for the first time she reached out to me and I cried into her arms….
This wasn’t supposed to happen..
We were supposed to be happy..
Now we’ve lost our baby,our child without even knowing…
‘Alert the whole castle mother’..i muttered un-der my breath as I regained my composure..
‘For what??’..She asked..
‘For questioning,Elena was poisoned and the last thing she ate was a cookie’..i murmured..
‘A cookie?? Does that mean she was poisoned throu-gh that??’..she asker again..
‘No cause I had a piece,she might have eaten or drank something else and that’s what I’m going to find out,My baby was killed and my wife was almost killed and there is absolutely no way I’m going to let the perpetrator go scot free’…
‘There is a lot of trouble Amelia,the queen was poisoned’…Giselle whispered..
‘She was??’..i asked acting like I didn’t know anything about it..
‘Yeah she was and she lost the baby’..She replied…
‘Baby?? What do you mean by she lost the baby??’..i asked gulping [email protected]
‘Well the queen was pregnant but she didn’t know about it,even his highness is really hurt and angry and he has summoned every castle guard and maid to the royal court,I wonder who would do such a thing to Queen Elena cause she’s such a very nice and jovial person…She doesn’t talk down on us,she helps us doing some chores and she’s pla-yful with our kids too,she’s the most wonderful person I’ve ever met and i wish I could give my child in replacement of the one she lost’…She said and i gulped [email protected] again…
Queen Elena was pregnant??..
And i killed her baby??..
Oh my God i killed a child!!..
I killed an innocent child!!..
Oh Lord plea-se forgive me for what I’ve done..
I opened my eyes all tired and weak to stand up and when i turned my head Javier was seated next to me…
‘Hey what happened??’..I asked and he smiled and k!$$£d my forehead…
‘I love you’..He murmured and k!$$£d my forehead…
‘Mmmh I love you too,why am I here and why do I feel so weak??’..I asked and he smiled again k!ss!ngmy cheeks..
‘You were sick a little but I’m glad you’re okay’…He whispered and suddenly I saw pain in his eyes as he smiled..
‘Javier what’s wrong??’..i asked..
‘Nothing is wrong my love I’m just glad you’re okay cause you scared the hell out of me,I don’t know what I would have done without you..I..I almost thought I lost you but seeing you awake is a relief’…He whispered brushing a strand of my hair aside…
‘Seeing me awake?? How many hours have I been asleep??’..I asked..
‘Two days’..he replied..
‘Two days?!!’..I screamed softly..
‘Two days yeah and let’s not talk about this anymore what do you want to eat??’..He replied..
‘Mmmh I don’t think I have the strength to eat anything,I just don’t know why I’m so weak and tired and also why I sle-pt for two straight days and why do I feel like this isn’t my room??’..I asked..
‘Well we’re in Rithfold,I brou-ght you here unconscious and we’re all alone with no one else to bother us..the..the castle is a little bit un-der construction so as to not disturb you I brou-ght you here to fully recover,Baileywick and few maids and guards are here to take care of you’..He said and k!$$£d me again but this time on thel-ips…
The last thing i remember was that I slumped and now it’s been two days and I’m in Rithfold??..
Why do I feel like something is wrong and Javier is hiding something from me??..
‘Well i think I’m hungry but I don’t want to eat here’..I muttered un-der breath and the next thing i knew he carried me onto a wheelchair and began pushing me towards the dining…
‘Javier I can walk can’t I?? There’s no need for this’…
‘No way I’m not taking any chances and we’re going to have to eat outside’..
‘Eat outside?? Why??’..I asked..
Javier has never thought of eating outside except we’re going on a picnic..
‘Let’s just say I don’t want to take any chances’..He murmured and I tucked my hair behind my ear as he pushed me outside…
I noticed one of the maids shaking her head as she walked by and the guards rolling their eyes the other way as they greeted Javier and I..
‘Am I the only one who is noticing the sober look on everyone’s face or am I hallucinating??’..i asked with a frown on my face…
‘Elena….Elena I have to tell you something’..He muttered as he crouched down to my level…
‘What is it??’..I asked..
‘Well you were poisoned and the..the doctor found out that you were pregnant but..but you lost the lost the baby’..He said and at that moment I slumped to the ground again…
‘’re…you’re saying I lost my baby?? Our baby is gone??…you mean I was pregnant but I mis..I had a miscarriage??’..I stammered and bur-sted into h0t tears immediately….
