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His v!rg!nbride Episode 40 & 41

👰🏻❣️HIS v!rg!nBRIDE❣️👰🏻
❣️(Betrothed to my worst nightmare)❣️
Rated 18
The Next Morning⛅
sle-pt last night angry and woke up in a very bad mood…
I turned around and Elena wasn’t there…
Walked into the closet and she wasn’t there either,walked over to the dining and before i could reach i saw her room opened with her slee-ping soundly and crouched like an Armadillo…
‘She’s really sorry for what she did Javier why won’t you forgive her??’…Mom asked and she stood behind me..
‘Sometimes sorry isn’t enough mom,i just don’t know if i can trust her again’..I replied..
‘plea-se don’t go to Rithfold Javier we need you here’..She begged clasping her hands in mine..
‘It’s just three days mother and besides I’ve got work to do plea-se excuse me’..i said and walked away…
Three days of just peace and quiet and also some time to think…
Am i going a little bit far with this silent treatment of a thing??…
‘He can’t have gone it’s not fair!!!’..I cried out as soon as Javier’s mother broke the news to me…
‘Well he’s gone Elena we both can’t change that’..She replied and tears streamed down my cheeks..
He left after everything??…
It’s just so not fair that he left..
How many times do I have to say I’m sorry??…
How many times do i have to say that I’m sorry about what I did??..
Fine i said and did a lot of things i regret but that doesn’t mean he should leave and go to Rithfold?? That’s just not fair to me…
‘Your highness your breakfast is re-ady’..A maid said…
‘I’m not hungry’..
‘But your highness??’..
‘I said I’m not hungry!!! Get out!!!’..I screamed in tears and she scurried away…
🎼I fell by the wayside..
Like everyone else..
I hate you,I hate you,I hate you but i was just kidding myself…
🎼Our every moment.
I start to replace..
Cause now that they’re gone all I hear were the words that I needed to say…
🎼When you hurt un-der the surface..
Like trouble waters running cold…
Well time can’t heal but this won’t..
🎼So,before you go..
Was there something i could have said to make it all feel better..
If only I had known you had a storm to weather…
🎼So,before you go..
Was there something I could have said to make it all st©p hurting..
It kills me how your mind could make you feel so worthless..
🎼So..before you go
‘The accountant is here my queen’..Another maid said as she [email protected]£ into the room..
‘I’ll be right down’..I replied with my voice alre-ady hoarse from the crying and she left giving me time to adjust myself and apply a little bit of powder to cover the tears…
No one must know I’m having problems in my marriage most especially not that accountant that shoots me haughty glares like i stole his job or something…
‘Sir Emmanuel the account book??’..i said with a little bit of poise and grace as i sat on the large chair in the mini study Javier got for me..
‘Uhmm my queen there’s been a little change to the account book’..he stuttered..
‘Change?? And what could that be??’..i asked and he gulped [email protected] cleverly evading my gaze.
‘2,200 euros has been taken from the account and when I went to the bank to make enquiries i found out that the book was gone’..He said..
‘Gone?!! The book can’t be gone it’s your job to make sure it’s not gone!!! I don’t believe an ounce of what you said Mr Emmanuel and you have until midnight to provide it!!!’..i yelled and he scurried away..
It’s no more Mrs Nice queen to them all!!…
I paused silently as the maids carried my things into the Orlando Manor and after a minute walked into my room..
I remember when I used to come here whenever father and I had a fight..
The beautiful sunset I always view was always the best [email protected] of it all that makes me calm..
‘Elena what do you…’ voice trailed off as soon as i realised that I was alone…
I left her didn’t I?? .
Then why do I miss her so bad??..
Of course I miss her so bad she’s the woman I love and her laughter always makes my heart jump..
Her smile always gives me a reason to wake up every morning and now I’m not going to see that beautiful face for three days straight…
‘I guess it’s just you and me then’…I muttered at my reflection..
It’s gonna be a long long day..
‘Good evening father,I presume you met with the doom council’..I muttered with a smile on my face as Dad walked into the room..
‘Call..Calla what are you talking about??’..He asked in a shocked tone and I cackled…
‘I know you’re the thief father and i know you’re working with the council of doom…Now let me tell you this—Whatever you’re doing you had better st©p cause there is absolutely no way I’m going to let you ruin my chances of becoming the queen’..I said..
