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April 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His Virgin bride Episode 26 & 27

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❣️(Betrothed to my worst nightmare)❣️
Rated 🔞
❣️❣️Episode Twenty-Six❣️❣️
(It’s his birthday??🎁🎈)





‘Eat it Elena’..I muttered under my breath as i held a spoonful of broccoli soup to her lips…

‘No eww i hate broccoli soup’..She replied sticking out her tongue in disgust..

‘It’s good for your bones if you want to get well real quick then you’ve got to eat this’..I said and after a minute of hesitancy she gulped the broth after letting it into her mouth….

‘Javier I’ve noticed a change in you’…She said and I shot a look at her…

‘What do you mean??’..I asked…

‘Well i mean you’re pretty nice to me nowadays even though you’re a bit distant like always and the most exciting part is that you’ve not slept with a woman since we’ve got back from the woods—Why??’…She asked and my face instantly withdrew into a scowl..

‘What i do is none of your business Elena just eat up and shut up’..

‘Yeah that’s the monstrous Javier I know’..She murmured and I stood up angrily..

‘Do you think I’ve always been like this?!! This scary monster huh?! Do you think I’ve always been a cold,ruthless and ignominious?!!! No I’ve never been like this!!’..i yelled and I heard her muffle a yelp..

‘You don’t have to worry anymore I’ll leave you

alone’…I murmured and left the room..




I just don’t know why Javier snapped by just the word ‘Monstrous’…

I mean like one minute he’s super nice and caring and the next he’s just back to his normal self…

‘Elena?’..Queen Ariel said as she walked into the room..

‘Ohhh good day your highness’..I replied trying to hide the groan in my voice…

‘A minute ago you were both getting along.What did you say that made him flinch the way he did??’..She asked and I sighed deeply…

‘Well he was feeding me and then he told me to eat and shut up and I said that he’s back to his monster mode of some sort and….

‘He got angry??’..

‘Yes he got angry’..

‘Elena that that isn’t something you should say to a person and I told you before about Javier being a very complicated person.He may be so loving and kind but one mistake can make him loose interest in you and go distant again’..She said..

‘But that isn’t how a human should live?? I mean he deserves to be doesn’t he?? He should be happy always’..I protested and she smiled..

‘Happiness left Javier’s checklist ever since he killed Kara with his bare hands’…

‘Yeah I know but she betrayed him right?? It wasn’t his fault that she was betrayed by a b**ch?? He doesn’t deserve to be unhappy just because of a woman??’..I nagged aloud..

‘Ohhh you love your dad right??’..She asked.

‘Yes of course’..I replied..

‘Good then how would you feel when your Dad betrays you beyond words and you killed him out

of rage??’..She asked again..

‘Damn!! I get what you mean i would feel pretty shaken up though’..

‘Yes Elena true love when betrayed turns to pure rage that lasts for a long time until it’s found again.Javier needs time Elena’..

‘Yeah I guess you’re right.He really got burned in the past’..i said mimicking a Texan accent at the end of my sentence…

‘Yeah and you better be on your best behavior tomorrow cause it’s his birthday’..she said..

‘It’s his birthday tomorrow?? Why should i be on my best behavior tomorrow shouldn’t we be celebrating or something??’..i asked obviously confused…

‘No cause he’s always miserable on his birthday’…She replied…

‘Ohh Queen Ariel you’ve gotta be kidding right??’..I scoffed…

‘No Elena,tomorrow marks another year of Kara’s death.He killed kara tomorrow years ago so it’s a miserable day for him’..She replied and I pursed my lips…

Jeez he’s really been through a lot..

Killing the woman you love on your birthday after being stabbed in the back by her??..

I really wish I could do something to help him..

I mean he’s always helping me and the least i could do is to make him happy even on the most dreaded day of his life…


Twenty minutes later❤️

‘Madam Pat i need your help’..I said as i walked down the stairs with my crutches..

‘Oh my God your highness you shouldn’t be out of your room??’..She said aloud and i smiled..

‘No Madam Pat i can manage did you know that tomorrow is the King’s birthday??’..I replied..

‘It’s his birthday?? Oh yeah i remember it’s his birthday tomorrow and—Oh my God I’ve got to pack my bags!!!’…She yelled..

‘What? Why?’..i asked..

‘The King’s birthday is like a punishment to us servants your highness,you don’t want to be near him when he’s brooding.Last year twelve servants were sent into the dungeon just because of nothing’..She replied and i smiled softly..

They must really be terrified of tomorrow…

‘Well you don’t have to worry Madam Pat cause I’m planning a surprise for the king’..

‘You are??’..

‘Yes i am’..




The Next Morning⛅

I groaned loudly when someone tapped my shoulder and turned around..

‘Javier Javier wake up’..Someone whispered..

‘Go away’..i groaned under my pillow..

‘Happy birthday’..The person whispered and when i turned around it was Elena…

‘I know my mother’s big mouth made it known to you that it’s my birthday but nevertheless i do not care…My birthday isn’t worth to be happy for’..I said and she smiled..

‘Look all you have to do is dress up and meet me in the courtyard’..She said..

‘Elena please just leave me alone a monster like me doesn’t need to celebrate birthdays?? You’ve made that point pretty clear to me’..

‘Javier please’..

‘Just go away Elena’..

‘Javier I know you killed her today’..She said and I flinched..

‘You know what??’..