‘Elena plea-se calm down’..
‘Don’t tell me to calm down!!! Don’t youfu-cking tell me to calm down!! Javier I lost my baby!! We lost our baby!! Our child and you’re saying I should calm down?? Why didn’t you tell me?? Why didn’t you tell me that i had a miscarriage?? Why didn’t you tell me that I’ve fai—
‘Don’t you dare say it!!! Don’t you dare say you’ve failed me Elena cause you haven’t,we lost the baby yeah but it isn’t the end of the world??—plea-se sweetheart don’t cry?? plea-se don’t cry,it’s just one baby and it hurts so bad but that doesn’t mean you can’t give birth again!? We could still try again Elena and get another child but plea-se don’t say you’ve failed me’…He said and surprisingly he cried along with me..
‘Wh..what if I don’t get pregnant again??’..I whimpered and he smiled hvgging me ti-ghtly..
‘Then we’ll try and try and try again and if you don’t get pregnant then we’ll adopt,you just can’t cloud yourself in all this negativity Elena…Do you think I’ll love you any less because we lost our baby?? You are my Baby,you are my jewel,you are my life and you are my everything and I can’t leave without you?? I couldn’t even stay one day without talking to you and now you think I’m gonna think you’ve failed me?? I’m going to find out who did this to you and when I do the person is going to be very sorry for what he did,you didn’t deserve this..You don’t deserve this pain’…He said and the more affectionate words he said the more my tears flowed down freely…
‘I want my baby back Javier’..I whimpered against his che-st..
‘Don’t worry my love,you’re going to get your baby back,we’ll get our baby back and we’ll be happier than you can ever imagine’…He whispered..
‘I love you Javier’..
‘I love you too Elena,now let’s go eat’..
👰🏻❣️episode [Forty-Three]❣️❣️
‘How are investigations coming Elberto??’..I asked as I sat down on the light green chair of the study..
‘The maids have all been investigated with their alibis your highness and now it’s down to ten suspects,The gardener—Marc,Stephan and Joyner and the rest of them are maids’..He replied still on his knees and i sighed de-eply..
‘The queen and I will be coming back tonight,make sure our rooms are clean and I’ll take care of the investigation myself’..I murmured..
‘Okay your highness i would leave you and the queen to yourselves and—
‘Don’t tell anyone we’re coming back tonight,there’s something I need to observe’..I replied and he nodded as he left..
I walked back to the room and Elena was still on the be-d slee-ping and when I walked closer I noticed tear marks on her cheeks…
She always claims to be okay but whenever I’m not looking she’s crying..
It’s been two days now and she still hasn’t gotten over the miscarriage…
I just wish I could take away every pain and everything she’s going throu-gh and replace it with happiness..
No one deserves to suffer the way she’s suffering and knowing that I’m [email protected] the cause reeks me to the core….
Someone is out to get me and the person tried to kill Elena throu-gh an insider but the plan backfired…
I’m going to find out who tried to poison my wife and when I do it’s perfect death…
‘You just can’t do anything right father!!! You just had one thing to do and that was to make sure Queen Elena dies and Now you’re telling me she’s still alive??? You just had one thing and now you’ve failed!!’..I yelled as I paced around the room angrily…
‘Don’t talk back at me Calla!!! I am your father!! I made sure your mother birthed you and i won’t stand here and watch you scream at me just because your plan backfired!!’..Dad yelled back and I scoffed..
This man really thinks I’m joking??..
‘Okay father let’s think of something else to do,How would like it if the King finds out that you are working with the council of doom?? Stealing from the royal treasury and oh did I forget?? Responsible for almost killing his wife’…I asked with a wicked grin on my face and his face went green immediately…
‘I regret ever bringing you to this world Calla!!! You are so devious and you are inconspicuous to Javier!! He would never see you as more than a friend and I hope he sees the demon you really are in angel clothing!!’…He yelled again..
‘Just shut up!!! Shut up okay??! Javier loves me and he cares for me more than you can ever imagine!!! I heard Elena had a miscarriage is that true??’..
‘Yes it is true and they’re in Rithfold now’…he replied with his head sunk low..