‘Your chances of becoming the queen?? Oh lord of the heavens why have you cursed me with such a despicable daughter!!!’…He screamed and i laughed again..
‘Well i was raised by a despicable father also so its a win win’…i said and he sighed…
‘Okay Calla what do you want??’..he asked..
‘I need your resources to help me kill the queen’..
‘Your highness!! Your highness you need to wake up it’s an emergency!!!’…I heard a guard scream and and scrambled to my feet immediately..
‘What is the problem??’..i asked..
‘Elberto is here your highness!! And he doesn’t bring good news!!’..He said as i slid my robe onto my b©dy..
‘Elberto?? From the palace?? What is he doing here??’..I asked as i walked towards my study room where the guard was..
‘Sorry for the trouble your highness but you’re needed in the castle now’..He said..
‘Why?? I’ve only been gone a day??’..i asked..
‘It’s the queen your majesty,she’s at the the t©p of the castle threatening to jump down! She hasn’t eaten a morsel ever since you left and it’s a really big emergency your highness…she’s st..staggering and she’s not joking’…He said..
‘What?!! The queen is she okay??? Has she fallen?! Oh my God get my horse re-ady!!’..I screamed..
‘But your—
‘No buts Elbert it’s an emergency!!’..I screamed and bolted out the door…
God what have I done to her?!!…
I’ve been so very stubborn that I ignored the woman i love..
Maybe this silent treatment is way too far for her to handle…
Two Hours Later❤️
‘Elena plea-se get down!!’..i yelled as soon as i saw her standing on a broken pillar almost a hundred feet from the ground..
‘No i won’t until you forgive me!! I..i..I missed you so much Javier and i want you back!!’…She cried out in tears and tears streamed down my own cheeks…
‘Elena love plea-se come down,I’ve forgiven you jesus Christ you’re so dramatic but i love you anyway!! plea-se come down!!’..i begged and she smiled…
‘You really forgive me??’..
‘Yes i really do forgive you and i trust you and I love you but plea-se come down!!!’…
‘You’re piece of work you know that right??’…I murmured as I pressed myl-ips to Elena’s w€t shoulder…
‘You gave me no other choice didn’t you?? Javier you ignored me and it tore me to pieces’..She replied leaning on my ba-re che-st and something stirred inside of me again…
‘You weren’t the only one Elena,do you know how [email protected] it was seeing you in n-ked two inches away from me and not being able to do anything?? It was hell on earth Elena and I felt like you were out to get to me doing it on purpose’..I murmured again and she smiled…
‘Well you’re not far from wrong actually,I was doing it on purpose and trust me I wickedly enjoyed every bit of it but when you wouldn’t stir I cried…like literally I cried really bad’..
‘You cried because I was ignoring you??’..
‘Yeah of course I cried and even though I was at fault,no woman wants the man she loves ignoring her??Absolutely no woman’…She said..
‘I was really hurt Elena to be frank with you I was—
‘I am really sorry Javier I..I..I didn’t mean to hurt you in any way I just wanted to warn him to leave me alone’..She whimpered and when I heard her little sob I frowned..
‘You don’t have to be sorry Elena,I was also a j£rk for not heeding to your plea-s and I can’t imagine what I would have done if you fell from that place’..i said frowning at the thought..
‘I love you too much to die and you know that’..
‘I love you too—I’m starving’..
‘You’re hungry?? What would you like to eat??’..She asked and I sma-cked myl-ips languidly..
‘Hmmmm I think I’ll start with this!!’..I said aloud and yanked away the blankets from her n-ked b©dy…
‘I can’t do that my lord!!! I’m sorry but I just can’t!!’..Amelia cried out as she turned to leave but I held her back and the next thing she knew my hands landed on her cheek…
‘You will you as I say you dirty scullery maid!! You owe me your life and I am the reason your brother is not in jail!!!’..i yelled and she began sobbing….
‘I would be forever in your debt my lord but I can’t do as you ask,I just can’t do it’..
‘You just have to sneak the contents of the vial into her drink Amelia it’s not [email protected] to do!! Just poison the Queen’s drink nothing else!!!’..I screamed..
