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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His Virgin bride Episode 22 & 23

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❣️(Betrothed to my worst nightmare)❣️
❣️❣️Episode Twenty-Two ❣️❣️
(Lost in the woods Pt 5️)




ELENA’S POV cont’d❤️

My hands raked through Javier’s hair as his kiss went hard and swift,close to brutal too but only for a moment…

Think Elena think!!!,my mind said but I was so immensely into him that I blocked every signal of thought in my head…

He propped me up on his thighs and my back was against the cave wall..

His hands explored my back which sent tingling sensations to the line separating my thighs..

Oh God I want this man!!!..

‘I want you Elena’…he said rasply and as his tongue explored the nape of my neck an image of what happened to me in the past flashed through my mind..

‘Please stop’..I murmured lightly but he didn’t…

‘Javier please….’..I said again more adamantly and he abruptly stopped…

The look in his eyes depicted shame,regret and un resistable want and the last one—Pain…

‘I lost control —Sorry’..he muttered and pushed me away lightly…

‘It wasn’t your fault so uhmm what are we going to —

‘Do?? Well I don’t know but let’s see anyway’..He cut in and sat at the end of the cave…

Somehow the invisible wall he built between us crumbled a bit and the weariness in his face kinda reduced a little…

He was no

longer the fearsome domineering Javier but instead he was just Javier…

‘Stop staring’..he muttered and i jerked from my thoughts..

‘Me?? I’m not staring at you?? I’m just thinking’..I quickly said and he arched his brows..

‘Really?? Hmm well then what are you thinking I want to know’..He asked..

‘I’m thinking about how I miss my race track so much’..I replied in a fit of lying and he smirked lightly…

‘You race cars?? What kind of a daughter of a duke are you??’..He asked again..

‘I’m the free spirited type you know?? What were you expecting before? A prissy and proper New Yorkian??’..I replied rhetorically and I saw how his eyes danced..

‘Yeah I was expecting something like that but instead I got—

‘A sharp witted and lousy lady in jackets and boots.Yeah you’ve made that pretty clear’..I cut in and his mouth reduced into a grim line…

‘Do you think I hate you for being who you are??’..he asked again..

‘Yes i do’..I replied..

‘Well no i don’t Elena,In fact I like you for being who you are and I’m glad you’re you.Don’t you think I’m tired of all these proper ladies who are pretentious?? They always know what to say and when to say it,they’re always told what to do and when to do it,they’re always told when to smile and i get sick of it especially during their balls and galas’..He blurted out loudly and I bit my lower lip…

‘Sometimes I get tired of being a king’..He added..

Why do i feel like I’m drawing closer to this man??..


do i feel like he’s opening more to me than any other person??..

Why do I feel like he’s nicer and gentler than he claims to be??..

Why do i want him so bad and yet i know i can’t have him??…


Just why??..


The Next Morning⛅

‘You my friend is a cunning fox’…Queen Esmeralda muttered and i chuckled a bit…

‘They’ve been found two days ago but i had to tell the guards to not bring them back.Maybe a day or two and they’ll learn to get along even though the counselor part didn’t work out’..i replied..

‘So what if they don’t get along??’..She asked..

‘Ohh they will but they’re just to pig headed to do it.I’ve seen the way my son looks at her and even though he hates to admit it i haven’t seen him look at a woman like that’..I said..

‘But you know he’s a player and he loves…you know’..

‘Yeah i know and i also know when my son is in love’…


‘Yes love’..i said and sipped my tea again..

‘My son is in love with her’..


‘Good morning’..Elena muttered as she opened her eyes and i nodded in acknowledgement..

‘Mmmh you’re hungry?? Funny enough i found a basket of fresh fruit and bread in front of the cave and more funnier?? Some clothes’..I said and threw some female clothes at her..

She glanced through them and shortly after her brow creased into a frown..

‘These aren’t my type of clothes but I’ll manage anyway’..she said and stood up…

I watched as she left for the lake to take a bath and followed her without watching…

‘Stop watching me your highness’..She muttered..

‘I’m not watching you look my eyes are Closed’..I replied with a smirk on my face and closed my eyes…

I opened them a moment after and she was already in the lake bathing and looking like the goddess that she is…

What have you gotten yourself into Javier??…

She’s not the one for you??..

You can’t be wanting her??..

She’s just like other women..

Vile,evil,manipulative and envious..

She’s just like Kara the one who betrayed you…

I sighed deeply and watched how she kept herself afloat on the lake without her breasts showing..

Who am i kidding she’s nothing like Kara..

‘Stop it Javier your father would kill us if he finds me here!!’..Kara said in her sweet little voice and I smiled unbuttoning her blouse..

‘He won’t say anything Kara and besides it’s been long since we you know’..i replied teasing her nipples and she groaned lightly…

‘I love you Javier,i love you more than you could ever imagine’..


‘You are not going to marry her Javier!! You are not ready!!’..Dad yelled at the top of his voice and i scoffed….

‘You are always so selfish Dad i love Kara!!’..

‘She’s a gold digger son and the sooner you let her go the better it is for you!!’..He yelled again..

‘Your father is right Javier,Kara isn’t the right one for you’..mom added..

‘Well that’s because you don’t know her mom,she’s the sweetest angel you could ever meet’..I said begging…

‘You won’t speak of such again Javier,you’re going to Arobyn and that’s final!!!’…

End of Flashback
My parents could see right through her but i couldn’t.