‘Good I’m so glad she lost the baby cause I can’t bear her getting a child for my Javier!! I’m pretty sure she’s depressed and is wallowing de-ep in grief and you know what??—I don’t care at all and I’m going to make sure she suffers and pays for stealing my man…that’s a promise!!!’..
At Night☄️
‘Good evening’…Elena murmured as she [email protected]£ into the room wearing a pink robe cinched around her [email protected]!st that showed her curves and my loins heated just at the sight of her..
‘You look tired come to be-d’..i replied grinning like an idiot and she shook her head..
‘I sle-pt throu-ghout the whole day Javier or have you forgotten??’..She said and walked towards the terrace…
I [email protected] something like a mosquito off my ba-re back and followed her and smiled seeing her rear view backside as she rested her hands on the rail…
Her black silk hair shone and I smiled seeing as the length has increased..
‘The stars are beautiful aren’t they??’..She asked noticing my pres£nce..
‘Hmmm remember the last time you asked me that question?? I ended up ma-king you scream my name’..I replied..
‘I didn’t scream!! You’re a terrible liar!!”..She protested as she turned over and the glint in her eyes made me smile..
I missed her tantrums no doubt..
‘I won’t lie,you were in what do you New Yorkians call it?? —Oh yeah you were in cloud nine so you wouldn’t notice,i was the one ma-king you feel special so I know if you were screaming or not’..I said and she scoffed…
‘You are really unbelievable aren’t you?? Cloud nine?? Really?? And I would know if I was screaming or not’..I replied to Javier’s tart remark which made me laugh and lifted up my spirits a bit..
‘Should I show you again?? I always know how to make you scream sweetheart and you can’t deny it’..He said wra-pping his arms around my [email protected]!st and I sighed de-eply looking up at the stars…
We were very happy no doubt..
That special night with Javier was one that changed my life forever..
It marked my rise to complete woman-hood…
‘I want my Elena back’..He whispered k!ss!ngmy back…
‘What do you mean??’..i asked..
‘I want you back Elena,ever since we lost —Ever since that incident you’ve gone sour,you no longer laugh at my terrible jokes and you’re slee-ping all day and when I come to check up on you I always see tear marks…I miss the Lady Elena Viero who [email protected]£ into my life in the most unfashionable way possible,I miss the Elena who thought I was a b©dyguard,i miss the Elena Orlando i got married to and fell in love with plea-se come back to Me Elena’..He said turning me around and the tears I saw glistening in his eyes made my eyes also water…
I’ve been so de-ep in my own pain that I totally ignored him..
I’ve been so depressed that I didn’t see the pain in his eyes..
‘Sorry Javier,I’m really sorry I…i was selfish and ignorant of your own feelings and I promise to make sure i am the Elena you love cause i love you’…I said and cu-mpped his chin taking his mouth in mine and k!ss!nghim softly…
His hands skimmed my [email protected]!st and br£@st creating an arou-salin me and in response I delved in dee-per into his mouth grinding my th!ghs [email protected] against his and feeling his £r£¢tion…
‘Why don’t we take this to the room my queen??’..he whispered and I smiled nipping at his bottoml-ip..
‘Yes your highness’..
Two Days Later❤️
I smiled as i walked into the courtyard seeing Elena seated on a grimstone chair and looking at the clouds with a plate of cookies by her side…
‘Good day my queen’..i said in a mock like tone..
‘What are you doing here Calla??’.. she asked and I smiled…
‘I’m just here to pay my condolences my dear queen,i heard about your miscarriage…t-t-t…it’s a pity the child didn’t stay in your wo-mb’..I said still in mockery and she scoffed..
‘Just go away Calla’..
‘I can’t go away and in fact I just [email protected]£ to sympathise over your shambled marriage,sorry i thought you guys would last’…I said..
‘If you think my marriage is going down then your plan has backfired and —Oh hey my love’…She replied as soon as Javier appeared..
She walked over to him and to my own dismay she k!$$£d him s-en-selessly raising her th!ghs so I could see and also win-ked back at me..
‘Calla you’re here??’..He asked as soon as they stooped k!ssing..
‘H…here I am..y..yes I’m here’..I stuttered and before he could reply Elena linked her arms around his n£¢k and he carried her up on his [email protected]!st k!ss!ngagain and acting like I didn’t even exist…
‘Uhhh Calla I think we’ll discuss later Elena and I have something to take care of’..He said and they both left…
So much for a backfire…

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