‘I know that she died today and I just want you to be happy even on your birthday.Look I know we’re not really husband and wife but we could still be friends?? I promise not to call you a monster or any demeaning words cause deep down I know you’re a really nice and loving person,you were there for me when i needed you even though you hate me and now it’s time for me to be here for you knowing that the feeling is mutual’..She explained and after a moment I sighed..

‘Great speech Queen Elena that was a nice pep talk but now please leave my room!!’..


❣️❣️Episode Twenty-Seven❣️❣️



I chuckled lightly as Javier turned his head the other way and covered his head with a pillow so he won’t hear whatever I was saying…

‘Now his highness is really acting like a chicken’…I muttered on purpose and he shot me a haughty glare..

‘What did you just call me??’..He asked..

‘Haaa!! I called you a chicken!! Cock-a-doodle-do!!!’..I replied and he frowned…

‘You’re not helping Elena you’re making me hate you a little More’…he said..

‘Javier just dress up I’ve got a surprise that would blow up your mind’..I replied enthusiastically ignoring the brusqueness of his voice…

‘Fine then!! If that’s what would save me from your annoying voice then I’ll go dress up’..He grumbled standing up…

My eyes lingered from his clearly tanned broad body to his lean waist and long hairy legs..

This guy could even win Mr America with just a wink…

‘Can you please leave my room or do you want to see me naked??’…He asked..

‘Ohhh sorry I’ll be g..going now’..I replied in a short stutter and turned my wheelchair around…


Minutes later 💓❤️

‘You don’t have to worry about me or anybody Madam Pat we’re going to be fine’…I whispered as Madam Pat changed my bandages and handed me my crutches…

‘You know I hate seeing you in this condition’…She replied..

‘I know right!? But I’m going to be okay anyway and besides I’m getting used to the crutch—I even named it Crutchy’..I said and we both bursted into laughter…

‘You always see the bright side of everything my queen’..

‘Yeah let’s hope I…’..my voice trailed off as Javier walked into the hallway looking kinda spiffy…

Instead of wearing his breeches and velvet royal robes he was just wearing a simple white shirt that didn’t have buttons from his neck to the center of his chest and surprisingly —Black boots…

‘You look good Your highness,this is the first time I’ve seen you look this spiffy’…Madam Pat blurted out loud and when I signaled her to run she nodded and walked away briskly…

‘So where is the surprise??’..He asked..

‘Ohhh you just wait and see’..I replied with a smile on my face and all he did was scowl…




‘Today is the King’s birthday my Lord’..The spy in the black cloak said aloud and his leader smiled…

‘Is the queen going to be alone in the castle??’..He asked..

‘No my lord,she’s injured and she’s planning a surprise for the king’..The spy replied..

‘Ohhh so he wants to celebrate this day!!! What insolence!!’..His leader screamed throwing his glass of wine across the room…

His hatred for Javier made his blood pump to do more evil,to cause more problems,and also to gain more allies to his side…

‘Regroup the army and call a meeting with my dark council members’..He ordered still panting heavily..

‘Yes my lord your wish is my command’..The spy replied and removed his black cloak..

The sooner this was over the sooner his sister was released from his evil leader…

He couldn’t keep any longer with the charade and if he wasn’t careful he was going to get caught…


‘Are we there yet??’..I asked as Elena led me even with crutches and a blindfold around my eyes..

‘Jeez you’re so impatient’..She retorted and I let out a grunt..

I kept on following her and then she stopped…

‘Are we there??’..I asked..

‘Yeah we are take off your blindfold’..She replied and when i took it off I gasped loudly…

There was a huge blanket laid on the floor and a picnic basket but what was more fascinating was the place…

It was my mother’s secret garden..

When I was young i used to come here to play with the weeds and play pretend soldier with my father…

It was more of a forest than a garden but now it’s like the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen…

From the most beautiful red roses I’ve ever seen..🌹

To the most wonderful daises..🌼

The tulips were exceptional..🌷

And lastly my favorite flower —The dumbbell flower🥀…

‘Elena how did you??’..

‘Do all this?? Well it took the work of everyone in the palace most especially the gardeners to turn this place into a magical wonderland.Queen Ariel told me you love flowers and that you loved coming here with Kara’..She replied and my face went crestfallen..

‘Just listen to me before you freak out Javier turn around’..She added and when I did butterflies as if trained to do so flew out of nowhere in the most beautiful pattern I’ve ever seen…

Kara and i used to come here to play and make love whenever the palace was filled with guests and ever since she died I totally forgot about it…

‘You see Javier what I’m trying to say is that life isn’t f**ked up the way you think.You’ve got to let your pain go,let your past go.Kara hurt you pretty bad in the past and it’s time to move on…Let it go Javier’..She said as I stared at the wonderful sight..

Normally I always have what to say but this is the first time someone rendered me speechless…

‘I should let it go??’..i asked..

‘Yes Let it go Javier Orlando.Look at the garden.It was a forest before and now it’s the most beautiful place in the castle.Beautiful things can come out of the ugly ones Javier so you just have to let the past go,let today mark your first happy birthday in years’..She said and clasped her hands in mine..

I stared at her hands and at the beautiful butterflies and at the flowers and back at her again..

‘No one has ever done this for me Elena…Thank you’..I muttered under my breath and she smiled..

‘So you’re ready to let it go??’..

‘Yeah I am’..I replied..

‘Great..So we’re friends now??’..She asked extending a hand over to me..

‘No’..i bluntly refused..

‘Why??’..She asked dropping her hands..

‘Cause we’re more than friends Elena’..I whispered and linked my hands around her waist lowering my lips down to hers…




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