‘I’ll be committing murder my lord!! And between God and Man I’ve never hurt a fly before!!! Queen Elena is a very good person and i don’t see why anyone would hate her!! She’s the nicest royal I’ve ever come across,she doesn’t talk down on us the servants and sometimes she eats with us and gives us gifts!! I would never have been able to s£nd Ivy to community school if it wasn’t for her!! I can’t do what you ask of me Lord Bachor!!!’..She screamed and I [email protected] her again with so much momentum that she landed flat on the ground..
‘You shall do what i ask of you Amelia!! You shall poison the Queen and in thirty four hours from now I want to hear of her death or else you would be sorry’..i said and dropped the green colored vial next to her..
‘Lord Bachor!! Lord Bachor!!’…She screamed as i walked out of the room…
Minutes later❤️
‘I have done what you ask of me Calla now all i need is your promise for discretion’..i murmured with a scowl on my face as I leaned onto the door of my daughter’s room…
I never raised her to be despicable as this??..
What happened to the sweet girl who takes life to be all cupcakes and candy??..
‘Good job father now we just have to wait’..She replied..
‘You are not who I raised Calla!!! His highness would never love you!! Can’t you see the way he looks at his queen?? He’s head over heels in love with her!!’…i implied..
‘Yes and it should have been me!!! It should have been me father!! I’ve loved Javier for Years and you know that!! I was there for him when he was going to a rou-gh time especially when Kara died!! Do you think it’s easy being the tagged along third wheel?? The best friend?? The one sided lover??No cause you don’t know the pain of seeing the one you love love someone else!!’..She yelled and tears followed..
’That isn’t love Calla!! That’s obse-ssion!! I should have known the reason why you were turning down all the prospective suitors that asked for your hand in marriage!! I guess I was too lopsided to notice’…I yelled back..
‘Well now you know father and in few hours I would be acting as a concerned friend to a royal widower’..
‘I have never met someone as stubborn as you Elena!! I can’t believe you don’t want a girl for a child’..i said as i rested my head on my wife’s th!ghs..
‘Yeah i want a boy for a child,isn’t that what all kings want?? Male children who would take over??’…Elena replied..
‘No a queen could rule,my mother ruled her kingdom before she married my father and in fact she was the first queen to rule nothingham’..I said..
‘Really?? Well it doesn’t change anything,i want a boy that I could teach how to ride and [email protected] with and besides boys always love their mothers than their fathers anyway’..She argued taking a bite of the cookies that was made earlier..
‘Hmmm tasty’..she added..
‘Let me taste’..I offered and she broke a piece handing it out to me but instead of eating I k!$$£d her instead l!çk!ng the sugar off her mouth..
‘Hmmm that’s sweet alright so back to our argument I think you should be pregnant with a baby girl cause she’ll get your beautiful brown eyes and most especially your silky black hair..and did I forget that I’ll scrutinize every man that comes to ask for her hand in marriage??’..I replied and she scoffed..
‘You wouldn’t dare and it’s not possible cause when I finally get pregnant it’s going to be a boy!!’..
‘Well who’s gonna impregnate you?!!’..
‘You are and if you’re not re-ady Tonio would help me!!’..
‘You wouldn’t dare!!’..
‘Watch me and..’..Her voice trailed off..
‘What’s the problem??’..I asked..
‘I don’t know i just feel like…i..there’s a sharp pain..I..i..i feel a sharp pain in my lower abd0m£n and…ahh!!!’..she cried out..
‘Elena!! Elena wake up!!’..i screamed as she slumped to the ground..
This can’t be happening!!..
No this can’t be happening!!..
‘Guards!! Alert the doctor now!!’..I screamed at the t©p of my voice as i carried a suddenly limp,cold and pale Elena..
plea-se don’t die on me plea-se…
An Hour Later❤️
‘Just be patient son she’s going to be fine’..Mom said as i paced back and forth as the doctor tended to Elena..
‘Don’t tell me to…’ voice trailed off as soon as the door opened and the doctor [email protected]£ out…
‘How is she??’..i asked..
‘It’s a good thing you called me your highness if not the poison would have done more damage than expected’..He replied..
‘Poison?? What do you mean by poison??’..I asked…
‘Well she was poisoned alright and it would have caused more damage judging that she was pregnant’…He said again..
He just used ‘Was’??..
‘Wait you said she was??..she was pregnant’..i inquired as mom held onto me..
‘Yes your highness,it was a month old I’m afraid’…He said..
Does that mean that??💔💔..

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