I was so blinded by the stupid fantasy called love and what had it given me in return??..






Humiliation and many others..

‘For a king you sure do day dream a lot’..Elena said interluding my thoughts…

‘What are you saying??’..I asked with a frown on my face..

‘I’ve been calling your name for five minutes Javier and you didn’t respond’..She replied…



‘I think I’m…


‘Nevermind carry on’..


❣️Episode Twenty-Three


(Closer than normal‍❤️‍‍)


I finished taking my bath in the the take and Javier passed his cloak over to me and I nodded..

The look in his eyes made me feel a little bit uncomfortable as we both went back to the cave…

He winced loudly as he sat down and I gulped hard as he took off his shirt…

There was a tattoo of the kingdom’s logo my the side of his left breasts…

‘You have a great physique though’…i blurted loudly and covered my mouth immediately dreading the mistake I made….

Me and my big mouth…

‘Hmmm’..was all he said and he changed into a brown tunic with his normal pants…

‘Why do I feel like my mother is the reason we’ve not been found yet??’..He asked..

‘Yeah I think you’re right cause it’s been what?? 5 days now??’..I replied..

He kinda has a point..

It’s been five days and we haven’t set eyes on any guard..

Javier has a battalion of army so how can they not search through the whole woods for the both of us??..

And where did these clothes come from??..

‘I think we should find our way back to the castle Javier,I don’t think anyone would bother looking for us’…I said..

‘In as much as I hate to say it I don’t know the way back home’..he replied with a frown on his face…

‘But we could —Wait!!!’..


‘I think i have an idea!! Remember the boar right??’..I replied as my eyes brightened enthusiastically…

‘Yes i remember it’..He murmured arching his brows..

‘There’s blood on the floor Javier and that’s where my horse is!! I think we could go back there and then find our way back home!!’..I said aloud…

‘That’s a brilliant idea how come I never thought of that!!’..He exclaimed and the next thing i knew he carried me up in his arms and we both laughed..

Embarrassed by the event he brought me back down and murmured a thank you while i turned the other way so he wouldn’t see my flushed cheeks…

‘Uhmmm i think we should go now’..I muttered under my breath and he nodded as he grabbed his sword..

We’re getting closer than normal and that’s really dangerous..

I’m treading on a dangerous path to closeness and the funny part is that i want to keep going…

I can’t possibly be close to this man?!..

He doesn’t love anybody not even himself..

He uses women like trash and how am i sure he isn’t using me now??..

We both followed the path of the dried blood to the bead boar which was purely rotten..

My nose wrinkled at the smell and luckily;

‘My horse!!! Look Javier it’s my horse!!’..i screamed loudly and he chuckled softly…

‘Let’s just go home Elena’..


I was busy folding some fabrics when i heard noise from outside the castle..

I rushed outside only to see Javier on a horse with Elena..

I noticed that the chemistry between them wasn’t strained anymore but instead kinda warm..

‘I’m so glad you’re okay guy’..I said with a coy smile on my face…

‘We know you left us mom’…Javier said with a growl on his face…

‘Ohh and it worked didn’t it??’..i replied and he left angrily without saying a word…

‘It wasn’t a funny development your highness what if we had died of starvation??’..Elena asked and i smiled..

‘I sense some chemistry between you too and i see that you’re both closer than normal’..I said and instantly i saw a spark in her eyes as she walked away briskly…

Should i be expecting a baby soon??..


I sighed deeply as I sank deeply into the soft comfort of my multi sized bed..

‘I missed you so much’..I murmured inhaling the softness and the smell of fresh roses by my bed stand…

‘Dinner is in three minutes your highness’..A maid said and waved her to leave..

I turned around and stared blankly at the ceiling and suddenly the memory of Javier’s lips on mine flashed across my mind..

I reminisced his sweet touch and sighed deeply as i stood up..

You’re a virgin Elena and he doesn’t like virgins…

No man does…

I had one of the maids prepare a bath for me and when I was done i changed into a simple flower dress that hung low and picked a sombrero hat to add to it…

I think I’ll go for a ride after dinner…

Ten minutes later❤️
‘Hmmmm someone surely looks pretty’..Queen Ariel said aloud deliberately as I walked towards the dining table…

Javier’s head shot up from the opposite side of the table and I gulped hard as his eyes lingered all over me..


I sat next to him and dug into my steak and salad () eating precariously…

‘Please pass the sauce’..he muttered under his breath and i passed the bowl of oyster sauce over to him..
eak Our hands brushed against each other and I felt butterflies in my belly as he took a gulp of his wine…

‘You surely look overdressed’..He murmured..

‘Huh? Oh well I’m going for a ride in the stables’..i replied and he arched his brows…

‘After everything we’ve been through in the woods you still want to ride on that damned horse?!!’..He yelled for the first time in five days…

‘Yes Javier i can’t just sit there and do nothing?!! And how is it any of your concern anyway?!?’…i fired back..

‘Because i care about you and….Goddammit I’ll be in my room!!’..He said aloud and walked away angrily without bothering to finish his food…

What the hell just happened??..




Yeah Elena what the hell just happened??!!..

What is wrong with these two anyway??..

They are so awww ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Why do you think Javier’s so angry??…

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